Wednesday camp tidbits

Greetings from Fort Lauderdale. Unlike Vero Beach, if we never come back to this facility again it will be no heartbreak. Here are today’s notes…

* Isringhausen threw a very good inning and said he felt just fine.

* Big day for Chris Duncan, who had three hits in the Minors and two in the big league game — including a home run at each location.

* Brendan Ryan is dealing with a strained right intercostal muscle, which they don’t seem to believe is too serious. Nonetheless, he was unavailable today. Took some swings in the morning but did not participate in BP.

Not a lot else to offer, I’m afraid. Most of the morning’s chat with TLR was regarding Ryan and Cesar Izturis, and I’ll roll that into a story a little later this afternoon. So check the site. Otherwise, I leave you with today’s playlist.

Neneh Cherry: "Buffalo Stance"
New Order: "Round and Round"
Al Green: "Take Me to the River"
The Cinematics: "Chase"
Liz Phair: "Help Me Mary"

(all but the first have been randomly shuffled into play by my iPod today… not a bad day!)



Hahahahaha…way to subtley drop in that “i’ve got a story on the cesar/ryan situation from TLR” line…

I think Duncan is starting to turn everything around. Just in time too.

There is something I’d like to know. If Looper has another poor outing tomorrow, would you think his stance with the management changes? Would he be removed from the rotation and put into the bullpen? Thompson surely had a positive start today, and I wouldn’t mind seeing him in the rotation for at least a little bit.

I have a question about the Izturis/Ryan story. In it TLR said that Ryan HASN’T outplayed Izturis defensively. So how many errors does Ryan have in Spring, and has he made mistakes that didn’t go down as an error but was a mental mistake? Does that question even make sense the way it’s written?

Oh, Dude! I forgot to ask you if you’ve ever heard Cee-Lo’s (AKA Gnarles Barkley) CD called “Cee Lo Green and His Perfect Imperfections”? It has some good stuff, and I especially like “One For the Road” with it’s horns and Cee Lo’s smooth lyrics.

slforre, you hit the nail on the head… TLR says you can’t pay attention to Spring Training errors w/r/t Iz2 but discounts Ryan’s superior hitting because of some early difficulties (errors, physical or mental we don’t know) in the field… yikes.

I don’t agree with TLR’s take on this, in that I don’t really think Izturis has done anything over the past two+ seasons to get the benefit of the doubt, but most articles I’ve seen has flat out stated that Ryan has looked iffy in the field so far, and since this isn’t the position that he was projected to play, you have to make judgements on what you are currently seeing.
With Izturis you have years of play to judge whether he could handle the position. As I said I don’t agree with this assessment but if you are going to assume someone is playing worse than their ability, you would give the edge (usually) to the guy who has established a reputation.

Me personally, I’ve never considered this to be a question, the Cardinals will be a better team with Ryan/Kennedy as our starters and Miles/Mather on the bench instead of any roster that features Izturis, but it will probably take the Cardinals a month or so to realize that.

Matt…so is the Wainwright long-term deal rumor true?

I don’t have it yet.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not true. DG is an outstanding reporter and if he wrote something that lengthy with that much detail, I can’t imagine it’s not true.


hey…by the way…that Baseball Movie bracket on is fun!

I ended up with The Natural and The Sandlot facing off as the best two in my bracket (LOVE both movies…but couldn’t deny The Sandlot as #1…reminds me too much of baseball as a kid).

I’m glad to see that we’ve corralled Wainwright for a while. The next contract I’m worried about is actually AP’s. He’s only got 2 years left, any discussions about an extension for him yet or will they wait till 09?

um…what are we going to do about Barton’s defense?

Pujols is signed through 2010, PLUS an option for 2011. So I wouldn’t worry too much.

As for Barton’s defense, I am still not too worried. That was, in fact, a bad play today, but I have seen enough players look bad in enough springs that I know it’s not really a fair test.


Thanks for the help M.

well…if you’re not worried, I’m not worried. I don’t get to see these guys in Spring Training – just read the stats and listen to the radio when they’re on.


FWIW, Barton just made a very nice running catch at the track.

I just think in general, whether it’s offense, defense or pitching, good or bad, folks need to remember to keep Spring Training performances in perspective.


Well…I think we’re all a bit jumpy this season. It’s been a long time since we’ve had so many unknowns on the team. We’re used to having guys like Rolen and Edmonds…Renteria or Eckstein. A lot of these guys are unproven, unknown, or just plain young. I don’t know where any of their careers are headed…so I’m uber-conscious of every little mistake.

Thanks for the perspective, Matt.

That’s something that can be hard to keep in mind at times. Case in point, for me, is the Izturis/Ryan situation.
TLR seems to have a habit of showing heavy favoritism to vets, whether they are being outperformed or not. Now I realize that ST results aren’t to be taken too seriously, but I wish TLR would allow for real competition with the better man getting the job, not the favorite. We almost never see a club with lots of youth. It seems that LaRussa prefers to have several has-been vets, as opposed to up and coming rookies. I’d like to see a better balance in St.Louis. I’d like to see a Cardinal ballclub with guys like Granderson and Inge, or Jhonny Peralta and Ryan garko and Travis Hafner. A club with lots of young guys developing at the big league level.

Cardinals are much younger this year than last year. Izturis has been less than impressive. But Im just going to point out he is only 2 years older than Ryan.

And I really think by the end of June Ryan will be the #1 SS. Hopefully his injury is nothing serious.

Yeah, but Ryan has 1 year of Major League experience to Izturis’ 7 (about)…that is absolutely worth something…

However, I agree with you about Ryan getting the starting job…IF he can learn to think like a veteran…so much of this game is mental…and Ryan has shown an abundance of talent but has been a little slow on the mental uptake at times…that’s not a bad thing…and I don’t mean it as an insult…but his mental progression seems to need longer to develop than we would like…so, it’s a waiting game to see if he can learn to think like a major leaguer on a consistent basis…

I love Ryan…but he absolutely needs some growing time…and it’s not time to grow his skills…it’s time to grow his mental approach and consistency in the game…maybe Izturis can help him with that.

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