Sun sets on Jupiter

As I write this, I have a beautiful view from the Roger Dean Stadium of a few clouds at sunset. The second and last equipment truck to St. Louis is pulling out right now. The Cards and Marlins have one more game tomorrow, but I’m heading home in the morning, and I can definitely tell you that the clubhouse is already starting to take on a last-day-of-school kind of feeling. Don’t expect many long at-bats tomorrow.

I don’t have a lot to offer that I didn’t get in my stories today. It’s been a grueling camp, with all the news, but it’s also seemed to go by very quickly in a way. It really does seem like just a few days ago that games started. The decisions have pretty much made themselves in most cases, and I have very few quibbles with how the roster will shake down, given the list of players they started with. It’s going to be an interesting team, whether it’s good or not.

Your faithful correspondent probably won’t blog tomorrow, but Friday in Springfield I’ll have more for you. And of course the opener is coming soon — M. in a tie! — so that’ll definitely be fun.

I leave you with today’s playlist…
Stone Roses: "I Am the Resurrection"
Joy Division: "Atmosphere"
REM: "Diminished"
Beck: "Que Onda Guero"
Mike Doughty: "Unsingable Name"



Hey Matt, I just read that Kelvim Escobar may be out with a possible career ending shoulder injury. Is there a chance we can trade them Anthony Reyes for possibly Erwin Santanna or Joe Saunders? It might be a pretty fair trade for Santanna considering they are both good young pitchers with great stuff and a scenery change might help them both. Plus I’ve heard Anthony Reyes” stuff might better translate better to the American League.

I read on that Escobar might need shoulder surgery. If he does, it would end his season, said nothing about career ending.
Either way, the Angels have not made an official announcement.

I’m not sure such a trade makes sense. If Escobar is out why trade away one of your other pitchers?

i appreciate all the blogs you’ve done this spring training, matt..very informative stuff

Good spring, Dude. Thanks for the updates. How is Barton feeling after that hit to the head earlier? Will it sideline him? I’m pretty concerned about it, thanks.

Good job, Matt!

We’ll see you in Springfield…we scored tickets for the Saturday Springfield game AND Opening Day in Busch…MY FIRST EVER!!!

Thanks for all the hard work, Matt!

Unrelated Trivia: I will always be grateful for the contributions Edmonds and Rolen made to the Cards, but it seems to have been a good break for the Cards to deal them when they did. Last time I looked, both were looking at not being ready to play on opening day because of injuries. Those injuries could happen to anyone, but they did happen to these two and our Cards are going into the seasons with their key acquisitions healthy.

rolen has a broken finger and will be out till may now…so ya your right…cards the better end for now…mind you Glaus tends to crumble from the waste down fairly early so who knows

I never understand when people say something like enola did. If Rolen was not traded, he would not have been in that freak accident with the fingernail situation, because he’d be playing in a different game at that time. Of course, he could’ve been decapitated by Izturis accidentally flinging his bat in this alternate universe, so I suppose anything COULD happen… but it’s highly unlikely his fingernail would’ve been torn off this spring with the Cards.

That said, OWWWW!!! Jesus H. Christ, what an injury. Makes my skin crawl.

Sending best wishes Scotty’s way,

-Zoop, who just bought the 7 game Pujols pack for 2 at nearly $900 today, a day after paying $3300 in taxes due to getting screwed by the government on self-employment tax as a freelance journalist. ._. Yay for being broke.

I saw the starting lineup and it showed Skip Schumaker starting in RF, is he expected to be the primary RFer, or is he just the guy starting the season in RF, because I’d really like to see Brian Barton being the primary RFer, that however is just my opinion.

Did any of you guys try to get the home opener today via streaming video?? The web site appeared to be saturated, even the Cards home page was unavailable for the longest. Kinda disappointing after spending those bucks and couldn’t see the game….

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