Wednesday camp tidbits

Bits and pieces on a gray, gloomy day…

* Brian Barton is back and cleared. He and Weinberg both referred to his checkup as essentially precautionary, and Barry said he’s cleared with no restrictions. Barton is in the lineup today as the DH, batting second.

* Lineup, though I know it’s already up elsewhere in the blogosphere: 1. Rasmus CF; 2. Barton DH; 3. Mather RF; 4. Phelps DH; 5. Haerther LF; 6. Freese 3B; 7. Barden SS; 8. Pagnozzi C; 9. Hoffpauir 2B. TLR indicated that the veterans won’t even stick around for the game. He expects to have a very short bench, so the kids will play.

* Speaking of the kids, it’s going to be a tough row for OFs to hoe, other than the seven main guys (Ank, Dunc, Lud, Schu, Raz, Gonz, Barton). TLR basically said that for guys like Mather and Haerther, the ABs will be very hard to find after the first few days.

* They held the MLBPA meeting today, so the first 90 minutes or so of the morning were spent behind closed doors. Don Fehr was not present, because he’s in Washington.

* My friend and colleague Jonathan Mayo from is in camp today, checking in with the Baby ‘Birds. He’ll have an organization preview and Spring Training report on the Cards organization that will run on on Friday, so please do check it out. He does good work and is a good dude.

As always, please do check the site later today for notes, game coverage and a Colby Rasmus feature.

-M, in a very Buffett kind of mood this morning. Hooray, Radio Margaritaville!


I’m really confused and I might be dumb for asking this but… why are there 2 DH’s?

Do you believe that Colby Rasmus would be the leadoff hitter when he gets called up? It kinda seems like they may be leaning that way.

Because I screwed up. Phelps is at 1B.

hehe…probably because Matt had a bad case of Typo-itis. Maybe a better question is, “Why don’t we have a 1st baseman?” I think Matt meant to indicate Phelps is on first.

I think there’s really no way to know where Rasmus will hit. Got to know who else is on the roster, etc etc. They haven’t ruled it out, but by no means do I think it’s set.

Barton to Rasmus: “Anything you can do, I can do better…”

Oh, no…Spiezio…… this is gonna’ hurt, Matt…

Ohh okay that makes more sense now! No big deal I was just lost for a second. So I’m assuming Spiezio is done on the team now?

I was off the comp for about an hour. I came back and the thing about Spiezio was on there. What happened? Or more importantly, what’s going to happen?

Also.. If Spiezio is gone, that opens another spot for say Brendan Ryan right? I mean I know he would still have to earn a spot but it just gives another opening in the infield correct?

Well this is certainly not good for Spiezio. I hope he gets clean. I don’t care if he ever plays baseball again, but I want him to get better. I don’t want to see another Darryl Porter or Josh Hancock.…get your stuff together. We love you in St. Louis. We prefer you alive than in a Cardinals uniform. The team can’t deal with this another year.

To much young talent to let someone like Spiezio take a roster spot if he is going to end up in rehab or jail. Straighten your stuff out and then worry about playing ball. I 100% agree with Slforre on this one.

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