Monday camp tidbits

The Cardinals are decked out in green jerseys with green caps. It’s not a bad look, actually, with one exception — Anthony Reyes’ high red striped socks don’t really go that well with the green.

A few notes in advance of tipping a couple of half-and-halfs later tonight…

* Kyle Lohse threw 70 pitches over four simulated innings against Class A hitters this morning. Actually, they weren’t exactly simulated innings, because he was going for pitch counts rather than outs. He got a total of 20 outs over four "innings" and looked good in doing so.

* Also pitching, and pitching well, in that simulated game was Mike Parisi. Dave Duncan gushed about Parisi afterwards. Here’s his comment when I asked about Parisi:

"He’s going to pitch in the big leagues. I don’t know when it’s going to be, but he’s got big league stuff. He’s got a big league arm. Big league pitches."

* Juan Gonzalez and Chris Duncan took swings in the sim game. Duncan looked OK, got a hit and seemed to do a decent job. Gonzalez just appeared to be laboring, and clearly winced on at least one or two swings.

* However, I just heard from John Mozeliak that Gonzalez’s MRI has been read and was "normal."

* Braden Looper threw a second pen today and was very deliberate. Just working hard on staying back and keeping the ball down. Story on this later on the site.

* Pineiro threw a bullpen. He’ll likely throw another in two or three days before he even starts throwing to hitters. They’re going to take it slowly with him.

* Isringhausen is a little better. TLR said if it was the season, he could pitch, but they’ll be cautious and hold him till Wednesday.

Today’s playlist, including a little St. Patrick’s Day flavor:
Cold War Kids: "We Used to Vacation" (amazing song, but geez it’s depressing)
Mark Ronson: "Stop Me" (heard this for the first time this morning; great stuff)
Gnarls Barkley: "Run"
Dropkick Murphys: "I’m Shipping Up to Boston"
New Order: "Everything’s Gone Green"


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