TJ still sidelined; Gonzalez ailing — UPDATED

Update — Juan Gonzalez is also sidelined. He’s dealing with a mild left abdominal strain. He was originally supposed to be in yesterday’s lineup, according to TLR, but was scratched. He’s day-to-day, according to Barry Weinberg. Story to follow.

Just talked to Tyler Johnson, and he’s going to remain shut down for another week. He said there’s still some discomfort in his shoulder, so they’re going to take it easy and re-evaluate in a week. Johnson met with the medical staff yesterday, as was the plan when they first shut him down.

Story to follow on the site.

In other news, the lineup today is pretty much the Day 2 lineup. I would say Opening Day, but they’re facing a lefty on Opening Day. This is the lineup:

1. Schumaker RF
2. Duncan LF
3. Pujols 1B
4. Ankiel CF
5. Glaus 3B
6. Kennedy 2B
7. Molina C
8. Looper P
9. Izturis SS



Substitute Ryan for Izturis, and I really like that line up. I think we’re going to be fine offensively this season. I think Kennedy will rebound, but I’m pretty sure he has replaced Juan E. as Cardinal Nation’s whipping boy. No matter what Kennedy does this year, we won’t be happy. My fear about the 2008 Cardinals is that the piece-meal starting pitching will be so bad that the offense won’t matter.

Hey, Matt…did you know you linked the story announcement on the Cardinals site to THIS blog?

And why am I not surprised that Juan is injured?
I tend to agree with the state of the Cards pitching staff. In a state of shambles.

The guys that are hurt, Carpenter, Mulder, Johnson, Clement, Pinero, Kinney, if healthy, would be a better staff than what the Cards will actually field.

With the lack of poor starting pitching the bullpen will be overworked and implode in the second half of the season.

I have only seen a small sampling of the Cards in spring training, and there is NO WAY I would want the Cards to keep Gonzalez over Brian Barton. Lets hope it doesn’t come to that.

I agree with penniston about replacing B. Ryan for Izturis in that lineup. I’d much rather see that lineup on a regular basis. I don’t agree, however, about Adam Kenndey. I think if he does well enough with some key hits and a decent batting average, Cardinal Nation will love him again. And I’m also with you Chirs, I hope to see Brian Barton get the job over Gonzo.
Just because I don’t trust that Gonzo will be around all year even if he makes the team out of Spring camp.

how many innings has Juan played defensively this spring? Mostly been DH it seems. Makes no sense as obviously there is no DH in the NL. So now he gets hurt as a DH? This is durability?

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