Clement throws

Matt Clement threw two innings in the Double-A – Triple-A game today. It was a camp day, so Memphis played against Springfield, and Clement was pitching for Springfield.

He didn’t actually complete either inning. Each time, they called the inning off when he reached a certain count — 20 in the first inning, 17 in the second.

Clement had a lot of movement on his ball, but both command and velocity were lacking. He was pitching at 84-85 mph and hit 86 twice. Of the seven batters he faced, he walked four, he struck out one, retired one on a flyball out and one reached on an error. He got three swinging strikes.

Story to follow on the site.


Is this his first time this spring facing hitters? If so, then it can be assumed that he will improve from here, right?

First time in a game situation. He’s had several live-BP sessions.

The hope is that he’ll continue to improve. But it’s no secret he’s got a ways to go.


I am having a hard time understanding how the medical staff could have missed the problems that Clement is having. I guess I just don’t really understand why they would pay 1.5 million to a guy who was just coming back from a 2006 surgery without a really thorough physical that maybe included several checks over an extended period. Or did the organization just decide that 1.5 mill for one year was a low enough risk for the potential reward?

There is nothing Medically wrong with Clement.

Thank you for your no-doubt-well-informed, highly professional medical opinion.

More likely they saw the possibility that this was going to happen, and decided to accept it as a low-cost, high-risk, high-reward gamble. If Clement’s problem really is a sprained brain accompanied by a torn ECL (ethical cruciate ligament), they’ll cut bait on him soon enough. That they have not done so is all the evidence that we need that TLR and Dunc still view Clement as salvageable. Who are we to argue?

It’s not really my opinion. Its been stated here and elsewhere. Clemments problem is velocity due to loss in arm strength. As he works out he will gain in arm strength. I’m prefectly healthy and can not throw a 90 mph pitch.

When he was signed the medical staff gave him a check and said that he was healhty enough to start pitching. Which he is. They did not take him out back and clock his fastball.

All right folks, let’s keep it civil. No reason to be sarcastic.

I think the truth is that there really isn’t anything medically wrong with Clement. Recovery from surgery — especially shoulder surgery — can be a long and grueling process, and some guys just never get back to where they were.


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