On the road again

Headed for Florida this afternoon. Baseball and warm weather are good. Being away from my wife and animals, not so good.

I’ll be posting on here a lot more often during the spring and season, so hopefully y’all will visit a lot more often too. Here’s to the adventure that is eight months of baseball…

-M, with Jack Johnson’s new one on the speakers (first listen, digging it so far).


Congratulations getting out of the cold M. I live in the New York State Capital District, and it’s 19F here, with a “winter storm” due later today/tonight.

Your book is due out April 1? Really? Not a joke, right? Looks like a good book, but I’m kind of afraid to order it and be an April Fool .

Dude, How do you feel about this team as you make your way to Florida? Are you optimistic about an intriguing season, or a little apprehensive about what could be a tumultuous season?

what animals do you have?

all that you Cardinal fans need is to hear Rangers PA announcer Chuch Morgan introduce your new right fielder…..Juan GONNNNNNNZALEZZZZZZ…….yet its totally not cheesy…

Just trust me it will pump you up and prepare you to get even more pumped up when he starts launching HR’s….

I don’t see why he can’t have the kind of season Sammy Sosa had last year…..22 HR’s 92 RBI’s….aslong as he doesn’t blow out his hamstring running out a grounder

On a side note, he does have the best mini-mullet in all of baseball now that Rafeal Palmerio is out of baseball


1, Got my own kind of storm on the way down here — flew through heavy thunderstorms and it was nasty, nasty last night. Still raining today, hopefully it’s cleared up by the time workouts get rolling.

2, Yep, the date is correct and the book is legit.

3, Mostly I’m curious and really interested. I have very little read on this team, and for me, that’s fun.

4, Calico cat and a shelter mutt

5, Sammy hit 252/311/468; if that’s what Gonzalez is going to do, give me Ryan Ludwick, who’s likely to put up similar or better numbers and can still move pretty well on the bases and in the outfield.


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