Thursday camp tidbits

Lotta stuff going on, so let’s hit the highlights:

* Brendan Ryan will see the doctor on Saturday, and will be held out until then, as he nurses his intercostal strain.

* Tyler Johnson met with Paletta today and has shown some progress. They’ll check again in a couple of days, at which point they’ll determine the continuing course of action.

* Juan Gonzalez saw a doctor and has had the possibility of a hernia ruled out, but he’s still not able to play. In fact, he will be scaled back from the level of activity he previously was doing.

* A number of Minor Leaguers were released today, including former high draft picks Mike Ferris and Eric Haberer, and last year’s camp sensation, Dennis Dove.

* Aaron Miles went out and took some swings on the back fields today, as Chris Duncan and Juan Gonzalez have done in recent days.

* For those curious, and I know some of you are, Colby Rasmus is wearing No. 11 in a Memphis uniform at this point. Just thought I’d throw it out there.

* Loved today’s lineup, even though it didn’t produce. I think a perfect 1-5 for this team on a lot of days will be just how they did it, Barton-Duncan-Pujols-Ankiel-Glaus. I’d probably flip Kennedy up into the 6 spot and Molina down to 7, but overall, that’s how I’d order them on days when those players all play.

Today’s playlist consists of B-sides, alternates, and other rarities and the like:
R.E.M., "Crazy"
Smashing Pumpkins, "Starla"
Rolling Stones, "Memo From Turner"
Pearl Jam, "Yellow Ledbetter"
U2, "Hallelujah Here She Comes"



From what I’ve read in your recent postings and articles, it seems that Ryan has a pretty good attitude about his role right now, starting in the minors. Did you ever get the sense that he was disappointed for not making the team out of spring training?

Thanks for your great work. I check this as often as I can.


Whoops! Of course, when I said “Ryan” I meant “Rasmus”. Sorry, end of work day, mental blockage.


He was definitely disappointed — who wouldn’t be? — but not surprised.


Hey Matt, what do you think of John Patterson being released by Washington? He was a future ace for awhile a few years ago and I think could turn it around with the right coach and team. Plus another good young guy like him could give us a better chance if he does. He seems to have a style like Adam Wainwright’s in that he’s a 4 pitch guy with a nice 12-6 curve. Do you think we could get him?

I love Patterson, but I don’t see a place for him. You can’t plug him right in the rotation, and it looks already like there may be an innings crunch at Memphis.

I think he’ll land somewhere else.


I hope Ryan is okay. I remember at the beginning of spring he asked what he needed to do to make the team. Which he was told to take ground balls at 3rd. His play at 3rd was great this year.

I’d be bummed out to see someone work so hard to make the team and be injuried to start the year.

I agree with you about the lineup today. I think that’s a great way to set everyone up. Not only does it alternate R/L, but it seems to put people in their optimum roles. I also like the thought of Kennedy hitting 6th and Yaddy 7th, since it will keep the L/R swap. Here’s hoping that Kennedy can hit like this in the regular season.

I agree with that lineup for the most part, but I think Skip is a better choice for the leadoff position. Skip has done an excellent job in the spring and has done everything to earn that spot as a regular starter. Why is it that Skip hasn’t seemed to get much of a chance this spring? Everyone seems to skip over Skip…

I don’t think it is skipping over Skip. I think it’s the fact that we need a solid right handed bat in the OF, and Barton may make that.

Ok. So I looked up intercostal strain, and it says your intercostal muscles are the muscles between your ribs. So is that a similar injury to the oblique strain that plagued AP and Woody? That seemed to bother Woody for longer, I assume since he’s a pitcher. Hopefully, that means Ryan will heal relatively quick.

heymatto70, I seem to be a bit hyped here, because I talk to you on YIM all the time, and I tell you what I think would be a good batting order to start the season, and I believe the batting order I suggested is 100% similar to the one that Matt just said was a good batting order. =]



I also agree with your “batting order assessment” – a few points from my end:

1. I debated Ankiel/Duncan in the 2/4 hole…but I think “Ank the Tank” is more of an independent hitter than Dunc is…Dunc seems to do better in front of Albert where Ank seems to hit regardless. So, once I settled on Dunc in the 2 hole…

2. I also debated “Ank the Tank” vs. Glaus in the 4/5 holes…even knowing Glaus’ reputation in the 4 hole…but I like the R/L swap after Pujols…AND…I like “Ank the Tank’s” speed (I’m determined to make that stick!) on the basepaths in front of Glaus…

3. The main reason I like Kennedy AHEAD of Molina is not the L/R swap…it’s the fact that Kennedy can serve as the leadoff leg of a Dynamic Duo in the second half of the lineup. With Kennedy hitting ahead of Molina, Molina can take advantage of his clutch/RBI hitting skills and bring him in…Molina could not serve the same function in front of Kennedy…Also, if Molina doesn’t get Kennedy in, we have the pitcher’s spot to PH him in…

4. Finally, on the Skip/Barton Leadoff issue…As you (Matt) have pointed out, Opening Day is against a left-hander…so Barton makes more sense in the Leadoff spot THAT day…I would personally love to see a Skip/Barton sharing of the Leadoff spot depending on the pitcher…Then, you have Dunc and Luddy sharing a power spot depending on the pitcher…pretty versatile lineup this year!

Couple things —

I think Barton has just shown a greater on-base ability over his career than Schumaker. So I want him leading off.

And between Duncan and Ankiel, it’s basically the same thing for me. I want the guy who gets on base hitting in front of Pujols.


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