Lucky Seven says, 'I'm not dead yet!'

With Dylan’s Blonde on Blonde playing, I present the return of Lucky Seven.

1. Out of all the various candidates — Reyes, Thompson, Wellemeyer, heck, even guys like Hawksworth and Boggs if you really like ’em — who should start the season as the fifth starter? Assuming Wainwright-Looper-Pineiro-Clement is pretty much locked in, and Mulder/Carpenter are unavailable.

2. Who’s the best choice to lead off, given the current roster?

3. Where will Colby Rasmus start the year? Where SHOULD he start the year?

4. What team will win the NL Central?

5. Who will be traded first? Erik Bedard or Johan Santana?

6. What’s going to win Best Picture? What should win? (candidates: Atonement, Juno, Michael Clayton, No Country For Old Men, There Will Be Blood)

7. What’s your favorite cold-weather food?



1. Reyes…i guess.
2. …um…

3. Memphis, no rush, plenty of time to take some swings. Ask me again on April 1.

4. the Brewers. fool us once…

5. Santana

6. Juno will win. The Best Director nod, legit box office numbers and a best actress nom signals that the Academy takes this film seriously, more so than Little Miss Sunshine. 25 years from now, film scholars and others will be constantly deconstructing There Will Be Blood as one of the quintessential American films. Citizen Kane lost the Best Picture Oscar to How Green Was My Valley (Valley isn’t even close to John Ford’s best movie).

7. vegan chili

Love the lucky 7’s!
1.I thought initially Reyes but if he has another bad year will that damage him mentally? So start him in memphis or out of pen and start Wellemeyer.

2. Barton if he makes the team, Kennedy maybe?

3.Memphis, St. Louis,if its a rebuilding year why not.


5. Johan… to the Cards… hey I can dream can’t I?

6. Atonement.. No country for Old Men.

7.Homemade chicken stew

1. Wellemeyer. Give Reyes time at Memphis and help him get his mental blocks removed.
2. Ryan. I think he will make a better everyday shortstop then Izturis. If not Ryan then probably Barton if he makes it.

3. I don’t think he’s ready for the bigs yet, but I also don’t think he should be in the minors much longer.

4. I hate to say it but probably the Cubs.

5. Santana. I can’t believe it’s been this long.

6. No Clue

7. Tough Call

1. Reyes. I think Mo will work another deal, however.
2. Colby Rasmus…does he count. If not, skip/barton platoon.

3. Memphis/Uncertain. I’d like to see what he does this spring.

4. Brewers

5. Bedard

6. Atonement. Juno. I haven’t seen any of them, but Juno is the only one I’d actually watch. And probably No Country for Old Men.

7. Chili.

1. At the moment Reyes. I think Hawksworth and Boggs have a little more things to work out but should be up in like 2 years tops and Wellemeyer would be a useful bullpen piece.

2. I’m gonna have to go with the Skip/Barton combo. We have plenty of pop in our order and they have the speed and contact skills you want in leadoff guys. Not too sure how they draw walks, but I think they would be the best choice.

3. He will start the year in Memphis then between June and August he will get called up. And I think he should start out in AA anyways, just got to get him more experience.

4. I honestly think that we will. We’re making good moves and not risking a whole lot. We will win especially if/when Carp and Mulder are healthy.

5. Probably Bedard. I just think Minnesota is asking too much for Johan right now, at least more than other teams are willing to part with.

6. No idea.

7. Anything fresh from the oven really.

1.) It needs to be Reyes. And he needs to live up to his potental. If not I dont see us winning the division.

2.) Let’s see; Miles on the days he starts. Unless skip is there. Then Skip should start. Maybe Kennedy if he comes close to earning what we are paying him for. You know what? Tony should be gutsy on this. Put Wainwright in at second and let him lead off on days he isnt pitching.

3.) Memphis. Unless he looks ready in the spring. Ask again in 6 weeks.

4.) St. Louis Cardinals. Im just going off of recent history. Seems over the last 20 years or so They’ve been the front runners.

5.) No Impact no Idea. Unless they Mo can work a Reyes for Santana deal.

6.) Havent seen any of them. **** I havent been to the Movies snice the Simpsons. I need to get out more.

7.) Oyster Stew.

Of course, I meant AAA, not AA

Yo Leach, imagine if this had happened:
— Corey

1. This will be decided in Spring Training.

2. Barton

3. Triple A, and Triple A. Late season call-up.

4. Cubs, sadly. Rooting for the Crew.

5. Santana.

6. No Country For Old Men, and rightfully so. Best film of the past 10 years.

7. Hmm… Well, I’m crazy. I could go for some Ted Drewes right about now, personally.

1. Reyes. Got to see what we really have with him. If only to get him some decent work and ship him off.

2. Albert Pujols. OK, so that’s probably not what you are looking for. But talk about starting off a game right! Out of more traditional selections, if I thought he’d get enough good pitches to keep his OBP up, I’d go Ankiel, but I don’t think he would. So I guess Barton and Schumaker.

3. AAA, AAA. But he’ll be up before the All-Star break.

4. Probably the Brewers, but don’t sleep on the Reds. They’ve got a fairly good offense, a couple of decent pitchers and a better bullpen.

5. Johan Santana. He’ll be gone (finally!) before ST is over.

6. No idea, since I’ve seen none of them. I’m guessing No Country will win. What should win? Take your pick.

7. My wife’s chili and some hot chocolate (though not together).

1. I say Reyes. If we’re keeping the guy, we have to try and do something with him. If we don’t, I say Thompson, but for good this time. However…I would like to see Boggs get a good, hard look during Spring Training. Maybe we can start with Reyes with the hopes that he’ll do well enough to package and trade later – Boggs would then be waiting to take a shot.

2. I say Skip Schumaker, but I say we make it permanent – no swapping back and forth. I just think you should make your lead-off guy the one constant from game to game in your lineup. If Ryan is the shortstop, I like him in that 9th hole right after the pitcher. I really like the idea of two lead off guys in later innings in front of the big bats.

3. I say Rasmus should start, and will start, in AAA with an “after the all-star break” callup. I don’t see us needing to wait until September, though. I don’t want to ruin his progress by starting him. On the flip side, he’s shown that he struggles a bit when he first moves up a level. Let’s get him in before September and give him a chance to work through that and end on a positive note this year. Otherwise, you’re looking at possibly setting him up for a month of struggles and ending the season poorly only to sit and think about it all winter long.

4. I gotta’ believe the Brewers. If they can just take that last step towards sustaining their pace all season long, they’re in trouble. Failing that, up for grabs between STL and Chicago – but the Brewers are the better team right now.

5. mmmm…I gotta’ think Johan Santana will demand so much that he’ll be hard to move…I think the Orioles will demand so much for Bedard that he could be in a similar situation, but surely they’ll back off sooner rather than later. The Twins, on the other hand, get to start the season with Santana and watch his value go up and up as he wows team after team.

6. Sadly, I’ve seen none of them…although Juno seems to be on my list of “next” this year. Just saw 3:10 to Yuma last night, though…good stuff. Most “intelligent” western I’ve seen in a long time…possibly ever.

7. Boneless Wings…with heavely “cheesed” fries…all with Ranch dressing…eaten in a sports bar while watching football…mmmmmmmmmmmm…wings…

1. Jeff Weaver. Go sign him. If he has half a brain — which is a big if after last year — he’ll run back here with his tail between his legs.
2. Kind of depends on the lineup. How about we all just agree not the pitcher.

3. Let’s see what happens in Spring Training.

4. I’m going to be a homer and say the Cards. I also think I’m going to win the powerball some day so take that as you will.

5. Bedard

6. Last movie I saw in the theater was Die Hard 4.

7. Beef stew made with a can of Guinness. So good it’ll make you swear.

1. Brad Thompson seems to keep us in more games. Reyes needs some AAA time to build confidence. Concerned about durability for Wellemeyer
2. Platoon Ryan / Miles if Barton is not ready.

3.Colby struggled some last summer – a few months in Memphis should do him good

4. Cubs – I hate ’em. Best starting rotation and a solid pen.

5. Bedard – Twins must be asking too much for Santana

6. The Oscar goes to the show I’m least interested in seeing: No Country for Old Men

7. Hard to beat fresh chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven. If you are out of Nestle’s choc morsels, you can’t go wrong with a bowl of chili and a bottle of Bud!

1. Here’s an idea. Reyes has a distinct habit of starting out pretty awful, and then good enough to show hope through the rest of his 5/6 innings. So… Thompson for the first one or two and let Reyes warm up or do whatever it is he needs to do to believe that the first inning has already happened. But knowing TLR, it’ll be one or the other. If to choose only one, pick Brad.
2. VS. RHP- Skip Schumaker

VS. LHP- Brian Barton

3. Will and should start at Memphis

4. Cubs nearly by default

5. Johan Santana-

6. Atonement,

7. Enormous juicy cheeseburgers

1….i’m gonna say reyes is going to step up and take the fifth spot..
2. if brian barton makes the club and is a starter, he would be the most likely choice..rasmus also

3. i think rasmus will start in memphis and come up after the all star break… i think he should get some time in AAA, even though its not necessary ..but if rasmus is lights out in spring training, it will be nearly impossible to keep him off the mlb roster

4. ah who will win the central? i’ll be a homer and say the cardinals..they will suprise people this year with the youth they have now..but if albert’s elbow is getting worse, well that could be very bad

5. the twins will get desperate to trade santana so i’ll say him

6. i’ve never seen any of those movies so i don’t know haha

7. some hot soup, any kind

1. Wellemeyer, with no enthusiasm. Reyes has the most potential of the bunch, but essentially no chance of achieving it with the Cardinals. Best would be if he’s bundled into some juicy trade by then.
2. How about “none of the above”? That hoped-for Reyes trade could be used to bring in a real lead-off guy. If forced to work in the current roster, I’ll gulp and say a Barton/Schu platoon.

3. He’ll start at Memphis unless he has a Pujolsian spring. That’s also where he “should” start, IMO, but a rapid promotion should be envisaged.

4. Milwaukee by a nose over Chicago. St. Louis will be better than a lot of people expect, and indeed will compete for the crown, but won’t quite make it.

5. Bedard, although it’s credible that neither will be traded at all.

6. No opinion.

7. Hot chocolate, consumed at the end of a satisfying cross-country ski outing; adding a small quantity of peppermint schnapps optional.

1. Reyes has to finally harness all of his potential.
2. Sign Kenny Lofton!!!

3. with the Big league club, and probably at AAA

4. hands down Milwaukee aslong as long as they stay healthy followed because they have a better lineup, followed by the Cubs, Reds, Cards, and stros

5. Santana, Baltimore is such an inept organization I bet they fail to trade him until the trade deadline

6. probably Michael Clayton…..There Will Be Blood was great but the ending was kind of like huh????

7. Philladelphia Rolls from Fuji House

1. Reyes. Give him a shot.
If he does not pan out, send him down when Mulder comes back. That would probably give Reyes 4-6 starts?

2. leadoff-platoon of Schumacher and Barton depending on opposing pitcher. Like speed at the top.

3. Rasmus should start at AAA and be late season callup.

4. Cubs. Booo.

5. Santana

6. no idea

7. Turkey dinner with all the trimmings.

1. Reyes unless we trade him.
2. I like Shumaker if he can learn how to take more walks.

3. Colby probly starts at AAA, but if he impresses in Spring he SHOULD be on the O.D. roster. Jimmy is gone now, why wait unless he’s not ready to learn at the ML level.

4. Blue…Cubs!

5. Santana.It’s only a matter of time before the Steinbrenners open the wallet wide!

6. No Country…2 Reasons. #1 It’s a wonderful movie. #2 It’s a Cohen brothers flick, dude!

7. I hate to put this cause so many others used it already. But before I saw that my first thought was chili.

1. It’s got to be Reyes. He gets one last shot before the return of Mulder in (hopefully) May.

2. Probably Barton if he can prove to make the roster in the spring. Otherwise Schumaker.

3. AAA and AAA, though he’ll probably get called up by August.

4. Cubs

5. Santana – Yankees will make it

6. Juno – a surprisingly very, very good movie. An intelligent comedy, which is rare.

7. homemade turkey/beef combo chili

1. I think Thompson. Keep Reyes in AAA. Once Mulder is ready you can bump Thompson back to the bullpen. He makes the switch easier than Reyes anyway.

2. There’s no great choice. Albert is probably the best choice. But other than Hombre, I’d say Skip. If Kennedy can start making contact, it wouldn’t be too bad. We need old kennedy though. Not 2007 Kennedy.

3. AAA. AAA.

4. Astros.

5. Bedard.

6. Michael Clayton. Juno.

7. Some form of Potato Cream Soup. Put whatever you want in it. As long as it’s cream based and has potato🙂 I’m happy

1. Reyes, as long as Tony and Dave let him pitch the way he knows how.

2. I guess I’ll say Skip. We REALLY need a leadoff hitter.

3. I think Rasmus may make the club out of ST this year. But he SHOULD be in AAA.

4. I’m saying the Reds. They have a great 1-2-3 punch.

5. Bedard. I think the Twins are being a little too pick with Santana, and rightfully so.

6. No Country for Old Men. This movie was fantastic. The more I think about it, the more I love it. Javier Bardem is really, really good in that movie

7. Mac and Cheese.

1. Anthony Reyes, 2nd choice Wellemeyer
2. Skip Schumaker

3. AAA. He needs at least a couple months at a higher level.

4. Cardinals. No one looks that great, so anyone except Astros and Pirates have a chance.


6. Juno is the only one I’ve seen or will see, so I pick it for both

7. Chili

b/c my mind’s not in baseball mode at this time of year (too much college basketball), I’ll only answer:

6) No Country for Old Men. Zoop’s got it right. best drama – easily – in ten years. nothing else comes close. and I’m glad to see the Coen Bros back to what made them good in the first place.

1. Thompson. He had better luck than Reyes. I’m not too sure about the young guns just yet.
2. Schu or Ankiel.

3. He should and will be in AAA. We’ll see Rasmus towards the end of the season next year though.

4. Scrubbies.

5. Bedard. Santana doesn’t seem to have a suitor yet.

6. Don’t care about any of these.

7. Hot chocolate. Being a Michigander, I drink a lot of it.

1. Trade Reyes…. If Thompson has been working out in the off season then he could get the nod.
2. Ryan/ Spiezio

3. Probably Memphis but in St. Louis before the All Star Break. Might be just the boost we need get Carp back and bring Rasmus up.

4.Cardinals – There is no other answer.


6. Do I care??? Bring on Baseball.


He says he’s not dead.

He is.

He’s not.

He will be soon!

I’m getting better!

-M, admitted geek.

1. I am kind of hoping Wellemeyer will get a shot. I think he’s as good as any of the other options, and maybe even has a higher upside.
2. Start Ryan at short and let him lead off – I think he earned the chance last season.

3. I think he will start the year at AAA, and I think he should start the year at AAA.

4. My brain says the Cubs, but my heart can’t agree. Maybe they’ll collapse yet again.

5. Johan Santana

6. Unfortunately all I’ve seen are kids movies this year.

7. Any soup my wife makes – she’s a great cook.

Long live the nerds, matt. =)

“your mother was hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries!”

1. Wellemeyer

2. Ryan or, if you want to be truly radical, Albert.

3. He’ll make the club, but he should start at AAA.

4. Reds, out of nowhere

5. Bedard

6. Will: There will be blood

Should: No country

7. Potato Soup

Fechez La Veche!


lol I think we should just forget about baseball and make this a Monty Python blog….. nah!

any truth to the Sporting News
report that Mike Matheny is coming to St. Louis to help out this spring? Coach I would assume?

1) Thompson
2) Ryan

3) AAA

4) Cubs

5) no idea

6) no comment

7) Sameem (Afghan restaurant on S. Grand, delicious halal chicken)

1. Thompson. But if they do it, they should really let him do it. Not pull him after two innings at the first sign of trouble. I liked what I saw when they just let him pitch last year.
2. Izturis. Schumaker when he plays.

3. Memphis. Memphis.

4. Cubs.

5. Santana to the Mets.

6. no Country for Old Men. I’d go with Michael Clayton.

7. Chili

I told you Bedard would go first.

Just saw There Will Be Blood. Wow, what a performance. Without spoiling it, this one has one of the most satisfying final scenes in film history. Still, No Country For Old Men leaves too deep of an impact to be touched by even a terrific film like There Will Be Blood. If you enjoy movies, you MUST see both of these films.

1. Thompson or Wellemeyer. 4-something ERA and decent innings.

2. Ehh…wow. Izturis? Ryan? Barton if he plays?

3. Busch and Busch, unless his bat isn’t quite ready.

4. Well, as long as it isn’t the Cubbies…

5. Bedard, probably. Less of a haggle over price.

6. Didn’t see any of ’em.

7. Chili, or Potato Soup.

not hijacking, just complaining… Juan Gonzalez has been a clubhouse cancer everywhere since he first left Texas… if I were the Cards I’d seriously beware. 5. Bedard.

I tend to agree that Cards don’t need Gonzalez. He is injury prone and does not seem to fit into team plans to go with some youth.
Only good thing is he is RH

and Cards are heavy on lefties

in the OF.

1. Def. reyes. I was a huge reyes fan coming into last years season. I just hope they let him do his thing and if hes not successful then trade him because I don’t think reyes pitching duncans way worked at all.

2. kennedy at least for the beginning of the season if not I hope ryan gets a lot of playing time and would like to see him leading off.

3. Rasmus should start the year in AAA for at least 15 games or so but if he blows away the competition in spring then bring him up!

4. I would have to say the cubs, ugghh

5. bedard

6. I loved Juno but I would guess there will be blood seems like the obvious choice from people talking.

7. chili, ******* wings, and soup

Sorry, Derrick, but *I* told *you* Johan would go first.😉 Angelos is too terrible of an owner to trade Bedard, an unproven starter, for anything decent.

Never thought I would meet someone else who didn’t think Bedard was a proven starter. Kudos to you Zoop

Look at his IP and say what you said again.🙂

lol Awww geez…. Stupid Angelos has me eating crow.🙂 I’ll own up. Kudos to the mets. Good for them—bad for the NL east.

He is quite the old kook.

**** of a pick up for the Mets… If Pedro is healthy and with that line-up, they’re deadly in a playoff series.

1. I’m having a hard time deciding between Wellemeyer and Thompson here, I don’t really want to see Reyes start after what he did last year, so I’d just have Wellemeyer and Thompson battle it out for that number 5 spot. Whichever one does the best should get the spot.

2. Hmm, tough decision, it depends, who’s starting in right field if Ankiel is in Center? If it’s Ludwick, I say let him be the leadoff man.

3. He’ll most likely start in Triple A and be called up later in the year, and that’s how it should be.

4. I can’t read the future, so I don’t know, I’m rooting for the Cardinals, they’ve done more than what people say they’ve done.

5. Johan Santana.

6. I have no clue.

7. Something warm….like ice cream, lol.

The Santana deal isn’t done yet. I’d be surprised if it didn’t, but the Mets still need to negotiate a contract with him and have till Friday to do so.

With how smart they look just by acquiring him for scraps and a couple of decent probables, they’ll give the guy whatever he demands, even if it’s $150m over 6 years.

I’m not saying that they won’t get it done–it would be surprising if it didn’t at this point–but I’m just saying that it is a possibility.

Off-topic, but letting the Dude and Mrs. D know I grabbed the new Foo (love it) and Good News by Modest Mouse. Enjoying Good News, it’s eccentric. Reminds me of an incredibly lighthearted Neutral Milk Hotel. Might grab the new MM, since I adore Dashboard.

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