Alive and kicking

Your faithful correspondent has been shamed into getting back on the blogging train after a week of laziness. I’m actually off this weekend, so I prolly won’t be blogging again until Monday from Milwaukee, but I didn’t want to have a total oh-fer.

Thoughts/notes/etc from today…

* I was surprised, a bit, that Ludwick wasn’t in the lineup today over Chris Duncan. So of course Duncan homers and doubles against Matt Cain. Shows you what I know.

* TLR said some things today about how it’s not guaranteed that Brendan Ryan won’t be optioned once he’s healthy, but honestly… there’s pretty much no way he’s not on the roster once his rehab finishes.

* When Russ Springer is activated on Monday, my guess is that Thompson will be optioned, but I wouldn’t bet the house on it.

* From the Minors… Pete Kozma hit his first home run tonight, but he also started at 3B. Not sure what to make of that; I’ll try to find out what’s up. Hugo Castellanos started for Memphis tonight, evidently because Joe Rogers is on the DL.

* Highly, highly, highly recommend the new Stones live album. It’s the best live thing they’ve put out since I don’t know what — maybe Still Life, way back in 82. It sounds like the band I heard do some truly killer shows in 1998-99 and 2002, not the band I heard that sounded tired and bored in 2006. If you like the Stones, pick it up. I’m dying to see the movie.



I know Vallone is a lefty, but he hasn’t shown much… Why not option or release him and go w/o a second left hander for a while?

TLR without a second lefty in the pen is like Linus without his blanket.

In any event, the solution to the returning Springer has to be a guy with an option. Bringing him back and releasing someone is not to the point; bullpen depth is a strategic strength of the team that should not be squandered needlessly. Trying to pass someone through waivers is also not a good idea, because as well as everyone has been pitching, anyone on the waiver wire will surely get scooped up by some less fortunate team. It would just about have to be WonderBrad or McC as a result. A clear explanation of what’s going on should prevent either of them from suffering a sprained ego.

Won’t be McClellan. No way, no how. Guarantee you that.



Thanks for the little blurb on the Stones. I’ve been curious to hear what it’s like, but haven’t heard anything. I saw them in ’06 and thought it was a good show. I didn’t think they look tired and bored then. Bon Jovi, on the other, did look a little worn out when I saw them last week. Thanks again. Have a relaxing weekend.

Thompson makes the most sense I think. But if Joel pitches poorly again today, would that put Thompson in the rotation again or is he getting a bit more rope?

With as well as this team is playing, I’m really interested in what is going to happen when everyone gets healthy. Not only with how well they will do after that, but also how they are gonna fit them all in. Ryan and Springer come back and Washington and Thompson gets optioned which makes sense although I like to have Brad’s innings in the pen. But what about when guys like Mulder, Clement, Carpenter, Johnson are all ready to come back. “IF” everyone is still healthy by May when Mulder and Clement are supposed to come back what happens then? I guess people would say Wellemeyer or Piniero gotta go, Pineiro had a quality start today and Wellemeyer has been really good. I’m just curious as to exactly who is going where unless we package a bunch of people together for a big trade for an impact bat somewhere. Any thoughts??

Me too Slata. I’ve been posting this question for a couple weeks now, and no one seems to want to talk about it. Maybe it’s cause we’re doing so well, and no one wants to jinx it by thinking too far ahead. I don’t know.
Anyway I was thinking about this again today after Looper’s rough outing, or inning. On top of that Mulder had an encouraging outing in his rehab assignment. So here’s my question, as you say, IF Mulder, Carp, Clement , and Pineiro pitch well then what do you do with Looper? Wellemeyer was strong the other day too, but it seems an easy decision to send him to the pen. But then what do you do with Springer and Thompson. And what about when and if Tyler Johnson and Josh Kinney comeback.
I guess it’s best looked upon as a luxury to have a lot of quality pitching, and hope that it will work out for the best.
It’s a lot to wrap my head around right now. Lot a strands in ol duder’s head. Lotta ins, lotta outs. But hopefully everyone will be healthy down the stretch and the competition will be fun and friendly, and the best guys will step up and perform well.

I think at this point we keep Wellemeyer in the rotation as long as possible. He’s gone deeper into games, pitched better overall, and has been better recently than Looper.

I would look for a trade involving an extra starter, a reliever
and a bat for a really good bat, someone to bat behind Albert for protection.


I see where you say LaRussa said Brendan Ryan is not guaranteed a spot on the roster but there is no way he won’t be on there when the rehab is over. But I just read Bernie Micklasz’s column on the subject at the PD and he apparently thinks that it very well could be true and that. LaRussa just plain out doesn’t like him. See this i don’t get. Ryan is a definate upgrade a short offensively and while I know Isturez is a much better defender it is not like BR is Jose Offerman playing the position. And lets face it Rico Washington nice story but he can not play short and Miles needs to backup 2nd only as he does not have the range **** needs. Can you please explain to me why LaRussa does stuff like this. I am a LaRussa backer but some of his personnel decisions especially the younger players just confuse me sometimes especially in a case like this where he almost certainly meets a need we have.

I think that TLR is just leaving his options open. Besides, what does it do to washington to say that no matter how well you play you aren’t a permanent fix on the roster? Cause if Ryan comes back on to the roster, washington would be the one that gets demoted. I don’t see that as being fair to him.

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