Monday afternoon tidbits: Duncan back in lineup

Happy Opening Day, Houston style.

After a couple of days off, I’m somewhat refreshed; Peet’s coffee at the airport and a Whataburger certainly helped in that regard too. It’s a really nice day in Houston; it’s possible that for once the roof won’t be needed.

* Chris Duncan is back in the lineup, batting sixth; TLR and Duncan both said they see no restrictions on him

* Cesar Izturis is the leadoff man for the first time this year

* Ryan Ludwick was amused when it was pointed out to him that he’s leading the National League in triples; it’s up on the big video board in right field here.

* TLR said they’ll wait till after Pineiro pitches tomorrow to make a judgment on what happens with him. I specifically asked whether there’s a chance he’d take one more rehab even if he looks good, so as to help them better decide whom to remove. He declined to answer that, just saying they’ll wait till after tomorrow to make any decision.

–UPDATE– Pineiro will pitch for Memphis, at New Orleans, rather than at home for Springfield on Tuesday. Evidently there are weather concerns in Springfield.

* Lineup: Izturis SS, Ankiel CF, Pujols 1B, Glaus 3B, Ludwick RF, Duncan LF, Molina C, Wellemeyer P, Miles 2B.



Nice. It’ll be interesting to see if Izturis can handle the leadoff spot. Good to see Dunc back. I hope he doesn’t take too long regaining his stroke. I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen when/IF Pineiro, Carp, Mulder, and Clement get back. That’s an entire rotation with WW. And one I’d like to see! Fat chance, I know. But hey, one can dream…

Dear Traitorous husband,
Whataburger? Really? The next thing you know, you’ll be writing about eating In-N-Out burgers in San Francisco.

Hrmph, I say.

–Mrs. Dude

Not sure I get the Izturis leading off…maybe because of all the walks he’s taken.

In-N-Out Burger huh?

Is this your homework Larry?

I don’t get this Izturis-leadoff thing. TLR seems to know that OBP is life, at least where a leadoff hitter is concerned. Is there even the slightest shred of evidence that Izturis can ever sustain an OBP that’s even league-average for all MLB, let alone league-average for a leadoff hitter? He never has before, and five walks during the first week of the season doesn’t qualify as “sustaining” anything in my book. I just don’t get it.

For those dissing the other Izzy, I hear Rickey Henderson’s available.

Sadly, In-N-Out is distressingly hard to find within the SF city limits. Maybe over by the Oakland airport, since I’m flying in there.

As for greg… come on now. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If you disagree with the points being made, then REFUTE them. If you think Izturis is a capable leadoff hitter, then demonstrate why you think so. Don’t just give a snippy, sarcastic remark that doesn’t do anything to further the conversation.


You know, I really don’t get a LOT of LaRussa decisions. This one included. I started to comment on that earlier, specifically I was going to bring up the OBP, or lack thereof, that Izturis has had throughout his short career so far. But I decided to just say it is “interesting”, because I’m actually SICK of feeling like I need to complain about him. At this point everyone here knows my opinion of TLR, so I’m trying to just accept that he’s going to make a ton of “What in the hell is he thinking”-type decisions. My personal goal this year is to attempt to bite my lip and wait patiently for new management.

Though I’ve read your words on the Cards’ team website a handful of times, this was my first-ever blog entry on any site. Therefore, I had never seen your directives on the etiquette of blogging on your site, or any other site for that matter. Simply put, I had not seen you say it once or say it again. I guess the comments on your fav burger joints furthered the conversation on the other Izzy, eh? So much for a bit o’ humor, huh?
I mean, come on yourself. I came up with an original nickname for our shortstop and I seriously believe Mr. Henderson could play tomorrow if he were in shape, and I’m not a huge fan of Henderson. (Not sure of his status this year; maybe you can fill me in).
Read between the lines: By mentioning Henderson, my take is the top slot is unsettled. I think it’s dangerous to judge a player only on his past and/or only on the first week, or even first few weeks. If Tony LaRussa feels this is best for the ballclub, I’m on board, for now.
Lighten up, dude; just trying to have some fun.

Gotta side with Greg, Dude. The Rickey Henderson told me to.

However, all things considering, Schumaker is struggling and he wanted to give barton a day off, which leaves us without our 2 top leadoff men. So who would you lead off with that lineup? I’ll lead off with a guy who is right now drawing a few walks and showing some signs of life on the basepaths, especially when you’ve got the 2-6 guys able to drive in runs.

Greg, if I misunderstood then I certainly regret it. But the way that came across, to my eyes, was:

“Anybody who has any problem with Izturis, you’re being utterly ridiculous. Just accept it. If you don’t like it, stuff it.”

So if I read it wrong, then I’m definitely in the wrong and I’m sorry. I’d LOVE to see somebody give Rickey one more chance, btw. One of my favorite players ever.

Fun, light-hearted, funny is good. Always welcome. Disrespectful sarcasm that serves to stifle a discussion, rather than advancing it, is not. If I misunderstood, then it’s on me…


As an outside party and frequenter of the blog, I think it was fair game, Dude. I chuckled at it, and I don’t particularly care for Iz2. I mean, hell, you’re the boss here, so obviously I’m not a guideline of authority, but I’ve been coming here long enough to know what’s accepted and what’s not. imo, you simply read into it too much.

THE RICKEY! THE RICKEY, MAN! On a related note, a pal in the trading card/memorabilia industry sent me a signed dual 8×10 photo of Lou Brock and THE RICKEY for Christmas. Man oh man, was that a sweet gift.

What’s the point of Rickey coming out of retirement? His first year (of what should be his sole year) for induction into the HoF is 2009, and he’s got enough of an ego that induction would be the deciding factor. Isn’t he coaching with the Mets this year?

These men are nialists, Donnie. There’s no reason to be afraid!

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