Lohse physical

Here’s what I was just told —

Lohse will in fact be down here for a physical, likely tomorrow. A deal, I was told, is NOT done at this point, which is odd, but that’s the info I got. Also not sure whether he’ll throw for them too, or if it’s just a physical. More as I get it…



hmmm…I can’t decide…but I think I like this…I keep thinking about the position we’ll be in when Clement, Piniero, Mulder, and Carpenter are all back…then what do we do with all our starters? Trades at the All-Star deadline?

It seems to me that when all those guys come back strong, it will certainly squeeze out guys like Ron Villone, Kelvin Jiminez, Kyle McClellen, and maybe even Anthony Reyes the way he’s been pitching the last two outings…granted it’s only Spring but he lseems to be just like last year,one step forward, two steps back.

It wouldn’t make sense that Loshe comes for just a physical if he isn’t gonna be signed if passed. I hope that if he does pass we sign him at a good price. We need another healthy starter.

Post Dispatch says the Cards have agreed to terms on a 1 year deal with Lohse pending the physical…but they said team policy prohibits anyone talking about the deal until it is done.

If a deal is reached, I think this will be great. I would much rather see the Cardinals drop several million on an average pitcher than do nothing. Maybe the $$ saved on Jim Edmonds’ contract will be put to good use after all. At the very least, we likely won’t be answering a “Sky is Falling” lucky seven during spring training.

The Cards must be really desperate to be going to a guy like Lohse.

Sooner or later, we could be getting everyone else’s scrubs like last year that no one wanted, because we were desperate for pitching.

Here we are again, and hopefully we don’t go down the same path as last year.

I don’t think Lohse qualifies as “everyone else’s scrubs.” He’s a useful inning-eater with a track record of staying healthy (170+ innings in 5 of the last 6 years, yet without any really excessive work loads) — not Johan Santana, but not Kip Wells, either. $4.5M for a guy like this is a decent price, particularly when you consider that the only slightly better Carlos Silva got a 4-year, $48M deal.

I very much like the way Mo handled this one. By patiently waiting for the market absurdities to play themselves out, he saved a VAST amount of money that can now be spent on something useful. Let’s see what sort of domino effect this sets in motion, but even if the answer is “none,” he gets a good grade from me.

amen, canbelto

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