Rasmus, Mather among six cuts

The Cardinals had their first really significant round of cuts today.

Colby Rasmus, Mark Johnson and Clayton Mortensen were re-assigned to Minor League camp.

Mike Parisi, Jason Motte and Joe Mather were optioned to Triple-A.

There are now 15 position players in camp, 16 healthy pitchers and six sidelined pitchers (counting Carpenter, Clement, T.Johnson, Mulder, Kinney and Pineiro)

Story to follow.


I guess Rasmus isn’t much of a surprise due to his arbitration/FA clock. Will be looking forward to his callup, though!

I thought Mather might make the team.

Mather not making it is a good thing IMHO. It means that Ryan should make it. Which is good. I hope he get’s a lot of playing time at Shortstop.

matt, in your opinion, what is the approximate timetable for a Rasmus call-up? does it depend on injuries or does TLR have a plan?



agree about keeping Ryan, but the way Mather was showing power, was kinda hoping to keep him on the bench, and you know get rid of the guy who has never been a legitimate big leaguer (still have no idea what type of idiot thinks Izturis deserves any playing time, Ever.)

OK, “cardsfanboy,” it seems you’re new; I don’t recall previous posts from you. So I guess I have to explain the rules here ONE MORE TIME.

There is NO name-calling here. There is no insulting other people. If you can’t be respectful of other people, take it somewhere else because I don’t want you here.

You don’t think Izturis is a quality player. That’s fine. You may very well be right. But make your point, be respectful of other people and engage in discourse.

Name-calling and insults are absolutely unwelcome here, and I have no idea why you think it’s OK. Be respectful, or take it elsewhere.



Was Bryan Anderson in camp this year at all? I thought he would have been higher up on the catcher depth chart than Johnson.

Only for a little while. He was sent out pretty early and is going to start at Double-A. They want Mark Johnson at AAA all year as their third catcher.



I’d like to know what you think the pitching make-up looks like in July, assuming all come back healthy and in form – I know that is a huge assumption.

With Carp, Wainright, Mulder, Clement, Piniero and Lohse looking like starters, who is the odd man out? And, what becomes of Reyes, Wellemyer, Thompson and Looper? Then, what about the pen?

Do you see a possibility of becoming “pitching rich” for a change? And, how many of these guys have more than a year on their contracts?

I’m going to take a TLR-style copout here, because I think in this case it’s appropriate.

There’s just no way to know. Odds are, it’ll be clear — somebody else will get hurt, or they’ll pitch themselves out of the picture or whatever. I realize that doesn’t offer you much, but it’s just SO far away.

As for team control — out of all those pitchers you name, only Lohse and Looper are not under the team’s control (if not necessarily under contract) for 2009. The club has options on Mulder and Clement.


Good question Scott… I was wondering the same. It looks as thou we could have a pretty mean battery if… and I know what this if means… Carp, Mulder, Clement come back healthy. If Mulder and Clement return to what they truly can be and we know what Carpenter is capable of, add WW in the mix and eeny meeny miney mo for a 5th from the crew we have and it could be pretty formidible. I just hope they return healthy in time for a run to the post season… hopes springs eternal in cardinal nation.

I know this doesn’t really go along with this topic, but it’s something that I’ve been wondering. What are the chances of the Cardinals lineup looking like this: RF-Brian Barton; R, LF-Chris Duncan; L, 1B-Albert Pujols; R, CF-Rick Ankiel; L, 3B-Troy Glaus; R, 2B-Adam Kennedy; L, C-Yadier Molina; R, Pitcher, SS-Cesar Izturis; S. And the bench consisting of Brendan Ryan, Aaron Miles, Jason LaRue, Skip Schumaker, and Ryan Ludwick. Sorry that was so long and off topic, I’m just very curious.

Well, now that I look at it, it actually wasn’t that long.

There is NO name-calling here. There is no insulting other people. If you can’t be respectful of other people, take it somewhere else because I don’t want you here.

sorry about that it was just a generalization, not pointed to a specific person.

Izturis hasn’t been a good player at any point in his career and hasn’t been a serviceable player in about 3 seasons. Because he was signed as a free agent, it means he will be getting playing time, which is going to cost the team runs offensively until he is released. Ryan was a better player than Eckstein, Miles or Kennedy last year, and is still having to fight for a position.

Not a good player at any point in his career huh? In 2004 he batted .288 with a .330 obp and .381 slugging, I wouldn’t exactly consider that to be bad, and throughout his career he’s been a pretty good defender. Yes, there’s been times when he hasn’t performed well, but that does not in any way make him bad, it makes him human. And yes, Brendan Ryan may have performed better than them last year, but there’s something that those players have that Brendan Ryan does not have, a full year of playing time. I’m not saying that Brendan Ryan is bad in any way shape or form, but as of right now, we’re not sure how he’ll do if he were to start the year an everyday player. At the end of the year, the chances are he will be the starting short stop, but until then Izturis is the starter at the beginning of the year, whether you like it or not.

Izturis had one season in 2004 where he posted an 88 ops+, for his position that is an acceptable number, considering his defense was somewhat above average, yes that qualifies as a good year. That is on par with Bottenfields 1999 for fluke season, Izturis highest ops+ not counting 2004 was a 71. He had a flukey season, but that isn’t indication of him actually being good.

Factor in that the primary reason that Izturis gets playing time is because at one point in time he was perceived as an elite level defender, something he hasn’t been for years (heck by 2004 when he did finally have a somewhat decent offensive season his defense was just good instead of great and has been sliding since then)

I know that Izturis will be starting, I think it’s a bad decision from the initial signing to the fact that he will get playing time even though I’m pretty confident that he isn’t going to be anywhere approaching average player.

You never know how good he’s going to do, he could come to Saint Louis and be phenomenal, there’s always that chance. Let the season play out, before you go criticizing the move just yet.

Not a fan of Iz2. New subject: I noticed you have a book coming out, Dude. I’ll buy a copy. Are you having a signing anywhere around town before I nab up a copy, though?

Dumb here! What’s the difference in Minor League camp and triple A?

me, too, not a fan of Iz2, play Ryan… now I have a second TLR Spring Training where I heard that the shortstop position was competitive and that the person who played best would start… and a second where the better performer’s not going to start… yeesh.

Yes, Dude. what is the difference between being sent to AAA Memphis and being assigned to the minor league camp? Good question Triprolo

A player who is reassigned was never on the 40-man roster. He was merely in Major League camp on a non-roster invitation.

A player who is optioned is on the 40-man roster. So by being sent down, he begins one of his three option years.


And CFB — thanks much for toning it down.

I’m all for disagreement and back-and-forth. Wouldn’t be any fun if everybody agreed.

Welcome aboard.



Thanks for the answer to our question.

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