Friday camp tidbits

Busy morning already, so here is the morning news:

* Joel Pineiro is throwing a bullpen today and will pitch in a Triple-A game on Monday.

* Matt Clement will throw a bullpen tomorrow and will pitch in a Minor League game on Tuesday.

* Sunday’s starter will be either Reyes or Wellemeyer, with the other pitching in a B-game or the Minors or something. Then Monday in Fort Myers it will be Brad Thompson. It appears, just by reading tea leaves, that Thompson is in the season-opening rotation and Reyes is out, but that’s far from announced.

* D’Angelo Jimenez starting at shortstop today.

* Molina, Kennedy and Izturis all get the day off today. Not only are they not in the starting lineup, they have brackets around their names on the card — ie, they have a true day off.



I was looking forward to your comments on Wainrights deal. I am excited. I have been waiting to get a #50 home jersey until I was sure he would stay in St. Louis long enough to justify the expenditure. I like the way the Cardinals try to keep some franchise players for basically there whole career. This is what makes it so much fun when the older veterans come out like Musial, Gibson, Brock etcetera. I hope someday we look back the same way to Pujols, Molina, Wainwright et al. I admire AW for giving up the free agent bonanza. Not that he will ever be a pauper now, but it is nice to see some players recognize that enough can be enough. Any thoughts on the business side of players trading wealth for stability and a personal preference city? Hope you have time to respond to some of this …. but thanks for considering anyway.

Thanks for the outstanding updates the final roster spots are being fought over I am unable to refrain from bringing up the awarding of the prizes for last spring’s CONTEST–is this going to happen soon?



Not REAL soon, because the DVDs are at my home in STL and I am in Jupiter. But I assure you, it WILL happen.

I assure you.


There was a Rasmus in the game today. Wasn’t he sent to minors camp?

Yes, but in every game at this point in spring, they bring up a few guys to serve as protection.


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