Friday camp tidbits

First, farewell to my single favorite place in baseball. It will be really, really sad to leave Dodgertown for the last time. This place is an absolute gem. Here’s hoping the Orioles are in here SOON, but even then it won’t be the same.

But as for today’s spring notes and bits…

* Per Dave Duncan, Lohse will throw to hitters in a simulated game on Monday, and his next outing after that will be in a game (unless he throws a normal side session on, say, Wednesday, like pitchers often do between games).

* Still no day for Clement to get in a game, but everyone was really impressed with his throw yesterday.

* Pineiro played catch today. I’ve had a hard time tracking anyone down to confirm exactly what the medical staff determined when they met with him, but if he was allowed to play catch, it has to be somewhat good news.

* Brendan Ryan had a fantastic game, looking sharp in the field and making an absolutely tremendous baserunning play when he scored from second on a wild pitch. Yes he was 0-for-3, but his walk turned out to be pretty big in the winning rally. I am consistently impressed with Ryan as a defender.

* Waino and Santana tomorrow at a sold out Tradition Field in St. Lucie. Should be fun. If Gonzalez doesn’t play, take that as a definite negative sign on his status. Though I definitely get the impression that if it’s Gonzalez vs. Barton, then Barton probably wins out.

* Speaking of Gonzalez, very interesting exchange yesterday. The team has been saying all along that Juan is willing to go to Memphis if need be. But Juan hadn’t actually said that. So Joe Strauss asked him that very question, point-blank, yesterday. Would you be willing to go to Memphis? And Juan didn’t answer it. Here’s his response: "I don’t talk about tomorrow what will happen. We’re talking in the moment. Right now I’m here."

-M, listening to a little Dead Milkmen (I like you, Stuart!) and already missing the Mrs., who headed north today.


um…okay…so…I gotta’ ask again, Matt (sorry for the repetitive questioning)…given Ryan’s spring (and Izturis’ horrible one)…any shot for ryan in the opening day lineup?

Opening Day? Sure… it’s against a LHP.




Lets ask a slight variation to Kevin’s question then. Will Ryan be on the roster after opening day for a substantial amount of time?

Hey Matt: “Bitchin’ Camaro, Bitchin’ Camaro, donuts on your lawn, Bitchin’ Camaro, Bitchin’ Camaro, Tony Orlando and Dawn!”… though the lyrics about Crystal Ship – they really were huge in South Jersey/Metro Philly in the early 80s – and AIDS are pretty unnecessary, no?!

In re: Camaro’s… Click and Clack suggested, some time last year, that all big-haired young women drivin’ Camaro’s had to be named Donna (pronounced Dawn’na) and, I guess they shoulda said that all gearhead guys have to be named Bobby (Bawb-by)

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