Back on the horse, for real this time

Hello, all…

The Mrs. and I have returned from our winter vacation (Key West — fanTAStic!), and I’m back on for the duration, pretty much. Not a lot to say right now, since I’m still digging out from being gone, but I should be contributing more regularly from now until, well, October.

-M, with iTunes shuffling.


Good to see you back.

Now, what’s with this Juan Gonzalez nonsense?

I wouldn’t mind seeing Gonzalez make the team. I think it’s only fair to give him a shot, he may not have anything left. We have nothing to do but gain with him.

Hope you & the Mrs. had a great time.

Hey Skip, pack yo ****, you’re Juan Gone!

Yeah, I’ve got tons of these.


I strongly suspect that Gonzalez and Schumaker are unrelated decisions. My guess is the guy who should be a little worried is Ludwick. If Gonzalez makes the club, it’s probably at Ludwick’s expense.


Juan Gonzalez….

Forget Ryan Ludwick or Schumaker or the rest of them. They don’t enter into it.

This is Juan Gonzalez vs. himself. That simple. It’s a matter of how much of his old self he can regain. If he comes close, watch out.

He was Pujols before Pujols. He was phenomenal against the Yankees in the 1996 playoffs.

He is royalty in Puerto Rico.

His problem? Nobody really knows. Nobody ever got close to Juan. I knew him better than anybody and I didn’t know.

I believe everything had to be perfect. I believe that there was so much pressure on him to live up to high expectations that he insisted on everything being perfect, including his health.

He has tremendous pride. Incredible pride.

From 1996-99, there was nobody better.


“He is royalty in Puerto Rico.” Interesting point. Might this be an attempt to reinvigorate their program in scouting and recruitment in Latin America and the Caribbean?

Although I salute the team for giving him a chance (and him for continuing to rage, rage against the dying of the light), I can’t honestly say that I hope he makes the team, unless he REALLY gets the old skills back, at the 100% level. 90% of Juan Gonzalez may be better than 100% of Ryan Ludwick or Skip Schumaker. But next year it won’t be 90%, it’ll be 80%, and anything that prolongs TLR’s fascination with the past and interferes with moving into the future is a mistake, unless the upside is just enormous.

I don’t think he makes the team for more than one year, if he makes it at all. But the only way he even makes the team is if he plays at that level of 90% that you mentioned canbelto.

Yeah, heymatto, I know what you’re saying, but:

Camel. Nose. Tent.

And not to be forgotten: TLR. Veterans.


I understand completely. But TLR also knows that somehow he has to make cuts on the roster, and Gonzalez is NOT about to take a job as a backup OF. I’d imagine he’d turn any deal like that down right away.

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