Spiezio released

John Mozeliak just announced that Spiezio has been released.


I hope he gets better soon, but Moz made the right call I think.

Sad to see Spiez go, but I’m glad that Mo wasn’t going to take any chances before it was too late.

It’s really too bad that he had to go the way he did, but you sometimes have to pay for your actions. Spiez tried to go into rehab, but it unfortunately didn’t work before he paid the price.

It’s kinda sad to see this sort of thing happen two years in a row, w/ TLR in ST and Hancock during the regular season. You’d think that people would learn from others around them, but sadly that wasn’t the case here. Maybe further actions should be taken with alcohol and baseball players than what’s already in place.

unfortunately, what players do in the offseason is their own business. They have to make their own choices and be responsible for them, baseball can’t babysit all the players that are out there.

It’s not about baby sitting all the players. I think it’s about putting punitive rules in place that discourage players from making bad decisions with mind altering or performance enhancing substances, in season or in the off-season. And I disagree with saying “what players do in the offseason is their own business”. Because if they are doing anything that could affect their upcoming baseball season or their current contract, it’s every bit the organization’s business. Afterall, they are paying him whether its April or December. And it’s the fan’s business, because we all pay for the tickets and overpriced snacks and beverages that, in turn, pay his salary. Anyways that’s my opinion.

Ouch. Ouchouchouchouchouch. This doesn’t feel good at all. First and foremost, Speez, get your life back together; baseball can wait.

That said, two things. First, I wonder whether MLBPA is going to get involved in this situation. I think the team was within its rights to release him, but the union may not agree. Second, I wonder what roster implications this has, since everyone had been pretty well assuming Spiezio was guaranteed a slot. On one level, his skills are by no means irreplaceable, but the ability to play all the corner positions and catch in an emergency is not obvious in the people who might fill that slot (Ryan, Phelps, or Miles depending on how you look at it). Spring training just got one notch more “interesting” — as in the old Chinese curse.

I understand what you’re saying SLF, and I agree that the player has a responsibility no matter what to fans and management. Unfortunately, no matter what the rules and penalties are, you’re going to have people that break them, that won’t change. Texas has the death penalty for murders, but people still commit murder. Some countries cut off your hand for stealing, yet people still do it. What penalty can baseball enforce? Suspensions and expulsions aren’t going to work, a la Pete Rose. Salary cuts won’t work. What can MLB do?

Now, I’m not comparing what Scott did with murder, far from it. But all I’m saying is that despite severe punishments for crimes, people still do them.

Why do you think fines, suspensions, and/or expulsions won’t work? And, of course, some people are still going to break the rules, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make the rules!

Cause we’ve had fines, suspensions, etc in effect almost since the dawn of baseball, and it doesn’t stop players from breaking the rules. It doesn’t stop them from fighting on the field, from some doctoring the ball, gambling, etc. Not saying we shouldn’t have the rules, but I am saying that the effects won’t prevent the causes.

As far as roster indications:

I wonder if it will play out like this…Duncan becomes the primary backup at first base, but staggering that to give Pujols’ elbow some breathing room this year and also not overwork Chris is going to be tough. It means the two backup outfield spots could be a LOT more important, now. They could be seeing more playing time due to Chris playing first a bit. That said…I wonder if the team will be less inclined to take a risk on Juan Gone as a result…instead, opting for Barton who may be (if his knee is okay) the more reliable option…don’t know…

At third, it seems like Brendan Ryan will be given the primary shot as backup…especially considering our possible lead off man issues (not that he’s my number one choice…but he could do it better than many). Just having Ryan on the team would put a lot of pressure on Izturis and Kennedy by default.

However, to me the BIGGEST loss as a result of Spiezio leaving is the situational hitting. Ryan can probably hit for a better average and he provides more speed than Spiezio, but Scott’s ability to “come through in a pinch”

has been vital for us in the past. I think that is going to be the most painful hole on the team, now…a veteran, situational hitter coming off the bench who can face righties and lefties. Makes a contact hitting, switch hitting veteran like Miles all the more valuable off the bench, now.

I wonder how much this will open up an opportunity for a guy like Freese???

I truly hope Spiezio gets his life turned around and realizes the people and atmosphere he surrounds himself with in the offseason (his cult following, if you will) may not be very helpful in his attempt to distance himself from addictions and such…

Good luck, Spiez…we’ll miss you…

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