Sunday camp tidbits

No tidbits tomorrow, as your faithful correspondent gets a desperately-needed day off. But in the meantime…

* TLR confirmed that he expects Sidney Ponson throw for Cards scouts at some point in the next week or so.

* Tyler Johnson is still choosing not to comment on his ailing shoulder. TLR acknowledged being "concerned" but said given that Johnson didn’t come to camp in tip-top shape, "it is not a big surprise."

* Three guys who have been behind/sidelined/slowed are throwing bullpens in just a couple of minutes — Clement, Pineiro and Wasdin. Updates later today.

* Joe Mather gets another start. It’s hard to know just how seriously he’s being taken, but TLR explained that his RH-ness helps him get a few extra looks that a guy like Haerther isn’t getting. Mather also has some versatility that some of the other OFs have.



Matthew, did you really say Sidney bleepin’ PONSON? PLEASE tell us that that was a joke…

No sir. March 2, not April 1.

Perhaps Mr. Ponson is just picking up his World Series ring.

One Word: WHY?

Why not?

I guess I would think someone like Jeff Weaver is more of a “semi-known” commodity to Dave Duncan (which, for all I know, is exactly why he’s not getting more consideration). Based on the organization’s impression of Ponson last time, I would think something would need to have changed for him to get a serious look this year. Ah well…

So…McClellan…let’s talk possibles…what did ya’ think watching him today, Matt?

Thanks for all the work…you give a starved Cards fan all the information rations I need to make it until Opening Day! Enjoy your day off!

P.S. – Tell your wife a close friend of mine watched “Across the Universe” and she said it wasn’t as good as she hoped, but she had very high expectations. She did say it was good and had, of course, great music. More when I actually watch it myself…

Oh…I guess I should explain the Weaver mention…it seems Duncan might have a better chance of harnessing his ability again than he would resurrecting Ponson’s…

The difference is, in Ponson’s case, all they’re doing is taking a look. Just see if he’s got anything. If not, they’re not out ANYTHING. I don’t see the downside at this point.


true…especially considering we’re essentially talking about a place-holder spot until Clement, Mulder, and/or Carp can come back/get on track…

It just seems like a TOTAL WASTE OF TIME! With the way Kyle McClellan is pitching and with the number of viable options, what’s the point in wasting time that could be used teaching someone else or spending time with the catchers on pitch calling…whatever! I see the argument that you don’t lose anything, but I just don’t see the point. We all know what he has left. He showed us AND the Yankees what he had left already!

The downside is if Ponson is decent, he may get a shot and take away innings from someone with much higher ceiling than an aging veteran clinging to a glimmer of a roster spot.

I agree with you, zoop…but, if he can be a temporary place-holder until Clement gets back, then that saves the innings on our bullpen considerably…which will make a big difference near the end of the season…

Look at how worn down they were at the end of the year last year?

I’m not a fan of the Ponson idea, but I think its benefit (if he makes the team) is that it provides a temporary stop-gap that saves the arms in our bullpen and helps our young guys stay on a consistent development track (instead of having to pop-up to a high-pressure spot in the majors until a starter comes back).

No doubt that ponson’s cost is a lot lower than other vet options on the FA market. Never hurts to have a lot of insurance.

I have to admit, I am shocked with the Ponson news. Most news so far has been how well everyone is throwing the ball, youngsters included. Management must be seeing things as much worse for such a desperate measure. I used to pitch – can I get a look see? Won’t cost you anything!

Why not? Because given the state of the team’s minor-league pitching, and also given that Ponson is Ponson, sending the examiners out looking for prospects in East Poison Spider, Wyoming is as likely to be a constructive use of their time as looking at Ponson, and more consistent with a forward-looking organizational strategy. That’s why not. Any question for which “Sidney Ponson” is the answer is a question you really would be better off not asking.

Will they have to pay for Ponson’s meals while he is in camp? I could see some downside there.

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