Springer in, Washington out

Move announced this afternoon: Russ Springer activated, Rico Washington optioned. Have to figure they won’t stay at 13 pitchers for long, but that’s where they are now.



Hmm. Oddness. Do you think this means that Ryan will be down until a trade is made? (Reyes?) Or just until one of the other pitchers stumbles? (Thompson is the only other one with options correct?)

Im disconboggulatied.

Interesting move. I assume it was made to have an extra arm for as long as possible? To try to stretch the bullpen so as to save the arms for down the stretch? Or maybe to provide a period of competition between the bullpen guys, so management can assess and pick the right guys to be a part of the team for the rest of the year.


Do you know who was sent down from Memphis to make room for Rico? (live within an hour of Springfield)


or was it no one? Just curious how it will shake out with the minor league roster

Thank goodness Rico is down. Good for him that he got his cup of coffee, but man, those crucial at-bats that ended with lackluster whiffs were getting to me.

No one was sent down for Rico. He made the team out of Spring Training. The last spot was between, Rico, Jimenez, and Ryan. Ryan got injuried. Rico got the job due to Opitions.

So no one was sent down for him. But you can sorta say he was keeping Ryan’s sport warm.

I think you misunderstood the question, frog. The question is: does Uncle Rico’s demotion to Memphis mean that the Memphis roster must now be reduced by one? If so, who’s the one, and is he being demoted to Springfield (with resulting cascade effects)? Future Redbirds might, or might not, have the answer.

Very odd roster construction now. Wonder if WW will get some spot pinch-hitting duty until the pitcher overabundance fixes itself? He’s a better hitter than a lot of the bench guys …

If they send a pitcher down to make room for Ryan, is there any chance it will be Piniero. I think he came back too soon. He’s had two outings agains arguably the weakest offense in baseball and is carrying an ERA of 8+. He either needed more time to get sharp or he’s going to be a weak link. Can they send him back down until he gets locked in?

I see from one of the articles that they are going to go slow with Mulder and given what happened with Piniero that seems like a good idea.

Don’t forget that Pineiro’s last game was solid, but Lincecum is a young ace in the making. We gave JP very little in the terms of run support in his last outing.

I threw this out a month ago, but no one wanted to try it on. The Tigers need bullpen help … badly. What do they have that we could use? How about Brandon Inge for some arms like Looper, Tyler Johnson and/or Thompson? Inge is a versatile player, excellent defender and has some right handed power. His contract is pricey, so maybe Detroit throws in some cash or a young starter in their minor league system? Maybe you bundle in an outfileder from our young stable (Duncan) and get more for the future? Bueller? Anyone?

I like your overall idea, but Brandon Inge is not the answer, in fact I’m not sure he really improves our ball club (after all that is the point of a trade). Brandon Inge is a Scott Spezio type player and while that would be an excellent thing to have, it’s not worth the cost of a few arms and/or one of our solid outfielders. Maybe Inge and some young arms for Duncan or Ludwick or one of our bullpen arms, but we would need to be getting more than just Inge. Those are my two cents at least. M, what’s your take?

Inge isn’t the worst choice as I think he can also catch.
But I would love for Cards to get **** who can hit.
Send a starter a reliever and an infielder for a good hitting shortstop.
I like the outfield as it is other than Duncan needs some more defensive improvement.

We have Josh Phelps in our minors who can play multiple positions including catcher, why would we try to get another guy like that with a huge contract?

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