Lucky Seven, halfway-through-Spring edition

1. Which longshot/surprise pitcher has the best chance of making the team: McClellan, Parisi, Motte, someone else?

2. Which longshot/surprise hitter has the  best chance of making the team: Mather, Barden, Marti, someone else?

3. Reyes: one good, one bad so far. What’s your hope for him this year? What’s your expectation?

4. Who will be left-handers in the bullpen on Opening Day (could be one, two or three)? Who should be?

5. Are the Mets in big trouble or little trouble?

6. What’s your favorite non-baseball website?

7. Beach, mountains or desert?



In Big Sur, you get both mountain and beach, which is why it’s one of the greatest pieces of real estate anywhere in the world.

Best non-baseball website is: . Try it if you love challenging trivia quizzes. I have written many of them myself

1. Parisi
2. Mather

3. My hope is he becomes less bipolar. My expectation is a 4.50 ERA.

4. they will be villone and flores. they should be villone and flores, considering tyjo is hurt.

5. little to medium sized.

6. stuff white people like, for now. the fail blog has some funny photos every now and then.

7. After having snow, snow and more snow in my neck of the woods, I’ll take the beach.

1. McClellan. Nothing like a home town hero. Parisi is one I would also be like to see what he has on the Major League level.

2. Gee, I dont know. Mather maybe due to the departure of Scottie and Scottie.

3. My opinion is that the Cardinals will go as Reyes goes. Wainwright will be boarder line great this year. Looper will be solid. Reyes I hope will be the picther everyone knows he can be. And if he is the Cardinals have a legit shot this year. So hoping for the best. But I actually expect him to be middle of the road this year.

4. Havent seen enoufh of them this year to make that judgement.

5. No one is in big trouble before the first pitch of opening day.

6. What can I say, I’m a redneck.

7. Beach. After living in NM for 4 years in 29 palms for another I can defentily say desert is right out. Mountians or ok. But beaches are were I like to be. Maybe one day I’ll be able to afford to live by one again… Until now I’ll just have to deal with weekend trips to lakes.

1.)No idea…I guess I will go with McClellan
2.)Barden if his bat stays hot…He might be the answer as a leadoff guy. The only problem is that we have too many outfielders. Would any of our current guys be considered utility guys and be able to play any infield (Other than Duncan at 1b)?

3.)Reyes is a mad man…He goes from spectacular to terrible in a split second…He needs to figure it out.

4.)I would say that we will have two. Flores will be there for sure and Tyler will be there once he is ready…If there is a third it will be whoever performs for the rest of spring.

5.)Mets are in a little trouble.


7.)Mountains…Winter Park CO here we come two weeks and counting!

1. McClellan

2. Mather

3. I really want him to work out. I always look back at Game 1 and it boggles my mind how he went with that to his recent struggles. I think he’s done, but I love the guy. Hope he figures it out.

4. Too early to call it, I think. It’s still Week 1.

5. Nobody with Johan, Beltran, Wright, Pedro, and Jose Reyes on the same team can be in too bad of shape. Combine that with a decent FA class next year and that huge wallet, I say they’re not in much trouble, if any at all. Although ridding themselves of Lastings recently looks like a horrific move now, doesn’t it?

6. I work for, the number one site for gaming, movies and music all in one place on the web. Beyond that, I visit these sites daily:,, (I’m a Garbage Pail Kids collector in my spare time), and my favorite political blog,

7. Viewing? Mountains. Participation? Beach.

1. I love the thought of McClellan being in the rotation in the season. I think he is the best option.

2. Actually I am gonna say Ryan, cause I still think they consider him a long shot, even without Spiezio around.

3. I hope he learns to get batters out easier. I expect him to be in AAA or traded to start the year.

4. Flo bros and Villone.

5. They are in big trouble. Doesn’t seem to see many players who don’t at least have an injury history, let alone current ailments.


7. None. Ballparks for me

1. Mike Parisi – He is reliable as far as health goes, and I think he already has a full year of AA under his belt.

2. Joe Mather – He seems versatile, and he has pop off the bench.

3. My hope for Reyes is that he matures into the starter we’d hoped for two years ago…ERA around 4.00, six innings or more per outing. My expectation for Reyes is that it will be more of the same…ERA between 5.00 and 6.00 with five innings per start.

4. I think it will be Randy Flores and Ron Villone. I think that is who it should be at this point also, unless little Flores has a great spring.

5. Unless the injuries start to linger, they are just in a little bit of trouble.

6. Google maps – I’ve always loved aerial photography and maps. I’m still amazed every time I visit the site.

7. Give me mountains any day.

1. Parisi. Why? Because his name make me think Paris and springtime and that makes me think of smoking and drinking and hairy women (mmmmmm) and watching baseball. Yay!

2. Mather, I guess. I’m a band-wagon-er, baby.

3. My hope is that he becomes a decent fourth or fifth starter. I expect him to finish the year with 6 wins and a 4.75 ERA with time split between here and Memphis.

4. Flores and Tyler and whoever.

5. I think the Mets are in New York.

6. or or or

7. Beach.


3. 12-8 record for Anthony, 4.50ERA

4. Randy Flores, Villone

5. Little trouble for Mets–they’ll buy whomever they need


7. Mountains

1. My best guess is “none of the above.” I don’t think any of the young NRI pitchers are likely to go north at all. Parisi maybe has the best chance.
2. Barden — and that’s Barden, not Barton (who’s not a long shot). This is for all the wrong reasons, namely the distinct possibility that Glaus is dinged up by the time they break camp.

3. Hope: 180 innings with an ERA of 4.10 or better; expectation: 80 innings with an ERA over 5 before he’s banished to Memphis, never to return in a Cardinals uniform.😦 I hope “hope” wins …

4. Randy Flores, Villone. Is there really a choice? I wouldn’t mind seeing Jaime Garcia occupy Villone’s spot, but I don’t expect it to happen.

5. Big trouble. The Mets are an Old Team. When the injuries start, things can get very bad very quickly — ask me how I know…

6. or; two best webcomics out there.

7. Mountains, in a landslide, so to speak. I’m privileged to live in the southern Rockies, and wouldn’t trade it for anywhere else that I’ve ever seen.

1…I really don’t think any suprise pitcher is going to make it, i think tony is set on the veterans making it and the rest young guys going to the minors
2… this is a tough one.. i like mather and barton but i think mather is going to make it..he could very well be this year’s scott spizieo

3…my hope is that he will economic with his pitches and be more consistant..expectation to win at least 10 games this year..he has a lot of talent and i think he’ll start to show it this year…

4….randy flores, ron vilone, johnson shortly after that

5…little trouble

6…several websites i like, don’t really have a ,, myspace

7….beach, only place i’ve been of those three places

I LOVE Yu-Gi-Oh The Abridged Series, matto! Absolutely brilliant! I, too, highly recommend it. Very funny.

Glad to see you enjoy IGN, Cheetoh.

Well zoop, it’s hard not to like the abridged series. I’m just surprised to find another fan on these threads.

1. I think Chris Perez has the best chance of being the first Baby Bird to the majors this year.

2. Let’s face it: early this Spring, Juan Gone was a long shot. Looks pretty good now though.

3. I hope for consistency. I expect a 4.50 ERA.

4. Ron Villone and Randy Flores

5. The Mets are fine.

6. and

7. Beach

1. McClellan has gotten rave reviews, but lefty help may be needed with Garcia.

2. Mather can play, and he can play several positions. TLR loves guys like that. How about Brandon Inge for a young reliever or two?

3. Reyes doesn’t look any different this year; see you in AAA come June.

4. Villone and Flo.

5. Good pitching can carry some injuries. Mets are pretty stout in the arms race.

6. Actually, I am a golfer. Sorry Matt!

7. Oregon has all three w/in an hour’s drive. It is truly God’s country!

1. Haven’t paid attention
2. I’m going to say Gonzalez. There was no way I thought he’d make the team before, but now, yeah.

3. Reyes looks like his usual self. Won’t be long before he’s in AAA, maybe even worse by July.

4. TJ, Flores, Villone

5. Little trouble. They’re not going to choke like last year… or are they?

6. ESPN.

7. How could I turn down a beach?

1. McClellan, it would seem.

2. Barden.

3. I would hope that he can get his mind strait and be as good as Wainwright is. I expect him to win 10-12 games. Which probably is fine.

4. Villone and Flores.

5. little trouble. If this were closer the season I would say BIG trouble. They’re not good enough to overcome a large deficit to the braves and Phillies.


7. Mountains. Easily.

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