Thursday afternoon tidbits: Pineiro starting Sunday – UPDATED AGAIN

Greetings from my favorite ballpark in America, the absolutely perfect AT&T Park. Even a long and bumpy day of flights couldn’t ruin a day that includes a burrito from Taqueria Cancun, a cup of Intelligentsia Coffee and a game at this gem of a ballpark.

Even so, it’ll be nice to sleep in tomorrow…

Anyway, the tidbits.

* Joel Pineiro will start Sunday’s game against the Giants, and Brad Thompson will go to the bullpen. Thompson COULD be listed as an available reliever as soon as tomorrow. I’d have to figure that when Pineiro is activated, Kelvin Jimenez will be optioned, but that’s not based on anyone actually telling me anything.

* Mark Mulder pitched today, not last night, and did very well. Unofficially, he pitched five innings with one hit and no walks. That may not be EXACT, but if not, it’s very close. He’ll go Tuesday for Palm Beach, per John Mozeliak.

* Brendan Ryan will likely play in an extended spring training game within the next couple of days, but it is not completely certain yet. Ryan DID appear in an extended spring game today, playing five innings and getting two plate appearances.

* The bullpen is VERY thin tonight. Reyes is unavailable, and TLR says that both Franklin and Isringhausen are as well, with Flores not available for more than a batter or two. I’m inclined to believe that if they have a chance to win, you might well see Franklin and Izzy, but we’ll see.

* Still working on getting a Mulder update — should have something very soon.

* Tomorrow’s lineup will include Barton and Ludwick against Barry Zito, and my guess is he might choose tomorrow night to give Ankiel his first night off of the year. Best guess at a Friday starting outfield: Barton LF, Schumaker CF, Ludwick RF.

* STL lineup: Schumaker RF, Duncan LF, Pujols 1B, Ankiel CF, Glaus 3B, Molina C, Kennedy 2B, Wainwright P, Izturis SS

* SF lineup: Lewis LF, Rowand CF, Winn RF, Molina C, Durham 2B, Castillo 3B, Aurilia 1B, Bocock SS, Correia P.



First Whataburger and now Taqueria Cancun?


-Mrs. Dude

Alright, Dude. Do-or-die advice needed. Going to LA for “business” (see: boss flying me out to party with for a week) in June and I need to know where to eat. I would also like free tickets to a ball game, and I might like to throw out a first pitch. And to go clubbing with Eddie Murphy. I expect all three things of you, so hook me up.

I’m already planning In-N-Out Burger, as I’ve been to LA three times on REAL business (18-20 hour days for 4 days straight) but never went sightseeing much aside from Santa Monica’s beaches, or take in much culture. So I’m definitely looking to hit up some non-StL fast food joints. You travel a lot, you blog about food… You’re obviously a guru on this subject, Dude. So bestow me with your delicious wisdom, please. MRS. DUDE! YOUR HELP IS NEEDED, AS WELL! Anyone here, really! I’m hijacking this blog with my hunger! To the fatmobile!

Really gotta get a game in while I’m there, too. Hope someone’s playing when I’m in town.

Hey…I’m the only one who’s allowed to hijack threads with my hunger…😉

Aside from In N Out, I don’t know much about the L.A. area. The Dude and I drove through it once, but we didn’t stop, so I don’t have much in the way of advice.

I’ll needle M. to chat you up about the area.

–Mrs. Dude

First…the ballpark may be a beautiful park, but am sick to death of ballparks being so unique dimensionally (and in oddities) that they give any team (or all teams) an edge in any part of the game…extreme so-called pitcher’s parks or hitter’s parks are ridiculous. They make even competition (and trustworthy comparisons/records) difficult because a team built for power could overmatch a team built for singles, doubles, and speed in a “hitter’s park” and the other way around in a “pitcher’s park.” They should be ballparks. To me, home field advantage should be determined by the fans, familiarity with your home park, and unavoidable climate/environment considerations (such as Colorado). Towle’s Hill in Houston and a 421 ft center field wall in AT&T just irritate me.

Second…regarding your comment about the bullpen being very thin…when TLR went out to talk to Villone last night on the mound, then left him in, it was my belief that he went out and told him he was going to leave him in to either finish or “take a beating” for the team…the idea being that TLR didn’t want to stress an already thin bullpen in a long-shot game (considering the Giants’ lead) so late in the game and with the rest of the series to go…is that true? or did TLR have something ELSE to say to Ron?

Third…regarding your Ankiel day off comment…considering Duncan’s inability to find his swing just yet (at least with power and consistency – although he seems to be getting on base rather well) and Troy’s as-of-yet inability to stroke one over the wall, when do we see Pujols (Duncan backup) and/or Troy (Rico Washington backup) getting a day off?

Thanks, Matt!


When we were in the St. Louis Cardinals store on the Branson Landing, a guy working there said Chris Duncan has one of the condos there…

We just saw pictures of the flooding on the landing…if I’m looking at the pictures right, the ENTIRE parking garage area for those condos is completely underwater…I mean, floor to ceiling under water…

You should ask Chris if him (or his dad, who is supposed to have a home in Branson) have any flood damage concerns.

Just a thought…thanks!

um…that should read “if HE HAS any flood damage”…oops

Matt! So, MLB has banished you/us to the nether-reaches of the way-below-the-(imaginary-)fold(-in-the-ether) on the cardinals’ site, eh?
If you get a chance, I like the Disable Autoplay feature on the Video Corner but resent no longer being able to stop the flow of lead stories on the top right “Scoreboard”.
Go Cards, lord I miss SF…

You know, as much time as I’ve spent in LA, I really don’t have any favorites there food-wise. I mean, aside from the obvious. Anyone? Suggestions? Bueller?

There is this:

I will say this… if you have never been to Dodger Stadium, GO. I love that place. Absolutely love it, one of my five favorite places for a game. The view from the top of the stadium out over the city is tremendous.


Thanks Dude! Hopefully I’ll go in early June to catch a Dodgers/Cubs game, that’d be fun. My boss is a Crew fan, so we can actively cheer against the Cubs in perfect harmony.

Kevin- I live in Branson so I can answer your question. Dave Duncan has a condo in the AREA but it’s not the one’s at the Landing. He has it in a smaller town outside of Branson on the lake. Either Kimberling City or a town right by Kimberling. I’m not for sure on the town because I’ve heard 2 different things. But they are in Branson a few times a year.

CBdrums…I know Dave does…I was told Chris has one at the landing

Well if he does, I haven’t seen him or heard anything about it and actually I work at the Landing. That’s not to say he doesn’t, I’m just saying I haven’t heard it. It’s VERY possible that he does. It’s just my guess.🙂

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