They got us working in shifts!

A few additional thoughts and notes from today in Jupiter…

* Mr. McClellan certainly threw strikes. He gave up a lot of hard contact — very hard contact — in the first inning. But he had a good curveball, threw strikes, and as the manager sometimes says, he "didn’t scare." He’ll get more innings.

* Interesting sight after we talked with McClellan. Minor League camp starts tomorrow, officially, but they’re already getting some work in. Four of the more intriguing arms in the system threw off mounds right outside the clubhouse today, with Dyar Miller and Brent Strom among those looking on. Mark McCormick, Nick Webber, Eric Haberer and Jess Todd all threw. I couldn’t really tell you much about any of them, other than that Webber looks like he’s throwing really, really hard. But considering all McCormick has been through, it has to be a good sign that he was participating in something that other guys were doing too.

* 8 am bus for Viera tomorrow. No veteran is sad to miss that trip, I guarantee you.

-M, off till Tuesday as soon as I finish this McClellan feature.

(now playing on the iPod: Stones, Let It Bleed. Sometimes you need to go back to the old favorites)


I can tell you about Jess Todd. He pitched at my Alma Mater, the University of Arkansas, last year. I also work for the Razorback video department shooting baseball games, so I have seen him very close. He is from Kilgore, Texas and originally played collegiately at Navarro College in Corsicana,TX. He transferred to the U of A in 2006, and he pitched like a mad man for the Diamond Hogs in 2007. In the SEC Tournament last year, he struck out 17 batters in 8 1/3 innings vs. #9 South Carolina.In 93+ innings last season,he struck out 128 batters and walked just 26. In his first season with the Batavia Muckdogs he struck out 69 to 13 walks in 58+ innings. He has a filthy slider, a mid to high 90s fastball, and a pretty good breaking ball. He kinda reminds me of Izzy, honestly.

Let it Bleed is a great album. My favorite Stones’ album is Exile on Main st. but let it Bleed is in my top 3.
I have a question: Can Skip Schumaker hit leadoff? He makes a lot of solid contact and has some base stealing skills. Is he being considered?

I don’t know about Matt’s opinion, but everything I’ve read indicates Skip is absolutely being considered. In fact, assuming Ank and Dunc are in CF and LF, if Skip is in the lineup, I would expect him to be the leadoff hitter…especially against lefties…if Kennedy can pull himself together this year, then he could fill that spot (allowing a bit more pop in the RF position)…

Anyway…the guys I’ve heard seriously being considered for the leadoff spot are Skip, Kennedy, and Barton (if he makes the team). Miles is a possibility, but he has to be in the lineup to be a leadoff hitter…and Kennedy, Izturis, and Ryan will limit his ability to start consistently…

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