Re-assessing Rasmus

A few days back, maybe even a couple weeks ago by now, TLR made some comments that got a lot of people in a tizzy regarding Colby Rasmus. Essentially, he seemed to be saying that if the team was better with Rasmus as a part-timer, then he’d have no problem carrying Rasmus as a part-timer.

Today he said something different. I’m not sure whether to classify it as clarification, a change of position or what, but hopefully today’s comments sit better with a lot of the fan base:

"But the key thing is in this place, it would be a situation where he would play a lot.

"He needs to play at this point in his career.

(follow-up question, asking whether this really jibes with what he was saying earlier about it being OK if Rasmus was a 250-AB guy this year)

"If we have a void there, and we need him to win, yeah, we’ll take him. I don’t think we’re going to have a void there. I don’t know that we’re going to have a void. I think we have a legitimate competition."

(you’ve often talked about how players with options lose all ties. is that the case here?)

"He doesn’t win ties for one reason, because other guys he may be tied with are out of options, and he doesn’t win a tie because he needs to play. The optimum thing to do with him is to give him a lot of everyday experience. But that doesn’t mean, if all of a sudden we’re short of outfielders, and we need him, he’s [not] there."



This kind of stuff reiterates
the reasons why I dislike our current manager/staff. They are very inconsistant in what they tell the media and more importantly the players. That creates confusion, miscommunication, and resentment. Hmm…I wonder why Scottie and TLR couldn’t resolve their differences.

There was a dairy over at VEB from someone who went to last night’s game. He said Ramus wasn’t hustling; wasnt getting good jobs on the ball; was taking the best routes; and wasnt hanging out with the Memphis guys. He was hanging out with the Vets.

Maybe the change on stance is because after a few weeks go ST Tony decieded that the kid Needs more bats/playing time and he will be better off getting it down at AAA.

Of course; we could just blame management.

(I havent heard anyone else say that Rasmus was hustling. I was kinda disturbed by it actually.)

just caught a news flash, apparently, TLR was spotted west of missouri yesterday drumming up a low pressure system, thus ensuing a blizzard that messed the entire city up. minutes later he made the weather man misinform us all causing havok on the roads. also, this week for tony has been filled with your garden variety terrorism, throwing pennies off of high rise buildings, and stealing SLF’s breakfast. what an evil man…?

Grow up you jerk! I am entitled to my opinion, and I can post it here unless M says I can’t.So your pathetic attempt at being funny is nothing more than that…a pathetic attempt.If you have something against me just keep it to yourself. You know, I don’t agree with 99% of what you say, but I don’t belittle you about it or try to make what you say sound trite and irrelevant. If I disagree I simply say so, and provide my point of view. So,please, do me a favor. If you don’t like what I say by all means give a counter point. But don’t get on here and post a demeaning, sarcastic bunch of trash just because you don’t agree and think you’re funny.

OK —

I almost posted this after the previous post. I now wish I had.


Both of you.



I know, M, and I am sorry. I knew I would have to apoligize to you over this, but I just couldn’t take being belittled for giving my opinion. I will not speak with Manor anymore, even if he ro she provokes me. Again, Dude, I apoligize to you.

no one is provoking anyone. just making a point that every time tlr is mentioned you make your feelings overly abundantly known. i believe everyone who reads this site knows by now how you feel and it’s getting old.

Thanks, Shaun, I appreciate it.

Manor, you absolutely were provoking and you know it. The sarcastic tone was completely unnecessary and unwelcome, and you know that too. Either respectfully disagree or take it somewhere else. There’s no place for nastiness here. I don’t want it and I won’t tolerate it.


Just to clarify, on the same VEB thread another person at the game had a completely opposite opinion of Rasmus. Apparently he was sitting behind the plate and scouts sitting in his area thought he was a future All-Star CF… FWIW

Oh I wasnt taking his word as gossip. A guy i’ve never watching one game that I dont get watch isn’t going to affect my opinion. Just using it to illustrate that we are not at the games and are not Seeing what Tony is seeing.

If he were to state why he had a change of stance on Rasmus; I’m sure we will be talking about Tony calling out players in the media again.

It’s soooo early, give everyone a chance to be seen and evaluated. The outfield is so crowded, I wonder how the choices will be made if they all hit pretty well? I mean, what if Juan gone puts up good numbers? Does he make it? Schumaker? I think he’s played his way on already, but with Rasmus waiting in the wings, who knows?

His opinion, as well as his stance on Rasmus is allowed to change as ST goes on and he sees more and more of him. I think that it’s good it does change, so he doesn’t just see one option for rasmus.

You guys are correct. You obviously do hope a manager’s opinion on a player changes as they see more of him. To clarify what I am talking about, you have to look at what has been said specifically. Not just the simple fact that his opinion changed. First he said he’d be willing to bring Rasmus up even if he only got 250+ ABs…meaning he wouldn’t mind Rasmus being a part timer if it helped the team this year. NOW he has done a complete 180 from that statement, saying Rasmus needs as much playing time as possible and if he can’t get that playing time in the Bigs then he will not be here. THAT is not something that should change after seeing more of him, IMO. Either you want him to develop as an everyday, or you’re willing to risk him learning much slower as a part timer.
I think Tony is right on with his current view, but that could change with Tony and I don’t think it should. Colby should be playing EVERY DAY somewhere. If he’s ready for the Show, then he’s ready to play everyday in the show. If he’s not ready for it, then he should stay in Memphis to play every day, again, IMO.

I think his view on Colby will be the same as it was with Rick last year, only in the show when they have a chance to contribute every day. That’s at least my view on him.

I’m not really sure that his opinion changed on the issue, I view this as more of a clarification. He said if Colby filled a spot that he felt was necessary to win, even if it means he’s a fifth outfielder, he would keep him even if it meant he would lose everyday playing time. He still is saying that even in the post that Matt just posted, but he clarified that Rasmus will lose ties, and also clarified that he also clarified that he doesn’t think the team will have a void for Rasmus to take over. If the Cardinals didn’t have an abundance of outfielders playing well and we only had four outfielders worth bringing up to the majors, then Rasmus would clearly get the fifth spot, but that is no where near the case this year as we have Duncan, Ankiel, Ludwick(probably the second best player on the team, which few people seem to realize) Schumaker, Barton, and even Juan Gone. No reason to make Rasmus a fourth or fifth outfielder when we have guys who can handle that spot.

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