Sunday camp tidbits

* Chris Duncan went out on the back fields to take at-bats in the Minor League games today. Just trying to get him as many ABs as possible, to help him try to get back on track.

* The club is still waiting to hear on Juan Gonzalez’s MRI. They expect to have it read by a radiologist tomorrow.

* Cesar Izturis tripled, finally getting his hit total as high as his error total. Perhaps more interesting, the Cardinals have a legitimate shot at totaling more triples this SPRING (9 so far) than all of last season (13 — ouch).

* Matt Clement threw to hitters today and wasn’t quite as sharp as last time, but was OK. He left a lot of balls up in his first "inning," then did a better job of getting it down after a break.

* I’ll have a story later today on the roster, basically arguing that the offensive half of the roster is pretty much set. Things COULD change, but I’m not sure there are any real decisions left.

Today’s playlist:
Eddie Vedder, "Hard Sun"
Pearl Jam, "In Hiding"
Jack Johnson, "If I Had Eyes"
John Lennon, "Gimme Some Truth"
Pulp, "Common People"



AP was limping a bit after going to third on his double yesterday in the first inning against the Mets. Is he feeling alright from that or is he hurting still?

Looks fine to me. He stayed in the game yesterday; I don’t think it was any big deal.


Hey Dude, greatest grunge-era band. GO! I vote Pearl Jam.

The body of work is pretty much impossible to argue, IMO. I was also never a BIG Nirvana guy, though I loved In Utero.

Pumpkins were on a Hall of Fame pace after two albums. So was Everclear. But PJ is still doing it, and they still bring it every night in concert.


Those first three Everclear albums were gold in my eyes (or ears, depending on how you look at it). Still, Vs. is tough to top.

Agreed about Nirvana, btw, though I love Grohl on drums.

Everclear’s third was a lot like Pumpkins’ third for me — good stuff, but a letdown after the previous one and the start of a downward slide.


Sparkle & Fade was clearly where they hit their stride. I enjoyed Afterglow quite a lot, too, although they started softening up for the radio around then. Art Alexakis is a pretty decent guy from the times I met him; pretty messed up on something at the times, but it seems he’s found a balance these days.

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