Saturday morning camp tidbits

If you’re here looking for the Mark Mulder update, please follow this link — or just look down the page a little bit.

* Brendan Ryan is pretty much spending the day getting checked out medically. Not sure if we’ll know something today, or if it will be tomorrow.

* From today’s medical report: Tyler Johnson got an injection in his shoulder yesterday and will not throw until at least Monday, when he’ll be re-examined.

* Colby Rasmus is not only with the big league club, as he was yesterday and as often happens with Minor Leaguers. He’s actually in the lineup. TLR just said he wanted to get Schumaker and Ankiel a day off, but it definitely jumps out a little. I’m still not making too much of it, but I’m a little curious.



They’re playing this game on FSN midwest (thank you!) and I’m getting to watch Lohse. He looks MIGHTY sharp.🙂 This of course, is bad news. My hopes are getting up.

If we can stay in the race until Mulder and Carp get back…. hmmmm






Have his fortunes changed or is he still headed to AAA to start the year?

Who, Rasmus? I’m quite sure he’s still Memphis-bound. They’d have to make a trade/release of some sort for him to be up.


Trade/release if everyone is healthy, sure, but is there any chance of Rasmus filling in due to Barton winding up on the DL? Hamstrings can be a nuisance, and we all know that injuries among Rule 5 players tend to be … unexpectedly severe.

I know what you’re getting at, but I’d be very surprised if they had a phantom injury with Barton. They like his bat a lot. And why not?


Also, if it’s only going to be a couple of weeks, there’s almost no way that Rasmus would get the callup. Joe Mather would be a much more likely short-term callup.


Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Barton has a “phantom” injury. I do wonder, however, if a real, moderately sore hamstring might lead to him getting DL’ed where a non-Rule 5 guy might have to play through it or go down to Memphis to work it out. And yes, it’s probably easier (in terms of handedness as well as salary implications) to see Mather get the cup of coffee if this bad hammy does put Barton on the DL. But Mather isn’t the one who’s starting the late ST games…

Rasmus is coming up, rather than Mather, largely because he’s not on the 40-man roster. It’s easier for the team to bring up non-roster players for these games.


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