Lucky Seven, the-Grapefruit-League-lives edition

1. What’s the best on-field development of the spring thus far?

2. What’s the worst on-field or injury development of the spring thus far?

3. At the END of the year, who will be the starting middle infielders?

4. What should the Cardinals do about a backup 1B? Use Chris Duncan? Use an infielder already on the roster? Carry Josh Phelps or perhaps Joe Mather? Sign a free agent (Julio Franco, Jeff Cirillo, Ryan Klesko, Shea Hillenbrand…)?

5. Who signs somewhere first: Bonds, Clemens or Piazza?

6. What band would you most want to see reunited? No limits here — even if half of them are dead, I don’t care. Who do you miss?

7. What’s one place you most want to visit before you die?

-M, listening to Jack Johnson’s Sleep Through the Static.

Above all else today, though, I want to send out two big greetings:

* A very, very happy anniversary to my parents. Thank you so much for everything.

* And a very, very happy birthday to my mother-in-law, who doesn’t deserve that title with all its negative connotations. Happy birthday, second mom!


1. Brian Barton and Colby Rasmus both hitting and competing for a MLB roster spot
2. Matt Clement

3. Brendan Ryan/Other (trade)

4. Joe Mather. He’s played 3B/1B/LF/RF and provides some power.

5. Piazza.

6. Since you mentioned dead guys, I’ll go with Nirvana.

7. The Irish countryside, seeing all the different castles and whatnot. See the Mourne Mountains, Killarney National Park…

1. Colby Rasmus hitting well when hitters are supposed to be behind the pitchers.

2. I guess the Matt Clement one… I can’t think of another.

3. Kennedy and Ryan

4. Back him up with DUncan. We have more quality Outfielders than infielders.

5. Piazza.

6. Beatles. No question.

7. New Zealand…. or maybe Scotland

1. The progress of Clayton Mortenson.

2. Pujols having elbow problems.

3. Kennedy/Ryan

4. Use Chris Duncan and hold as many outfielders as possible.

5. Bonds signs in Japan

6. Operation Ivy

7. Prague

1. Juan Gonzalez making a so far successful return.

2. Isn’t it Spiezio? Is there another choice?

3. Ryan/Kennedy

4. I’m actually going to say Phelps. He has some good versatility and a pretty good bat. I’d rather keep dunc in the OF.

5. Piazza

6. Beatles.

7. BS3

The point with the way I worded No. 2 was to get answers that are NOT Spiezio, since that seemed pretty obvious.

Ah, sorry M. If I had to pick a non-Spiezio story, I’d say Clement. It’s not good that he may not make it onto the opening day starter.

1. Anthony Reyes playing with curved bill on his cap.
2. Joel Pineiro missing his first start. (from what I hear)

3. Kennedy/Ryan

4. Use Duncan. He isn’t that great in the outfield anyway.

5. Bonds to Tampa Bay(Sorry Larussa).

6. Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble.

7. Jupiter Fl during spring training. Matt, I would give my right eye for your job.

1. All the nice stuff that Duncan is saying about Kyle McClellan — not so much that McC is doing well, but that Dunc is actually paying attention. This may mean an improvement in his willingness to work with the kids, which is a Good Thing.
2. Clement’s slow start. Truthfully, however, there isn’t any *really* bad on-the-field news out of camp — yet.

3. Ryan/Hoffpauir if we’re out of the running, Izturis/Kennedy if it’s a race.

4. Duncan. Phelps is a handy guy to have stashed in Memphis in case El Hombre’s elbow goes sproing (horrors!), but is too limited to have a spot on the 25-man except in emergency. Anyone who says “sign a free agent” is hereby invited to become an Astros fan.

5. Bonds, with a fair chance that none of the three will play this year.

6. Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, with some “training” in how to get along, and minus some cocaine.

7. Summit of Mount Everest, but I don’t think I’ll make it to that one. Failing that, Krakatoa.

1. I’ll go out on a limb and say A-Rey’s progress, due to…
2. Clement.

3. Adam Kennedy and Brendan Ryan

4. Use Duncan when needed, no back-up required. If Phelps makes the team, he’s a shoe-in. Didn’t Klesko retire? Thought I read that at MLBTR.

5. Piazza, then Clemens, then Bonds. For Mike’s sake, I hope he finds work. He’s one of baseball’s better guys, from what I gather.

6. I’d really like to experience Neutral Milk Hotel live, so that’s an obvious choice. In my teen years, I was big on a Canadian act named the Watchmen. Always makes me sad when I reflect, knowing that I never saw them live, nor will I ever see them, since their music shaped me into the guy I am today. Boo, now I’m kinda sad. Screw you, Dude! You ruined my night! I’m gonna cry into a pillow now. Or I’ll answer the last question.

7. So many choices… I recently came to the point in my life where I asked myself, “What do you want to do with your life?” Not occupation-wise, something beyond that… something bigger. And I came to the conclusion that I want to see the world. So naturally, this question is simply too powerful and worth too much to me to give you one answer and be content, but I will say that Japan is number one on the list–not just Tokyo, where the streets buzz with technology, but explore the vast mountains and beautiful crevices of landscape along their countrysides… What a spectacle to behold, at least between my ears… for now.

1. Colby Ramus making a good case for himself.
2. Clement

3. Ryan and Kennedy

4. Phelps

5. Piazza, no roid/hgh controversy

6. Sublime

7. Italy

1. Probably Rasmus, but I really like what Reyes did yesterday.

2. Clement

3. Oh, my. Kennedy will be at 2nd, and probably Ryan at SS.

4. Use Duncan. Free up a slot for another outfielder to go.

5. Piazza

6. No preferences

7. Too much of a homebody to really want to go many places, but I’d say England.

1.) Really like what Reyes showed yesterday.
2.) Clement….seems that he was the big “if” for the rotation, as in, “If Clement can pitch really well until MM and Carp get back, maybe the Birds can….”

3.) Good gracious, hopefully AK gets back into pre-07 form, and I really, really like B Ryan for short.

4.) Duncan, and maybe losing Albert’s bat for that day can be somewhat compensated by the better fielding in the outfield.

5.) Piazza.



Oh, and Matt, good article about Pujols on the website.

With TLR’s philosophy on OFers and first base, do you think that frees up a spot for both Juan and Barton to make it on the roster?

1.)Pitching staff…All of the arms that seem to be performing.

3.)SS Ryan and at 2nd Miles

4.)Duncan as an emergency backup…What about Gonzalez in a backup role at 1b?

5.)Piazza….They will all be on a roster this year unless they are in jail!

6.)String Cheese Incident


1. Anthony Reyes – I know its very early, but he could really improve this rotation if he lives up to half his potential.

2. Matt Clement – I don’t trust the Cardinals when it comes to playing down injuries in the press.

3. Kennedy/Ryan

4. Try Joe Mather out – he’s been in the system for a while. We might as well find out if he’s ready for the show. Brendan Ryan will be ready to fill in from Memphis if it doesn’t work. Can Glaus play 1B?

5. Not really sure, but I’ll say Piazza because I really dislike Bonds and Clemens.

6. REM w/ Bill Berry on drums. I really liked “New Adventures in Hi-Fi”, and they haven’t been quite the same since he left the band.

7. Italy/Greece – I’m a ****** for Classic Civ.

1. Juan-Gon – nice homer off of Santana!
2. Clement

3. Miles/Ryan

4. Phelps or Mather.

5. Piazza. No way Clemens is getting signed b/c of his controversy, same w/ Bonds. No team would want to deal w/ either one of them.

6. It wouldn’t bother me to see Huey Lewis & the News with their original lineup.

7. Pinehurst GC, N. Carolina, where Payne Stewart won the 99 US Open. I’d love to golf there.

To quote the Russian executive officer in the Hunt for Red October: “I would have liked to have seen Montana.”

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