Lucky Seven, Happy-Valentine's edition

Wishing the Mrs. a happy V-Day from 1200 miles away, here’s this week’s Lucky Seven.

1. Of these seven outfielders — Duncan, Ankiel, Schumaker, Ludwick, Barton, Gonzalez, Rasmus — which five make the team?

2. Of these 11 (eleven!) infielders — Pujols, Glaus, Kennedy, Izturis, Miles, Spiezio, Ryan, Hoffpauir, Barden, Jimenez, Phelps — which six make the team? (hint: I think the Pujols guy is pretty safe)

3. Of these three starting pitcher candidates — Reyes, Thompson, Wellemeyer — which one opens the season in the rotation?

4. Of the six pitchers who attended the Cards’ minicamp — see Derrick Goold’s excellent piece on it from the other day — which one makes the Majors first? Which one has the best career? The pitchers are Mitchell Boggs, Jaime Garcia, Clayton Mortensen, Adam Ottavino, Chris Perez and P.J. Walters.

5. Who will win the Daytona 500? (If you don’t like NASCAR, just ignore the question. Don’t take a shot. I’m a gearhead. You don’t have to like it, but I do and it’s my blog.)

6. Now that the writers’ strike is settled, what show’s return are you most eagerly anticipating?

7. What’s the last good book you read?



1. Ank, Dunc, Schumaker, Barton and Ludwick. (Rasmus will be there at some point though.)
2. Pujols, Glaus, Izturis, Kennedy, Miles and Speizio.

3. Wellemeyer–Seems like he’s Dunc’s favorite.

4. Perez makes it first. Ottavino for the career.

5. As much as I’d like to say Jeff Burton to please my former boss, I’ll go with Earnhardt Jr. It’s really just a guess, but he’s fired up and got off to a good start last weekend.

6. The show I like the best–Friday Night Lights–isn’t returning. I’m looking forward to Two and a Half Men.

7. Covert by NBA referee Bob Delaney.

1. Duncan, Ankiel, Barton, Ludwick, Schumaker. That’s who I want to make it anyway, assuming Rasmus doesn’t have a god-like spring.

2. Pujols, Glaus, Izturis, Miles, Ryan, Spiezio. I say this only because I really want Ryan to make the team, and kennedy lost the coin flip.

3. Reyes.

4. Perez will be the first, the path for a reliever is easier than a starter. As for best career, I’m gonna go with Boggs, just seems like a better baseball name.

5. “they did it man, they finally killed my car.”

6. Chuck. I want my Chuck back.

7. I’m currently enjoying Freakonomics.

1. Duncan, Ankiel, Ludwick, Schumaker, and Barton
2. Pujols, Glaus, Kennedy, Izturis, Miles, Spiezio, Ryan

3. Thompson

4. Perez first, and Boggs for the career.

5. JEFF GORDON. Just kidding… I’d like to see him win but I think it’s gonna be Tony Stewart.

6. Bionic Woman was pretty good.

7. I don’t read🙂

eet. Something for me to do so I look busy at work. (typing this up in notepad before hand.)

1. Duncan, Ankiel, Schumaker, Ludwick, and Barton. Not enough left in Gonzalez’s tank. Rasmus will be up later. No need to rush him to the majors. But it doesn’t matter if Rasmus makes it to the opening day roster. 75% of Cardinal fans will complain about it.

2. Pujols, Glaus, Izturis, Miles, Spiezio, and Kennedy. I would rather have Ryan than Izturis. But if he stays in AAA until the call up that’s fine too. As long as he learns something down there.

3. I hope it is Reyes. And I hope he has fixed whatever was wrong last year. I mean, it was always 1 inning. I dont understand one someone can look so excellent for 4 innings and horrid for 1. It wasnt like he was running out of gas either. But if Reyes can somehow be a .550 winning picture this year I like the Cardinal’s chances.

4. I really don’t know. Perez maybe?

5. Im a gearhead too. I don’t like watching racing. But I love to take my car to Gateway.

6. Dirty, Sexy Money.

7. THe 7th Harry Potter. I’ve read about 4 books snice then. But none have been all that great.

1. Dunc, Ank, Skip, Ludwick, and Barton…however…the reports of Juan “looking good” in Perez’s workout complex have me intrigued. He could very well steal a spot for Luddy, but I don’t think so…we need the right-handed power, and Ludwick is a very capable defender in all areas of the outfield. Skip is too valuable right now as a possible leadoff hitter…and Barton’s lead-off potential and Rule 5 status gives him a default lead in the outfield standings.

2. Pujols, Glaus, Kennedy, Izturis, Miles, and Spiezio. Spiezio is just too valuable as a switch hitting veteran who can play pretty much anywhere on the field in an emergency situation. I will say I think it may be possible that Kennedy or Izturis is replaced on the roster in an All-Star Deadline trade by Ryan.

3. I think Reyes is going to be given the shot. He has the best stuff, more consistency than Thompson, and much better control than Wellemeyer…plus, more than the other two, even if we don’t keep him, we have to show him to trade him this year. Reyes is no good in the bullpen and it makes no sense to send him down when a few teams may be interested. Plus, he stands the best chance of working in the rotation, I think.

4. With Izzy’s status, I think Perez may make the team first but I (so far) am a believer in Boggs having the better career. Understand this, however – I’m defining career in terms of consistency first and foremost. I think Boggs has the makeup of a good, solid, consistent starter IF he can get it done at this level.

5. Man…I gotta’ go Jr. He is just looking like the unstoppable force…The Shootout was fun to watch…I love Jr., but I’ve typically been a Stewart fan…and I think he has a good shot this year…but, man…Jr. just seems like the guy to go with this year…especially with his team’s assurance last season that Jr. would win the 500 this year…makes me wonder if Gordon and Jimmy are going to be told it’s a “Support Jr.” effort to kick off the new season and team.

6. Numbers, dude…Numbers…

7. Well, keeping in mind that all my reading time is going towards grad school, the last “good” book I read was “Passing for Normal.” It’s by a woman with a Master’s in Creative Writing (so it’s well-written) – she tells her story about growing up and living with Tourrette’s and OCD.

1. Duncan (LF), Ankiel (CF), Schumaker (RF), Ludwick (Reserve), and Barton (Reserve) – I just don’t think Gonzales will pan out, and Rasmus will have a decent spring followed by a great AAA first half. Hopefully, he’ll be called up mid-season.

2. Pujols (1B), Kennedy (2B), Glaus (3B), Ryan (SS), Miles (Reserve), and Spiezio (Reserve) – I think Kennedy returns to old form, and I just don’t know about Izturis. I admit that the odds of Izturis making the roster are pretty good, but I’m letting my heart get the better of my head.

3. Wellemeyer – I just like watching him pitch. You never know how many he’s going to walk, but he seems to work his way out of trouble.

4. Chris Perez makes the show first. Jaime Garcia will have the best career breaking the string of bad luck with left handed prospects.


6. The Daily Show w/ writers

7. The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan – great book about our disfunctional industrial food supply

1.Duncan, Ankiel, Schumaker, Ludwick, Rasmus
2.Pujols,Kennedy,Glaus,Ryan, Miles,Spiezio

3. Reyes

4.No clue–I’ll go with Perez

6. Ugly Betty

7. Uncommon Clay/Margaret Maron (fun read, mystery)

1 – Duncan, Ankiel, Schumaker, Ludwick, Rasmus
2 – Pujols, Miles, Spiezio, Ryan, Bardon, Izturis

3 – Wellemeyer

4 – Perez/Boggs

5 – Jeff Gordon (If not Jeff, it will be a Hendrick driver.)

6 – “24” but it won’t be back until January, 2009

7 – Secret Societies by Sylvia Browne

1.Duncan, Ankiel, Ludwick, Schumaker, and Barton

2.Pujols, Glaus, Miles, Izturis, Ryan, Kennedy (Sorry, Spiez)

3. Wellemeyer

4. Perez

5.Out on a limb — Michael Waltrip

6. The Office and Scrubs

7. Fantasyland by Sam Walker

1. Dunc, Ank, Lud, Schu, Bart. However, I think the chances are greater than 50/50 that one or more of these guys will be wearing a different uniform by the time the season starts. It’s hard to look at the roster, in conjunction with the moves made over the winter, and not think a Reyes-and-outfielder-and-scrub-for-protoplasm trade is in the offing. I don’t know the name attached to the protoplasm, nor am I sure what outfielder would be traded (Schu is my best guess), but I think it’s gonna happen.
2. Pujols, Glaus, Kennedy, Izturis, Miles, Spiezio. This isn’t the set that should be there, but it’s the set that will.

3. Wellemeyer.

4. Perez arrives first, Mortensen has the best career (and could be very good indeed).

5. No opinion, and pretty please, Matthew — can’t you allow us at least *one* jape at a non-baseball sport per season?…

6. No opinion.

7. Been a while since anything really grabbed my attention. Jared Diamond’s “Collapse” is getting old, but it is a must-read.

1. Duncan,Ankiel,Schumaker, Ludwick,Barton.
2. Pujols,Glaus,Ryan,Miles, Spiezio,and Izturis.I wonder about Kennedy’s health after last year.

3. Reyes unless he is traded,then its Wellemeyer.

4. Adam Ottavino(not necessarily as a Cardinal)

5. Obviously, I’m not a golfer!

6. Heroes! Also not having a really short season of Lost.

7. “Our Endangered Values: America’s Moral Crisis” by President Jimmy Carter

1. Anks, Bart, Dunc, Luddy, Skip.

2. Pooh, Glausy, Spiez, Izzy, Miles, Kennedy-y (okay, my George Bush went overboard)

3. Wellemeyer.

4. Ottavino first, best career? No idea. Boggs? Garcia if healthy?

5. Not a fan.

6. Daily Show/Colbert Report (the REAL versions)

7. Lullaby by Chuck Palahniuk was the last one I read.

1. Duncan, Ankiel, Schumaker, Ludwick, Barton.

2. Pujols, Glaus, Kennedy, Izturis, Miles, Spiezio.

3. Reyes

4. Perez. and Octavio.

5. Jeff Gordon… vroom.

6. The Office!!!!

7. Lord of The Rings

1. Duncan, Ankiel, Schumaker, Ludwick, Barton
2. Pujols, Glaus, Miles, Izturis, Spiezio, Kennedy

3. Reyes

4. Mortensen

6. The Office, although it’s started to go downhill this season. Hopefully with the strike resolved, the get back to the funny. I’m most glad LOST can hopefully continue.

7. Game of My Life by Matthew Leach. ;-D. I journeyed into the future just to read it.

1. Duncan, Ankiel, Barton, Skip, Ludwick.
2. Pujols, Glaus, Kennedy, Spiezio, Miles,Izturis.


4.Garcia first up, Ottavino for career.

5. Tony-Im gonna punch you in the eye or at least try-Stewart.

6. Writers strike?

7. Summer Knight (Dresden Files)

1)Duncan, Ankiel, Skip, Barton and Ludwick.

2) AP, Glaus, Kennedy, Izturis and Miles.

3) Reyes

4) Boggs for both of them

5) As long as it isn’t Gordon or Johnson. Hopefully DEJ


7) 100 People Who Screwed Up America.

OH…Add Spiezio to my list of infielders. Forgot to name 6.

1. Ankiel, Duncan, Schumacher,Ludwick and Barton make the 25 man roster out of spring. Juan gone will perform in spring but get hurt on the last day of spring training running out a dribbler back to the mound.
2. Albert, Kennedy, Isturis, Miles, Spezio and Glaus. I am concerned about Albert’s elbow and he if opts for surgery I would expect Phelps to make the cut. Phelps may make the cut due to his versatility-1B, OF and catcher. He could beat out Spezio. Tho Spezio has SW advantage.

3. Wellemeyer.

4. Garcia

5. Jimmie Johmson

6. Two and a half men

7. not sure

1.) Duncan, Ankiel, Schumaker, Ludwick, Barton
– We’ll see you in jun-july rasmus when one of the five go down with an injury or has a bad first half.

2.)Pujols, Glaus, Kennedy, izturis, ryan, spiezio (at least I hope its this over miles making the team)

3.) Reyes (the most upside as a starter of the three)

4.) Not informed enough about some of the players to make a comment.

5.) no idea

6.) the office ***** now the theme song won’t leave my head)

7.) a brief history of nearly everything by Bill Bryson

1. Ankiel, Duncan, Schumacher, Barton, and Gonzalez make the roster.
2. Albert, Ryan, Miles, Glaus, and Spiezo, and Kennedy are my six. I don’t think that Izturis or Kennedy are a solution, but I think that Kennedy has more upside than Izturis.

3. Reyes…Hopefully he can return to form.

4. Perez

5. Kenseth

7. Digital Fortress (Dan Brown)

1. Duncan, Ankiel, Schumaker, Ludwick, Barton,
2. Pujols, Glaus, Kennedy, Izturis, Miles, Spiezio,

3. Reyes,

4. Chris Perez, Mortensen

5. Jeff Gordon

6. the 0ffice

7. Probably Harry Potter 7 with The Natural as a close 2

1. Duncan, Ankiel, Schumaker, Ludwick, Rasmus. Rasmus is going to blow up this spring and will make it to the bigs right away. Nothing like bringing in the number one prospect on Opening Day at Busch!

2. Pujols, Glaus, Kennedy, Izturis, Miles, Spiezio, I wish that Ryan could make it, but unfortunately, that’s not how its looking as of right now. Izturis is too good defensively, and Miles might take more reps at second than Kennedy.

3. Reyes, without a doubt. He has the best stuff, and I feel this year will be a big year for Anthony.

4. Perez will be up first, and around the longest. He has great stuff.

5. Jimmy Johnson baby! 48 takes this one!

6. Heroes is good, but I am an Entourage guy.

7. Bleachers by John Grisham

1. Duncan and Ankiel are locks. I think Barton is pretty close to one due to the Rule V. I think Schumaker and Ludwick round it out, at least to start.

2. Pujols and Glaus are the ultimate locks. After that, probably Kennedy, Izturis, Miles, Speizio.

3. Reyes. I think he’ll have a strong spring.

4. Perez will probably open in the bullpen. Best career? Garcia, I guess.

5. Not a big fan, but from what I understand Jimmie Johnson is a safe bet to be the answer to any “who will win” NASCAR question.

6. The fact that we get more Lost. 24 in 2009 as well.

7. I read constantly, but really outstanding reads? Not sure. Though I’m very much anticipating BP 2008 in a couple of weeks.

1) The first five: Duncan, Ankiel, Ludwick, Barton and Schumaker. I don’t think they want to start Rasmus’s service clock until at least the mid-season.

2) Pujols and Glaus. Beyond that, it depends on who *I* would put in there or who I think TLR will put in there. I would put Izturis, Kennedy, Ryan and Spiezio, but I bet Miles surpasses one of them in TLR’s book.

3) I’d prefer to see Reyes. He still more upside than the others, and 2008 isn’t going to be a good year unless almost everyone fulfills their potential and has career years.

4) I’ll go either Garcia or Perez. I guess I’ll take the starter over the closer, so I’ll go Garcia.

5) Jeff Gordon.

6) I watch very little network television, so I’ll say I’m happy that Jon Stewart and Colbert have their writers back.

7) “The Praise of Folly” by Erasmus. Although it was for a class, to be honest.

The Pacific War… by John Costello

1. Duncan, Ankiel, Ludwick, Barton and Schumaker.
2. Pujols, Glaus, Izturis, Kennedy, Spiezio, Miles

3. I’m going to go with what Bernie Micklasz ranted about today and say they need to sign someone healthy – Jeff Weaver, Josh Fogg or Kyle Lohse. Facing reality, I’ll take Wellemeyer.

4. Perez up first, Boggs best career. No real reason aside from a gut feeling.

5. “I like Jeff Gordon, he’s handsome.” – Bobby Hill “King of the Hill” Seriously that’s all I know about NASCAR.

6. More episodes of Lost and Bones.

7. Truman by David McCullough

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