Thursday camp tidbits – UPDATED

* Stories coming later today on the site: a look at the bullpen in the wake of TJ being hurt and one of the long guys being in the picture, and something on Izzy’s outing.

* Ryan Ludwick has been cleared by the training staff and says he feels fine after being hit on the helmet by a pitch last night. However, TLR held him out today as a precaution just the same.

* Gabe Johnson and Bryan Anderson were re-assigned to Minor League camp this morning.

* Sidney Ponson just arrived and will throw on Field 1 in 20 minutes or so. Sir Sid actually looked in better shape than he ever was in ’06, and he hit 94 mph. I don’t think he’s going to sign with STL — just don’t think the team is that interested. But I expect someone will give him a look.

* Nearly every position player will be making the trip up to Orlando and staying for both games against the Braves.

* Amaury Marti is back in the lineup. Basically, in TLR’s explanation, he’s done well in camp so far, he got two hits last night, so he’s rewarded with another start.



this is unrelated—I heard you on SportsCenter today!🙂 Where were you with all the kids?

Heh, yeah, that was unfortunate. I probably won’t be invited back on anytime soon.

I was just at dinner, at a place right near the park. The problem was that it was absolutely pouring rain, so I couldn’t go outside. So I had to do the interview in the restaurant. Ah well.


Ahh hah! Now I see why the Cards gave Sid P a look.They were really doing him the favor of giving him the chance to get noticed by other team’s scouts. THAT makes a lot of sense. They were doing the man a solid.

The Cardinals weren’t hosting Sid and they weren’t the only team there watching him throw.


I know this is off the subject of the thread…sorry about that…but I just read the article on Spiezio. Has there been any fallout for Parisi considering it is now known that he was the man Spiezio assaulted?

Also, how does Mo’ and the Cardinals organization respond to the fact that they say they had no way to verify the facts of the incident and yet it was a player in their own minor league system that was involved with Spiezio? Is this a case of Parisi not wanting to “flip” on his friend or is it the Cards just simply not wanting to look too hard? Or both?

Thanks, Matt.

P.S. Please tell me if I’m reading the article wrong or if I’m mistaking Parisi for another guy.

The Cards must be really desperate if they’re trying to go after Ponson. Maybe I’m just carrying a grudge from ’06. I don’t think he’d be a good fit with us, maybe somewhere else. If he does sign with us, hopefully he doesn’t repeat ’06.


I read about a week ago in a Post Dispatch article that it was a different Parisi. Same first and last name, both minor leaguers, but the Parisi that Spiezio hit is out of baseball now.

Honest mistake…what are the odds of Spiezio assaulting a former minor leaguer with the same name as a current minor leaguer in the Cardinals organization.

Glad to hear Lud is OK, bean balls are spooky even with a batting helment.

Speaking of damaged outfielders, I see that Jim Edmonds is off getting an MRI on a banged-up calf muscle…


Ah…thanks, man! I figured it had to be something like that…but I kept reading the name and going “What are the chances of THAT?”


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