Travelin' Man

Greetings from Springfield, where it’s a lot chillier than it was back in Florida. Your faithful correspondent has earned his money recently, having to drive from Atlanta to STL last night after the second leg of my flight home was canceled. Then drive to Springfield this afternoon for the games down here.

However, I am here.

It appears that Rico Washington is going to be on the team. Ryan is of course still down in Jupiter. However, it still looks like Ryan’s injury is relatively short-term, so they’d rather add a guy who can be optioned out after Ryan is activated. I’m told Washington is an excellent defender at third base, and they’re willing to play him at a ton of different positions.

Reyes is not listed in the bullpen for today, but per TLR, that’s because he threw a side session yesterday. He’s scheduled to be available tomorrow. That last decision, we are told, is still not final.

I’ll have more for y’all if and when news warrants, so stay tuned.

Today’s playlist, five of my favorite road songs:
* Willie Nelson, "On the Road Again"
* Black Crowes, "Wiser Time"
* Metallica, "Wherever I May Roam"
* U2, "Where the Streets Have No Name"
* Bob Seger, "Turn the Page"



From the article I saw on the site today, Jimenez was the one projected in the pen. Do you think it’s going to be him, have they already announced it to be him, and if it is what happens to Reyes?

–Side note–

Don’t think this matters much but in MLB 08 the Show, Reyes is on the roster for the Cardinals as a long reliever. I know it means jack squat in real life, but I thought it was interesting to see his name down as a relief pitcher instead of as a starter and given the playout of spring training. Looks like 989 may have had some insight as to what was happening.

Welcome to Springfield!

Enjoy your stay. Try the (cashew) chicken.

You should have done a Lucky Seven Pre-Opening Day Edition!

Have fun in Springfield. I’ll be down there in July, and going to Austin TX on Tuesday, but for now I’ll be stuck in Milan, Mich. in the cold weather. Can’t wait for the Big Day tomorrow! GO BIRDS!

So um… Where can I pick up your book today?

Wow, nice new layout. Slick!

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