OK, not really. But numbers.

Today was report day, and it’s still pretty quiet. Some guys are working out, but the organized team workouts with schedule sheets don’t start till tomorrow. I’ll have plenty on the site later this evening, but for now, here are some noteworthy jersey numbers for new arrivals and prospects. I didn’t notice any veterans with new numbers.

3 – Cesar Izturis
8 – Troy Glaus
21 – Jason LaRue
22 – Juan Gonzalez
28 – D’Angelo Jimenez
40 – Cliff Politte
46 – John Wasdin

Those are all of the new arrivals with numbers under 50.

Colby Rasmus does not have a big league number — he’s wearing 84. The highest number with So Taguchi gone belongs to catcher David Carpenter, who’s wearing 92.



Be interesting if David Carpenter became a big league catcher in a couple of years and was Chris Carpenter’s backup. That’d be like the greatest battery name ever. Carpenter and Carpenter. Or at the very least, a great legal office or crime fighting duo.

Not to mention if he kept 92 — which obviously he won’t. 29-92.

And yes, I did think of that when I saw it. I’m a geek.


Or they could go around singing soft ballads as the Carpenters.

You gotta figure Matt would like having that kinda battery, if only for the headlines.

“Carpenters build a win.”

“Constructing a battery.”

“St. Louis Local Carpenters Union No. 2992.”

Is there any relation between the two of them? Like long-distant cousins or something?

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