Mulder faces hitters

Mark Mulder just threw 30 pitches to Minor League hitters, simulating at-bats. Allen Craig, Daniel Descalso and Oliver Marmol stood in and simulated a total of 10 at-bats. Mulder was a bit erratic in the first half of the session, then settled in and got the ball down a lot more in the second half.

One ball fell in for a "hit," one bat was broken, one admiring obscenity was uttered by an observing teammate and at least 16 of the pitches were strikes.

More later…



Great news on Mulder. Are we still looking at a June return? Or, is there a chance we could see him back in St. Louis by late May?

Also, with Thompson likely in the #5 rotation slot and Piniero looking at either the DL or extended Spring Training, does that open middle relief slots for both McClellan and K. Jimenez?

As always, your faithful followers hang on your every word.

May remains the target for Mulder. Doesn’t mean they’ll hit it, but that’s the target.


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