Saturday afternoon camp tidbits: rotation set

* The first week’s rotation appears to be settled. It will of course be Wainwright on March 31 for the opener, but after that it’s a little different than most of us had been figuring. Todd Wellemeyer will go in game 2, April 2 against the Rockies, and Brad Thompson will pitch Game 3 against the Rox. Braden Looper will start the opening game against Washington, with Wainwright on regular rest on Saturday April 5 against Washington. Kyle Lohse will make his debut on April 6.

They want Lohse to get one more tuneup rather than going right into Major League games after two games. So after his Thursday start down here in Florida, he’ll do some kind of work on Tuesday, April 1 before debuting April 6.

* Brendan Ryan got good news — and a cortisone shot. They found nothing wrong with the bones in the area of his injury, and he’s confident that the shot and some rest will get him set. He’s hoping to work out on Tuesday and play on Wednesday, though that’s no guarantee.

* More on Rasmus being up — not only did he want to give Ankiel and Schumaker a day off, but Brian Barton was held out because he’s dealing with a little hamstring soreness. He’s considered day-to-day at this point.



That’s not a bad idea with Loshe. May as well get him as tuned up as possible.

Hey M, in your article about Loshe getting the start in the 6th game, you put down “Catcher Bengie Molina”. You meant Yadier right?

Long story as to how that happened, but it’s being fixed.

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