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My colleague Ken Mandel, over at, wrote a really nice piece that I thought you guys might want to read. It’s generally about non-native-English-speaking players adjusting to life in the USA, but more specifically it’s a lot about old friend So Taguchi. I recommend giving it a read.



Thanks much, Dude! This brightened my day a little. Of all the guys we’ve lost, I will miss So the most. What a nice guy, it’s so great to hear about him. Nice article. Cheers to So, and I hope his Phils win the East this year. He deserves more success.

I was completely on board with letting Taguchi go. However, on a personal level, I really, really liked the guy. Wonderful person, wonderful teammate. I do miss him.


From what I remember, So was the ultimate team player. He’d play anywhere at anytime. He played 2B once, right?

I agree, Dude. It’s the right direction. Unfortunately, my gal’s interest in baseball went from high to low with the departure of the Gooch. Can’t blame her, he was always fun to watch. What a guy. He’ll always be fondly remembered by a great majority of Cards fans. THE WAGNER KILLER!

Great article. We loved So, and we will really miss seeing him in a Cardinals uniform this season. Thanks for sharing the link!

I actually read it, and I thought it was good. It was too bad to see So go, since he was a pretty good utility player. Hopefully he does good in Philly.

Ah, So…hehe…I miss that little guy. It’s funny that a Japanese player came over and embodied the ideal Midwest player – humble, hard-working, and somewhat shy. Gotta’ love that guy.

Thanks for the link to the piece, Matt!

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