Thursday morning tidbits

* Chris Duncan is out of the lineup again, though he was scheduled to take batting practice in the cage, which is a step forward.

* At most five relievers are available. Reyes, Villone and Flores are available and will be asked to do the bulk of the work. Franklin and Isringhausen are both available if needed to close out a win; I’d guess Izzy is more available than Franklin, but he did get up several times last night. Thompson may have to take one for the team if it’s going poorly.

* Today’s lineup: Schumaker LF, Miles 2B, Pujols 1B, Ankiel CF, Glaus 3B, Ludwick RF, LaRue C, Thompson P, Izturis SS.

* Colorado lineup: Spilborghs CF, Tulowitzki SS, Helton 1B, Holliday LF, Atkins 3B, Hawpe RF, Baker 2B, Iannetta C, Jimenez P.

* Right now there are a few drops of rain, but nothing serious at all. The tarp is not on the field, which is encouraging. The forecast can be found here, but in short it appears that if this thing gets delayed, it’s bad news. Looks like it should be fine early, getting worse late, so once it stops, it’s probably stopped for good.

* Opening Day in the Minors today. Starting pitchers Mike Parisi (Memphis), PJ Walters (Springfield), Tyler Herron (Palm Beach), and Shaun Garceau (Quad Cities).



What’s the deal with Larue catching today and not Molina?


Could just be giving Molina a rest…but I just heard on the radio that Larue has a good hitting record against the Rockies in general…AND…Thompson could work well with him…

It seems like TLR went for a different look in front of Albert and Rick (3 “leadoff” guys instead of a power guy in the 2 hole) with Cesar, Skip, and Miles hitting in front of them…and moved Rick one spot closer to those guys (in the fourth spot) in order to take advantage of those contact hitters.

It seems like an interesting combination between the old school (contact guy in the 2 hole AND leadoff) and the new school (“second” leadoff hitter in the 9 hole).

OH! and Rick just brought Miles in!!! seems to be working…🙂

When will Barton get a look, Dude? I’m excited to see him in action.

I’d guess tomorrow or Saturday, against one of the LHPs from Washington.


hehe…Hey, Zoop…I think Matt just called down to the dugout and said, “Hey, Tony…My good buddy Zoop wants to see Barton…so, you know…put ‘im in the game, yo!”

Tony: “Ok.”

on an unrelated note, what’s the deal with your book. I looked for it at my local borders and was told it hadn’t been shipped out yet. I tried to order it from amazon but it was only available to pre-order. Wasn’t the release date the 1st? I placed the pre-order, I was just wondering when I can expect the next great literary accomplishment?

I don’t see why not Kevin. He did do it with getting Percival to start the last game of the year last year.

Which Kip Wells thought he was going to start. And he took not starting as a sign we didn’t want him in St. Louis. So he left.

Good job dude. You sent Wells away and now he beats on opening day. If we are one game out of the play-offs this year Im blaming you.

On a more serouis note im really enjoying this year. This team will be exciting if nothing else.

Re: the book…

It has been delayed. I am sorry to report we are now looking at a release date sometime in early or mid-May. It IS going to happen. I have filed a manuscript, I have gone over proofs and sent them back, etc etc etc. It’s in the final stages. It just didn’t hit the original target date.

And if I could change the text on the link, I would. But thus far, I cannon. Which is a smidge frustrating.


Awww yeaw. Though I want to see him start… So yeah, do your magic Dude.

Anybody going to the game tomorrow? I just bought a couple of seats since both me and the lady are off of work tomorrow.

Hi, this is a totally random thought I had just checking through our farm system. Where is Dennis Dove? Do they not report him because he’s injured or has he moved on or what?

Dove is no longer in the organization… Forget if anyone nabbed him up or not.

He was more recently released than the article was written.

Here’s the article I wrote about it the day Dove was released:


Pujols’ hand got stepped on yesterday? When? Is he in the lineup today?

Barton is in left field today and leading off.

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