Opening Day roster projection, third guess

Let’s make this a weekly thing on Saturdays…

Starting pitchers (5)
Adam Wainwright
Joel Pineiro
Braden Looper
Anthony Reyes
Todd Wellemeyer

Relief pitchers (7)
Jason Isringhausen
Russ Springer
Ryan Franklin
Brad Thompson
Randy Flores
Tyler Johnson
Ron Villone

Infielders (6)
Albert Pujols
Adam Kennedy
Cesar Izturis
Troy Glaus
Aaron Miles
Brendan Ryan

Outfielders (5)
Rick Ankiel
Chris Duncan
Ryan Ludwick
Skip Schumaker
Juan Gonzalez

Catchers (2)
Yadier Molina
Jason LaRue



what’s the status of josh kinney? with an all righty rotation though, i guess it makes sense to have 3 lefties in the bullpen. and if the infield shakes out this way, which is pretty accurate i’ll bet, who would be second on the depth chart at 3B? ryan and miles both saw time there last year, if i’m not mistaken.

* Kinney won’t be ready Opening Day.

* Villone wouldn’t be there so much as a situational guy as a long guy.

* Ryan probably rates ahead of Miles at 3B.


This looks probable to me, although one can’t rule out the possibility of Rasmus hitting his way onto the roster.

The idea of carrying Villone as a long guy is appealing, and I wonder whether one of the minor leaguers (Boggs? Parisi?) could be temporarily pressed into a comparable role instead of carrying Johnson to start with. TJ has an option left, correct? He would be the better guy to carry for the bulk of the season, but isn’t enough of an inning-eater to really give the starters much opportunity to get broken in. A problem with this roster is exactly the lack of relievers with options. It reduces flexibility at the beginning of the season.

I still wince when I see this roster, because it doesn’t include Barton…

You still think they are going to give up on Barton? Where is he in his development? Given how long the Cardinals held onto former Rule 5 draftee Hector Luna, would they be more inclined to keep Barton?

Okay…I’ll bite…but for consistency’s sake, I gotta’ go with what I put on my site yesterday:

Opening Day Lineup (in supposed batting order):

1. Kennedy 2B

2. Ankiel CF

3. Pujols 1B

4. Glaus 3B

5. Duncan LF

6. Gonzalez RF

7. Molina C

8. Wainwright P

9. Ryan SS

Can’t see a reason to strongly disagree with the pitchers or the overall roster list, but I gotta’ believe two things at this point:

1. Kennedy can solve his issues making it possible for him to hit in the leadoff spot this year. That means Skip won’t have to serve that role – meaning Gonzalez could provide some more pop in the second half of the order in RF.

2. Izturis makes an error – hasn’t gotten a hit yet. Ryan looks solid – hitting well…I gotta’ hope Ryan takes the starting job for Opening Day…not likely, just hope…

A note on pitchers: I gotta’ wonder if Reyes is going to have a 12-15 win season…based on what we’ve “seen” so far…

1. Luna didn’t have the possible health questions that Barton could have and he was already performing well (hit around .300 with good fielding skills – just appeared to have a low drive to be a winner).

2. Barton isn’t exactly lighting it up against big-league pitching in early Spring Training games – by no means a definitive picture of his ability, but not a good sign, either.

3. New General Management this time around.

4. Totally new vision this season as opposed to years past. THIS year, we NEED the young guys to contribute (didn’t need Luna to do so quite so much).

5. Barton is competing for a VERY valuable roster spot this year. With Skip, Luddy, and Gonzalez…the alternatives to Barton (as opposed to what Luna faced) are strong.

I think the last one is the key, Kevin.

If TJ is injured and can’t start the year in the bigs, who gets his spot in the bullpen?

Hard to say, because I think the bullpen is so fluid. There are a lot of different ways it could be configured. Ron Flores might slip in. They might go two LHP and add a RHP. Any number of ways…

But also, we don’t really know anything about Johnson at this point. It may be a serious thing, it may only be a couple or a few days.


I suppose it’s only foolish to assume the worst at this point. Guess I’m just used to it with injuries

Sounds like the Cards are finally giving Ryan a chance. My dad and I both think that he’s a really good player who hasn’t gotten a fair shot at a spot. I personally think he’s better than Kennedy, but maybe I’m judging too quickly.

I’m very excited about Juan-Gon. Seems like he’d be a good player for us, as he’s shown in Spring Training.

Not sure about Wellemeyer, Villone, or Izturis, but hopefully things all work out.

I like this roster overall.Although I’m not sold on Wellemeyer yet. String arm, but little control. He walks too many to be a starter for me.I’d switch him with Brad Thompason.And IF TJ is hurt and can’t go on OD, then I would like to see Kyle McClellen or Ron Flores make the roster.

Dear Matthew, I see that Anthony Reyes is up to his old self, giving up 4 runs already today to Baltimore. I also see him penciled in as one of the 5 starters for the Cards. Surely that will change. They have been giving him chances for, what, 3 years now and it is always the same old thing. I cringe to think of watching him with his Ironed Cap bill and pulled up pants doing the same old thing, giving up runs. I hope somone besides me knows that he is not major league talent and probably never will be. We are in deep trouble if he has to start every 5th day, but I guess the bull pen can get their work in on the days he pitches. It’s ridiculous!! Donald Gray

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