Roster all but finished

* Kyle McClellan and Brian Barton have been told that, barring something shocking in the next 4 days, they are on the roster.

* Chris Perez and Cliff Politte were re-assigned to Minor League camp this morning.

* Juan Gonzalez’s situation will be addressed by the club today, but one way or another, he’s obviously not on the team.

* The only remaining questions are one infield spot — whether Brendan Ryan is healthy enough, or instead if D’Angelo Jimenez makes the team — and at the back end of the bullpen. It’s down to Kelvin Jimenez and Anthony Reyes for that job.

* Hugo Castellanos is still in camp, but has been told he will not make the team. However, it appears that he will accompany the club to Springfield in order to serve as bullpen protection.



I’m curious…just read your Reyes story on the site…what’s the major issue for Reyes as far as Duncan and TLR are concerned? Is it still his possible inability to finish off hitters? Is it a personality issue between the coaches and Reyes? Work ethic?

I really am curious…There seems to be an as-of-yet incomplete explanation for why Reyes is not going to make the rotation (at least until he can be supplanted by Mulder or Joel P.). He’s had a couple good outings in a row…unless he was just flat being tagged for long outs in both games…

I understand Wellemeyer has a “live arm,” but Reyes still seems like a safer bet to me…but I haven’t seen him pitch. Maybe they believe Wellemeyer will walk a few but stands a much better chance of getting out of trouble than Reyes? Maybe a trade is in the works because they know they won’t need a guy like Reyes in the rotation when Mulder et al come back?

Thanks, Matt!

Reyes in the Bullpen. Didn’t see that one comming.

I think what it may be is that someone has to be the odd man out after a few starts when Mulder comes back, and they have said before that they don’t want Reyes in the pen, and he does have an option left.

Ok so a few weeks ago I would see what we needed to trade for and that would be a starting pitcher but with the acquisition (big word for me!) of Lohse and the others getting healthy, what would we get in a trade? Because I KNOW we don’t need anymore outfielders, catchers are good, the only thing I could think we could use is ANOTHER utility player but it seems we have a lot of those. Can you help me, Matt?

Hey Matt, I was wondering what you might think the trade value of Anthony Reyes might be. He seems to be a good young and up coming pitcher but with alot of question marks. Plus we don’t really need much. We have a glut of players at every posistion. I think if we’re not going to use him in the rotation we should just send him to Memphis. We can offer him out there and just see whats available.

I understand the odd man out scenario…but my question is why Todd Wellemeyer and not Anthony Reyes in the rotation?

We could trade for a shortstop…


Kevin, I asked the question in your first comment – less kindly than you did – a few posts back just after the story ran where Duncan scoffed at the meaning of two very strong outings for Reyes… and think you hit the nail on the head with your last one.

Doesnt it almost seem as if Reyes’ fate has been determined before the first pitch this spring? Its almost as if there is personal animosity between Duncan and Reyes. Makes me wonder what is going on behind the scenes.

I don’t get why Reyes didn’t make the rotation. He has pitched very well this spring, it almost is like he was bound to be the odd man out before spring ever started. Doesn’t it make more sense to put Wellemeyer or Thompson in the Bullpen since they have experience with it and put Reyes at the end of the rotation, instead of sticking him in AAA or trying to just dump him to another team. I mean its not like we are going to get some primetime player for him. If everything works out right other pitchers will be supplementing current ones anyway when they get healthy so why not give him a chance to show what he can do. What can it hurt? If he ***** again like last year then you send him to AAA, and put one of the other two in rotation. I’m just very perplexed at the mindset of Duncan and LaRussa on this situation. Also “IF” Clement,Mulder,Piniero, and Carpenter all come back healthy this year..what are the cards gonna do with everyone except Wainright??

I think Lohse is going to get traded in that “everyone is healthy” scenario, slata…if he has a decent year, he’s gonna’ go lookin’ for a big payday again.

I agree if he has a good year, that still leaves Looper, Thompson, and Wellemeyer ha…If they are so big on trading Reyes let him pitch and build his stock up!

i haven’t looked, but i can remember quite a few games last year that reyes held in tact and the offense did squat. even gibson had more losses than his talent should have deserved. unfortunately sometimes you lose by one run. lets have an honesty session. reyes has awsome potential and great stuff. i believe his trade would be another dan haren. as for all our medically hindered, does anyone truly believe that even if all these guys come back healthy, their skill level will be good enough to have any impact this season? really, even a healthy mulder was not exactly tearing batters apart after 2005. hope springs eternal, but if duncan can’t persuade him to throw a sinker he’ll never get out of AAA.

I personally like the fact that Brad Thompason won the spot. Wellemeyer I’m not sold on, but I think it’s a toss up between him and Reyes. Not that I don’t think Reyes has potential, but I don’t think he will fulfill that potential in St.Louis. Probably due to Duncan and TLR. I ‘m with slata in thinking they had their minds all but made up before Spring started. They do that a lot…usually in favor of veterans.

I have to agree with slforre and most other posters that TLR likes vets. Just read what TLR said about Gonzalez who only played one game in the field and mostly played DH. Don’t remember TLR saying such glowing things about Barton who was great this spring.

Really? Did you must have missed Bernie talking to Tony on 1380 around fiveish yesturday. Because Tony said many a good things about Barton.

The advantage Reyes offers is that when he is good, he can seem to go deeper into a game and be a bullpen saver. With Wellemeyer, you know you’re not getting more than five innings. Why not give the nod to Reyes and hope he can chew up some innings – we already know the bullpen is going to get plenty of action early this season?

Maybe the answer is that Dunc and TLR see the combo of Wellemeyer / McClellan as a better option than Reyes.

You’d think they would send Reyes to Memphis to get more work if they want him to start at some point in 2008.

Very curious …

It’s not veterans/rookies that TLR likes or dislikes, it’s different types of attitudes that he prefers. He’ll lean towards the veterans, but that is mostly just common sense(assuming all else equal) but if the kid has the right attitude and talent to match, TLR has no problem playing them (look at our history, guys like Bo Hart, Joe McEwing etc) It’s the guys who think they have more talent that they don’t need to listen to the coaches that TLR has a problem with, of course if they are Pujols level talent, then it really doesn’t matter if they listen to their coaches.

Some people may consider that TLR likes the hustlers, but as the riff with Ryan has shown, it’s not about hustling as hustling Tonys way.

I’m a huge TLR fan, but just like everyone he has his flaws, and his decision on Reyes was made up a long time ago and it is best for the team and equally important in my opinion, Reyes, for the Cardinals to trade him for some minor league pitching depth or corner outfielder. Reyes may become Haren, but as mentioned, not on this team, he’ll never be given a fair shake.

I’m glad to hear TLR liking Barton, because this is a guy that legitimately should be a fourth outfielder in the majors, if not a borderline starter. Our outfield is probably the deepest in baseball, when you have Schumaker as your fifth outfielder and Rasmus in the minors, it’s a nice comforting thought.

I always proposed that we need to trade Duncan and Reyes to an AL team for some legitimate high ceiling pitching prospect, but that is never going to happen, and with the supposed questionable elbow of Pujols, Duncan is definately being kept around for depth at first.

from what I read earlier, TLR and Duncan want to send Reyes down to the minors, but the GM and Reyes would prefer for Reyes to be in the majors. Reyes because being in the majors is better than being in the minors, while the GM may be dangling Reyes out for a deal, and if he can’t make the major league team now, there is a good argument that he may never be a major league quality pitcher. He throws 20 or so innings in relief a spot start here or there and his value may go up.

Actually I think it’s more Duncan than Tony. From DG’s blog the other day:

“Dave and I don’t agree on everything. … It is still fluid.”

Though Strauss seems to believe that it is Tony and Duncan Vs Mo.

which is wanting what? it’s great that they don’t agree, as a manager I wouldn’t want a yes man either.

Tony was wanting Reyes to stay. Duncan was pushing him to go down to pitch in AAA.

here is what i see. reyes goes to AAA and treats batters like ugly step children. he gets to duncans house, and it’s like his first time holding a baseball. there is a definite disconnection there. duncan can’t get past that genius syndrome that would probably drive him to tell clemens that he has to change his approach. not all pitchers need to pitch duncan ball. success can come in many forms.

it strikes me that cardsfanboy and manor85224 have got it just right – TLR and Dunc are basically inflexible and unwilling to accommodate different kinds of players and different kinds of personalities… so many young players (esp. pitchers) get ruined and a variety of really good but self-confident and self-respecting veterans have real issues… ****, TLR’s best buddy’s are other equally inflexible “leaders” with notable success but fraught careers like Bobby Knight and Bill Parcells… there’s no arguing about the career success but there are real questions about how many more games these folks might have won w/o the depth of the “my way or the highway” attitude.

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