Pineiro pitches

Joel Pineiro pitched two innings in the Triple-A game today. He was scheduled to go 30-40 pitches, and he threw 34, 18 for strikes.

First inning: bunt groundout to catcher; flyout to left field; groundout to 3rd base
LOOOONG delay, as Memphis put up a big second inning.
Second inning: soft liner to second base; double to left field; strikeout called; strikeout swinging

He sat in the high 80s and hit 90 mph.

Story to follow on the site.


Sounds promising. Thanks, Dude.

Sounds good…I’m not too familiar with his typical velocity…how does high 80s and 90 mph compare to his typical levels, considering where he “should” be given his amount of limited work this Spring?

Thanks for the detailed update, Matt!

I think the thing to remember with his velo is that it’s really his first start of spring. So while I think it’s a little down from where he’d be in the season, it’s also going to get higher as he goes along.


What’s more important is that he was able to pitch well after a long break in between innings. The strike-to-total pitches ratio is a little low, a little more than 50%. I hope that improves a bit.

Question on Tuesday’s lineup. I see Reyes is pitching to LaRue again. I could be wrong, but has Reyes ever been paired with Molina this Spring? This combo strikes me as odd when Molina is consistently praised for calling a good game and Reyes is consistently criticized for not setting up the batter to strike/ground out on the last pitch.

I don’t really think there’s been any issue with how Reyes has set guys up. He’s done that really well. It’s finishing them off that’s the issue.


While I’m willing to believe that Reyes has worn out his welcome with the Cards, it – once again – strikes me as unnecessary for the coaches (in this case Dunc) to publicly disparage him (see the dismissive comparison to Perez) after two very good outings… no matter what the wind conditions in the second one.

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