The Lazy Writer's Way Out — CORRECTION

NOTE — Thankfully I had this right on the site, but there was an error on the blog yesterday. I have corrected the starters schedule for this week.

It’s a long established tradition in sportswriting. If you don’t feel like coming up with an actual, fully-formed idea, throw out a bunch of tidbits. So herewith, a Sunday compendium of assorted thoughts and anecdotes from camp today and this week.

* Anthony Reyes looked really, really good today. Good stuff, good command, very impressive. A couple of us were talking today, and I think Reyes may be the most pivotal player on the roster. The difference between how good he can be, and how not-good he can be, is huge. If he’s good, and good for 190 innings, it makes an enormous difference in the depth and quality of the rotation. I’m still a believer.

* It will be all prospects pitching in the SLU game on Wednesday. Reyes will start Thursday against the Mets, Wainwright will start Thursday FRIDAY against the Mets (Met fans will surely love that), and Wellemeyer and Thompson will both get innings on Friday against New York. Dunc said not to read anything into Reyes being on his own day and Wellemeyer/Thompson sharing a day.

* Wainwright clearly sets up for Opening Day. He’ll be on schedule to pitch 2/29, 3/5, 3/10, 3/15, 3/21 (the off day falls on 3/18), 3/26 and then Opening Day, 3/31.

* TLR and Mo talked Bonds with us today. Basically, TLR brought him up, and the front office considers him a non-starter. More on the site this afternoon.

* Clayton Mortensen is definitely one of the darlings of camp, and with good reason. He’s got a big arm and a very big sinker with serious heavy movement. He’s a fast mover and absolutely a guy to watch.

* Rick Ankiel has been as impressive as any offensive player thus far.



great stuff..very encouraging news about reyes, that is his spot to win and he is off to a great start it seems….

duncan seems to be very high on mortensen too..

can’t wait to see the outcome of that first exhibition game with Saint Louis University, lots of young kids to watch in that game starting pitching wise and closer wise with perez

What’s your impression on our three right handed sluggers in camp in Pujols, Glaus and Igor? Do they look all healthy and such? Obviously they aren’t in midseason form, but what do you see in them now that would be either alarming or relaxing?

Spring Training Season ticket holder event – I just wanted to comment on the event Sunday afternoon at Roger Dean Stadium. We made our annual three hour trek to Jupiter to get our dose of the Redbirds and it was very reassurning to see all of the players and coaches available for autographs. My three daughters had a great time filling numerous baseballs with authographs from ALL the players in camp. It was also nice to see a few of the players and TLR himself hanging around after the alotted time. Kudos to the players, coaches, and management for still believing in the fans! We’re looking forward to another year or exciting Cardinal baseball.

Barry Bonds? Maybe we sent the wrong guys to Toronto.

The only thing about Bonds being protection for AP is that he seems to be a guy that TLR would put in the #2 spot. The guy walks about 100 times a year, and still hits 20-30 HRs. Steroids or not, you need the base talent to do anything in this league.

Have you heard anything about Jess Todd, drafted last year?

Nope. Minor League camp hasn’t started yet.


In response to the Bonds issue and heymatto70, even if you put the steroids aside (and I have a hard time doing that) there are two other big issues with Bonds. 1. Will he be available to actually play? He is under indictment and you wonder if he will be absent for legal wrangling. 2. Even if he is available, where do you hide him defensively? I don’t think he is worth the potential strife he would bring to the clubhouse and he sure wouldn’t come cheaply.

I never was actually a supporter of signing Bonds, just making a statement about what I’ve noticed in the past few years regarding TLR’s lineups.

Let me repeat: I did not say, nor will I ever say, that I would want Bonds on this team.

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