Opening Day roster projection, first guess

All right, I’m going to try to do a few more of these than usual this year, so let’s start with one before my first visit to camp.

Adam Wainwright
Braden Looper
Joel Pineiro
Matt Clement
Anthony Reyes
Jason Isringhausen
Ryan Franklin
Russ Springer
Todd Wellemeyer
Brad Thompson
Randy Flores
Tyler Johnson

Yadier Molina
Jason LaRue

Albert Pujols
Adam Kennedy
Cesar Izturis
Troy Glaus
Aaron Miles
Scott Spiezio

Chris Duncan
Rick Ankiel
Skip Schumaker
Ryan Ludwick
Brian Barton



I like that roster. It’s probably going to be what’s going to be the one on Opening Day. Got no faith in Juan Gone?

Looks good except one thing. Reyes gets traded before opening day. I have no inside information – just a hunch.

I think you’re right on the money,dude. No reason to think it would be any different. LaRussa is very predictable, and the only thing I could see altering this would be an injury like when Bobby Bo got hurt and Phat Albert took his spot. And that, abviously, is not an every day occurrence.

Looks good to me, barring any injuries. Let’s hope Albert’s elbow holds up.
The roster will look better if/when Mulder comes back healthy. Kennedy needs to bounce back. Still, lots of ifs.

That appears to be the front-running roster barring injuries. Personally, I would love to see Ryan win a spot in the middle infield, but that would mean that either Izturis or kennedy crapped the bed. I like the idea of Ryan, Miles, and one of the 2 struggling veterans. Just feels like more production.

I like your confidence in Brian Barton to make the roster (although his Rule 5 status makes him difficult to keep off the roster). I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do. I don’t like the absence of Ryan on the projected roster, but I understand where you’re coming from. The Miles resigning sealed Ryan’s fate, and I just can’t let it go – $1 million wasted as I see it. I think Ryan could provide better defense and comparable (or better) offense for the league minimum.

All in all, though, I’m excited to see what the 2008 Cardinals can do.

I’d rather see Ryan up when he can be the regular SS. They’re giving him 1 more year of prep, and then the job is probably his.

I actually liked Ryan as the regular SS this year.

Your forgetting Ryan, he has to make the team. The point this year is to get younger and evaluate the young talent we have in the farm system. I hate that they signed miles, its so contradictory of what mozaliak said he wanted to do when he took over.

Nope. I’m not forgetting Ryan. Nor, unfortunately, does he HAVE to make the team. I’ve written and said repeatedly that I think his chances to make the Opening Day roster may be pretty slim.

I hope he’s there. I think it’s unfortunate. But my prediction is that he will not be.


I posted my picks a couple of weeks back and they are pretty close to this. Don’t forget, though, that Reyes still has a rare “fourth option” and I wouldn’t be shocked if it was used.

I could still see Ryan making the team if one of Miles, Kennedy or Izturis really craters — which is not impossible. TLR may be biased toward veterans, but he’s not stupid. However, Ryan will have to show that he’s definitely better than a veteran alternative — not just as good, better.

So how does the outfield sort out if Rasmus has a Pujolsian spring? I’m not counting on it, but it’s not out of the question.

My guess is if Rasmus makes it, then Schumaker doesn’t, cause the only way Rasmus makes it on the opening day roster is if he is going to be playing everyday, as was Ankiel’s case last year.

The roster looks great except for 2nd base…I think it may become a 2nd base by committee this year. With our current starting pitchers that is our best combination. I recently heard David Wells wants to return to the game. What if the Cards picked him up as their 5th starter?

I love Ryan, but I think he needs to start the year at AAA and come up later in the year for good. The kid showed last year that he could do for a bit more seasoning. I think starting out at AAA and being given that time to work on consistency and lessons learned from his time with the club last year without the pressure of performing on the big league team could be very beneficial for him.

Also, David Wells said he would rather retire than play in St. Louis (because of the Midwest environment)…I don’t welcome his attitude on the team…and i’m not so sure he can be consistently effective anymore.

I agree, David Wells would be a mistake. I think that he would be a drag on the team.

Certainly Josh Kinney beats out someone. Either Springer or they make a trade.

I see the Jeff Weaver is still hung out as a free agent. His $8 million performance in Seattle didn’t work out in 2007. After his 2006 success under Dave Duncan do you believe the Cardinals could bring him back under Duncan’s wing to shore up the starting pitching. I like Weaver. He does have an attitude but lets face it when he was needed the most he came through. Yes, the Cards would have to swallow some pride but Weaver would likely have to swallow some of his own likely right in the wallet. Give and take, win-win for everybody.

What a lot of people forget is that a 5th starter right now is only guaranteed a few starts in April and maybe some spot starts throughout the year if the team truly believes Mulder will return on the 1st of may. I think we are better off with what we have cause we know 2/3 of the possibilities can also work out of the pen and Reyes may be good trade fodder.

Also with Josh Kinney, the thought is that he may not be completely ready for big league action by the end of spring training. I think after that broken elbow that he had during rehab, the team wants to take it slowly with him and not push him too hard.

Kinney won’t beat anyone out on the Opening Day roster. He’s behind. He will either start the year on the DL or on a rehab stint.


with that roster, the redbirds
will be out of the race by the

end of may. st louis fans must be off their feed if they

think that club can win. el cheapo owner bill wins again by duping the fans.

Wow what’s with the negativity leonard? I have good faith in this team. We still have Pujols, a legit power threat in Glaus, a couple of emerging power hitters in Ankiel and Duncan, a strong young bullpen (with the right mix of veterans) and a decent rotation with a young stud in Wainwright. What’s not to like about this team? We’re still in the NLC and we have as much chance to win as anyone.

“What’s not to like about this team” is the presence of a bunch of ******* black holes on offense, and complete lack of trustworthy starters behind WW. That said, matto, I basically agree with you: this COULD be a good enough roster to compete in the NLC, if a lot of things go right — AP and Glaus stay healthy all year, Ank doesn’t sprain his brain, Izturis has a year that looks more like the 2004 version than the 2007 one, a couple of the damaged pitchers come back at full strength, and so on. The probability of enough of these things happening is not super high, but it’s high enough that I for one am not willing to write off the season. But at the same time, the odds are that not enough things will go right for the team to really be competitive. In between Pollyanna-ism and negativism is realism, and that’s where we should be starting, while continuing to hope for the best.

Hey Matt! I was just wondering… have you seen Reyes pitch this spring? If so, do you still think he will get a spot in the rotation? If he doesn’t get a spot, do you think they are more likely to trade him or send him to the minors? And finally, if they trade him, who do you think they will get in return for him?

Only problem with sending Reyes to the minors is that he has one option left, meaning if we were to call him back him back down, he’d have to pass waivers. More than likely, you’d see them try to ship Reyes around and get something for him in a trade than send him to the minors. Also I think TLR has gone on record as saying that they would be willing to try the bullpen but don’t really think it’s the best idea with Anthony.

Reyes actually does have an option for this year, per a clause I don’t really understand. But it’s my understanding that he’s under option for his year, so they can send him out, call him back up, again and again.

An option counts for an entire year.

I still think Anthony makes the starting rotation, but we’ll see.


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