Tuesday camp tidbits

Notes and bits from today at the yard:

* Chris Duncan got a couple of at-bats and TLR said he came through it fine. Still not certain whether he’ll play tomorrow, or if they’ll take it easy and give him a day before sending him back out there.

* Clayton Mortensen will in fact be Friday’s starter at Vero Beach.

* Up and down game for Rasmus. He had a couple of nice ABs, but also a bad K with the bases loaded in the ninth and misplayed a ball in the first.

Plenty of stuff on the site today, and one more story to come, so please do check it out.


The amount of content on the site has been amazing, Dude. Keep it up.

And for you Cards fans who remember 2000, check out this video I made:

Well I sure hope Joel is gonna be ok. The Cards are gonna need him. So it looks like the rotation is going to consist of a 2nd year starter as the Ace. Then a converted reliever in his 2nd season starting, then a reclamation project of sorts in Pineiro, then a a bipolar pitcher in Reyes, and finally another converted reliever in Todd Wellemeyer. This is what they get for allowing 3 of our best veterens to go elsewhere, while getting jack in return! And before anyone says that Edmonds, Eckstein, and Rolen weren’t 3 of our best vets, I’d like to remind you what we got in return for these 3 Gold Glovers: David Freese and Troy Glaus. That’s it!

The only thing I can say about Edmonds is some things never change- he’s on the DL for the Padres.

Did someone just say Eck was a Gold Glover? His D was shoddy to mediocre. I LOVE the guy, so no knock on him, just stating facts.

I am not sure if Eck ever won a gold glove or not but I doubt that Edmonds will ever win another one.
The Cards are in a rebuilding mode and have to get younger.

They also probably saved a few bucks in payroll by getting rid of Jim and Dave.

This will probably be an off year, but hopefully the moves pay off in the future.

Oh yeah. You guys are right. Eck didn’t win a Gold Glove. But he is a World Series MVP and a proven winner in both leagues. So pick your awards. Either way we released or traded Gold Glovers and proven winners, and replaced them with nothing other than Troy Glaus.

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