Thursday camp tidbits

* The lineup looked a lot like what we’ll probably see in the second game of the season (not Opening Day, since the Rockies will be going with a lefty). TLR asserted that part of why Duncan hit second was so that he could get him his ABs and get him out of the game. However, I really like Duncan in the spot — he has the power TLR likes, as well as the ability to get on base. Better him there and Ankiel down lower in the order.

* Mark McCormick pitched for Double-A Springfield today. I wasn’t able to get out and watch him, but the estimable Derrick Goold said he was very impressive and was lighting up the gun pretty well. I hope to have some more detailed info from farm-system folks later today.

* In talking about Ankiel and selectivity, TLR had the following quote this morning:

"You know, that buzzword, on-base percentage, working the count, all this kind of stuff, that can be very confusing to a hitter. They think that the way that you win is to go up there and take a lot of pitches. So you make a bunch of outs, but you see five or six pitches. Nothing happens offensively."

Ultimately I think his main thought is that you don’t want to change a selective hitter, but man, I’d love to see Rick take a few more walks. TLR agreed that Ank’s walk/K ratio will probably improve with experience and learning the strike zone better, but he doesn’t want them to tell Rick to be more patient/selective.

* Peter Gammons’ ringtone is "Gimme Shelter" by the Stones. Knew I liked that guy.




Who do you see leading off against lefties? I love Skip, but it seems like TLR would prefer to have a right-handed hitter leading off against lefties. Of course, Brian Barton would be ideal for this, but who knows if he’ll make the team???

Personally…I’m favoring Barton to make the team more than Juan, now. What do you say?


Well, I’m definitely _favoring_ Barton, as I have all along. You can ask anybody in the media down here, I’ve backed that guy all along, sometimes to somewhat skeptical or even sarcastic responses.

As for what they’ll actually do, it’ll be very interesting. Barton certainly could be in the mix, but another guy to note is Aaron Miles — a pretty good OBP guy vs LHP.


Thanks for the answer, Matt! Seems like Skip against Righties and Barton against Lefties would be a pretty consistent pair in the leadoff spot. Although, after listening to the game the other day, I heard Barton’s arm is less than respectable – which makes me worry about him replacing Skip in RF. If I was playing, I would be awfully tempted to try and score on a guy with a rep for a bad arm. I think the comment from the guys in the booth was something like “We know Barton CAN’T throw…” (they even emphasized “can’t”).

I really do like Miles (especially in those clutch spots), but he still feels like he could easily be over-exposed. The spot starts/at-bats seem to give him greater opportunities to succeed.

Thanks, again!

Well, if you’re talking about vs LHP, remember that there’s a pretty good chance Barton could be playing LF, and Ludwick in RF…


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