Sunday camp tidbits, final

Just a few final notes before I head home for the evening…

* Kyle Lohse will throw to hitters tomorrow. Dave Duncan estimated that Lohse will throw about 70 pitches. Since Mike Parisi wasn’t used today, Parisi will probably alternate innings with Lohse tomorrow in a simulated game.

* Kelvin Jimenez is probably the one player I have most underestimated in my roster projections. It sounds like he’s in a very good position to be one of the relievers on the roster. Far from set in stone, but he’s in good shape.

* Matt Clement will probably play a light catch session on Tuesday, then throw to hitters again on Thursday — giving him one extra day between throws.

* Congrats to Jeff Burton on a very nice win at Bristol — that’s karma, paying him for not wrecking Kyle Busch last year.

* Butler, a 7 seed? Brutal. Just brutal.



I was wondering if you were gonna mention anything about March Madness, Dude. I take it you’re not a big basketball fan, since you don’t say much about it and today is selection Sunday. But I bet you still fill out a bracket. Am I right?

Butler did get screwed, but I think Tennessee got screwed even more. They go from being a number one seed possibility, and one could argue they stil should have been, to a number two seed in the bracket of the number one overall, having to go through Butler, then Louisville, then UNC after the first round, just to get to the Final Four.

Yea, I dig it — but not like I used to. Was once a total junkie for college hoop, back when it was more of a team game rather than a one-on-one showcase.

Also, it doesn’t help that neither FSU nor my alma mater is any good at hoop.


I suspect that The Dude is trying to get in good with the Mrs…

–Mrs. Dude

Hey, who else do I have to cheer for? FSU’s not in it. The alma mater CERTAINLY isn’t in it. My third college team is the fightin’ Butler Bulldogs!


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