Friday afternoon tidbits: Only one more for Pineiro?

It’s chilly; 49 right now and dropping as the evening goes on. But it appears that whatever clouds are here will be moving on, and there’s no threat to the game.

* Joel Pineiro showed up in the clubhouse today. He’s done with the Florida portion of his rehab. He’ll go to Springfield for a Tuesday rehab start, and he hopes that his next game would be in the big leagues — his next turn would fall Sunday 4/13, at the end of the road trip.

* Chris Duncan is getting closer but still not in the lineup. TLR said he wouldn’t have been in against Odalis Perez anyway.

* Brian Barton gets his first start, in the leadoff spot and left field. That leaves Rico Washington as the only hitter who has not started a game.

* Conventional wisdom seems to be that John Lannan will start Sunday for the Nationals, but as of now they still have not announced a starter for that game.

* STL lineup: Barton LF; Ankiel CF; Pujols 1B; Glaus 3B; Ludwick RF; Molina C; Izturis SS; Looper P; Miles 2B.

* WAS lineup: Guzman SS, Milledge CF, Zimmerman 3B, Johnson 1B, Kearns RF, Lo Duca C, Belliard 2B, Lopez LF, Perez LHP.

Friday’s playlist:
* The Kooks, “Naive”
* Tanya Donnelly, “New England”
* Talking Heads, “Life During Wartime”
* REM, “Living Well is the Best Revenge”
* Foo Fighters, “New Way Home”



Friday evening, 7th inning. What appears to be some odd choices out of the bullpen. First, Springer, pitching 3 of last 4 games, then Villone, third game in a row. I was looking for Franklin to come out with a 4 run lead. Now, both Springer and Villone likely need a couple of days off.

It would have been the third time in four games for Franklin too, so I’m not sure the difference. The plan, I’m quite certain, was Springer for three batters in the seventh, no matter what, then a LH for Johnson, then Franklin. But when none of those first three batters made an out, I’m figuring he planned to just use Villone for one batter, so better him then and hold Flores for potentially more than one batter later.

And the IDEA, I suspect, was for Franklin to pitch the eighth with a lead.

Not saying any of it was unassailable, but I certainly see the logic in all the decisions.


John Lannan? on Saturday!? “Imagine” that!

You know it ain’t easy, Shaun. You know how hard it can be.

Ok… REALLY off subject but… Is anybody else having a problem with the new MLB sites locking their internet up? I NEVER had a problem with the old pages but lately I would say at least once a day when I get on the Cardinals site or MLB it locks up and doesn’t respond. But getting back on track… McClellan. Man! That guy is good! Lots of courage!

Had a blast at the game. Joel gave me a ball in practice and I got it signed by Wainwright. Totally rad. As I told Wainwright, he made a lot of kids–and big kids–extremely happy with the signing.

Nice song selection, Dude. New Way Home is my favorite Foo song (though Good Grief is certainly up there).

Last season I was anxious for the starters to turn the game over to the bullpen. Total reversal this season so far – the starters look good, the bullpen is shakey. First week jitters? I agree about the changed MLB sites, they take forever to load. It was fun at the ballpark tonight although strange to see the empty seats.

That’s a great tune, one of many on an amazing album.

And Tanya Donnelly can do no wrong. At least musically. I dunno, maybe she leaves towels all over the house or something. But musically, she does no wrong.


Heh heh heh. Yeah, Dude. You know the St. Louis Seven.?That was me…and six other guys.

Did anyone else have a horrified, “Oh, NO!”, feeling when Reyes was sent out to warm up for the ninth??? Yeah, he hadn’t pitched yet this season, but… please… in the closers , when he has effectively no experience as a reliever? My wife asked me if they were setting him up to fail/look bad… and I had no rational comeback.

I kind of agree, Alan. I certainly cannot argue the point, though he looked good the other day. You could say they gave him a good opportunity to show his chops under pressure, so you could make an argument either way.

Who else do you throw though? Izzy has seen a lot of work from both warm ups and pitches in the past few games, Springer landed on the DL, Jimenez worked a bit last night in AAA, Franklin has seen quite a bit of action, and it was mostly RH hitters due up. Reyes was in reality the only viable option. I’m not saying he is the guy that I would put in there every time a save opp came up and Izzy wasn’t available, but you do the best with what you have.

Yes I did have that “Oh No” feeling, but I hoped Reyes would do well in this wonderful oppurtunity that was presented to him. That’s what WW did in that situation. It would have been something if Reyes had made it out unscathed and built some confidence. Instead he telegraphed a changeup and it was deposited into the bullpen. Good thing we got that insurance run. I still hope Reyes can figure himself out, but that hope is running thin. I am pulling for him, though I think I’m pulling for him more because he could be intriging trade bait sometime around July 31…

Yeah, i think the “Oh no” thought must have crossed everybody who has seen Reyes pitch. The thought also crossed my mind of all the good outings he has had though – not just Thursday where he struck out the side in the 8th – but a guy who tries his best every pitch he throws for the cards. And i echo, the thoughts of the previous poster – i am pulling for Reyes, but more so that both he and the Cards can get a decent trade.


I really dislike TLR but I think Reyes was the right call there. You could argue that it should’ve been Flores from the start of the inning, but it was a wise management decision for one reason: they need to get A-Rey’s value up to toss him off to another team, and they won’t do that until he can pitch in big spots. Was it unfair to A-Rey? Again, I won’t argue it either way. It just depends on how you want to view it, really. It was a 3 run lead, so it’s not as if they gave him the ball like they did with McClellan the other night with the bases juiced (he REALLY impressed me with that outing, btw… color me a believer).

Ankiel isn’t exactly old news in the Cards dugout and has added significantly to success of the club, but the acquisition of Brian Barton has cranked up the excitement of watching the Cards to a whole new level for me. If he lives up to his promise, he is really going to energize this club. Any time he gets on base, he can be a thrill to watch.

Here’s to TLR lettin’ Ankiel and Barton run… on XM today, Cards announcers noted how little of that part of the game was evident last year… and how exciting it is… to which I can only add: The more the crowd’s into it, the more Albert and the others (including the pitchers) are gonna come through… there’s nothing like a rollicking crowd at Busch!!!

alan.rudy – I don’t think Reyes is being setup to fail…he HAD pitched before that “closing” appearance…his performance in his first appearance warranted his second appearance…he struck out the side – three batters in a row late in the game…I think his appearance in the 9th inning of the game the other day was a combination of giving the other bullpen guys a rest, seeing what he can do in that situation (’cause, like you said, no one knows), and rewarding him for his excellent previous outing by trusting him in the 9th.

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