Opening Day roster projection, second guess

Not a lot has changed, but let’s at least get some discussion going.

Starting pitchers
Adam Wainwright
Braden Looper
Joel Pineiro
Anthony Reyes
Todd Wellemeyer

Relief pitchers
Jason Isringhausen
Ryan Franklin
Russ Springer
Brad Thompson
Randy Flores
Tyler Johnson
Ron Villone

Yadier Molina
Jason LaRue

Albert Pujols
Adam Kennedy
Cesar Izturis
Troy Glaus
Aaron Miles
Scott Spiezio

Rick Ankiel
Chris Duncan
Skip Schumaker
Ryan Ludwick
Juan Gonzalez

I have some theories as to some of these spots; I think at least two spots in the bullpen are competitive, and the outfield remains wide open. But if I had to guess who WILL be on — not who I’d put on, but who will be on — this is my best guess as of today.


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Do you think Barton will be in the minors rehabbing his knee a bit more or just a TLR and veterans thing?

It better not be a “TLR and veterans thing,” because Barton is gone if he’s not on this roster, rule 5 being what it is.

It’s way too early to be sure. But Barton is participating fully, so unless he gets hurt between now and Opening Day, he won’t be on the DL.


So does that mean you think he’s not going to make the cut, Matthew?

Obviously you agree with Duncan that Clement will not be ready for opening day.
Who gets sent down/released when Clement and Mulder come back?

Iam not fond of Juan making the team. He is injury prone. So when/if he gets hurt and Barton has been sent back to the Indians who is the 5th OFer? I prefer Barton, speed, better defense, and younger. Build on the youth movement.

I thought Rule 5 just meant that he had to be on the 40 man roster, not the active 25 man one. Am I incorrect?

From the Baseball America explanation of Rule 5: “But here’s the kicker: To prevent teams from drafting players willy-nilly, each Rule 5 pick must be KEPT IN THE MAJOR LEAGUES the entire following season or be offered back to his former team for half of the $50,000 selection price.” (My emphasis added.)

Players are *eligible for* Rule 5 if they haven’t been on the 40-man roster by a certain point in their careers. However, once they are *selected* in Rule 5, it’s not the 40-man that matters, it’s being “kept in the major leagues,” i.e., on the *25*-man roster, unless they’re on the DL. That’s why relatively few Rule 5 selections actually stay with the selecting team; most don’t make the 25-man for the whole year. Barton, in the opinion of many observers, is good enough that he should have a good chance of doing so, particularly since they need a right-handed-hitting outfielder. That’s why his omission from Matthew’s list set alarm bells going off in my head.

I’d love to be wrong. I’m a Barton backer. But my expectation is that by Opening Day, he’ll be offered back.


I’ve been a cardinal’s fan since the early 60’s and have seen a decrease in the number of African Americans on the team. I’m wondering if it is a matter of the lack of African Americans being available in the game today or the lack of the cardinals interest in the African American players? Or even a better question. Since the Ozzie incidence with La russo, he just don’t care for them?

That’s a pretty heavy personal accusation to level at someone.

Just out of curiosity, bighamp, whom did La Russa go with over Ozzie? Little refresher: it was Royce Clayton.

I’m not saying racism isn’t an issue in this country today — it is. I’m not saying I wouldn’t like to see more African-American players on the Cardinals — I would. I’m not saying I wouldn’t like to see more African-Americans playing baseball — I would.

But leveling a severe personal accusation at someone you don’t know based on very little information is completely inappropriate.


I thought I read an article that said there are less African Americans coming into baseball and more South Americans and Latin Americans and also from the Carribean.
It made the point that more African Americans are going into football and basketball.

Inner city kids seem to go for basketball.

The path to stardom seems quicker in basketball and football and so it follows it is the quicker way to a big paycheck. Tho the careers are genrally shorter for football players than for baseball players.

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