Friday afternoon tidbits: Izturis works out

Greetings, all. Recharged after a couple days off, plus seeing Jimmy Buffett last night at whatever they call Riverport these days. Here are the tidbits:

* Izturis took BP and infield today, and is getting closer. He still looks like he’s not at game speed yet, to my eyes, but he’s getting there.

* We are about to get one heck of a storm here at Busch Stadium, though the radar makes it look like at least the thing will pass quickly. But the tarp is out and the sky is going very, very dark.

* TLR on closing, from his pregame session this afternoon: “There are no easy saves, I don’t care what the computer guys say. That old [bunk] about anybody can save a three-run lead in the ninth is one of the dumbest analytical comments that a guy that, sabermetricians, whatever they call themselves, can say. Getting three outs in the ninth is tough. It’s the last three outs. Just think about the psychological burden.”

* Mulder is taking the mound any minute now for Springfield. Here’s a link to the boxscore, and from there you can also get gameday and a live audio broadcast.



Hey Matt,

Let’s get a Lucky Seven post.

Sorry that this subject I’m about to type is off topic, but I have to bring it up. What’s up with the Cardinals bullpen this year? I think there’s been 5 times, if my memory serves me correctly that the Cardinals have had the lead and they’ve blown it for the loss. I’ve been very disappointed with Isringhausen these last couple of games. Is there a chance he’ll lose his closing job to Anthony Reyes. I’m not going to say he’d be a good closer, I’m saying I believe he’d be a good closer. And one last thing, what’s up with Rick Ankiel? He’s been at 4 HR’s and 11 RBI’s for how long? And not to mention, his average just keeps dropping.

You guys seeing the Kids in the Hall at the Pageant when they come to town, Dude? Or will you even be in town then?

As for three run leads in the ninth, how about two run leads? *ba-dum-ching*

I went to bed with the Cards leading in the 6th, 2-0, at around 11 eastern (I live in Michigan). I was disappointed to find that Izzy gave up 3 in the 9th. Let’s hope we get a turn-around!

It’s about time that a Lucky Seven comes around. I also suggest you take a listen to Mike Doughty’s “27 Jennifers”. Good song right there.

Izzy has always been Iffy, at best. Even when he’s fully healthy and effective, he makes us nervous when he pitches. Part of it is just the nature of the closer. Lee Smith was like that, Rod Beck, Rob Nenn, even Dennis Eckersley at times. I’d like to have a Todd Worrell in his prime or a Mariano Rivera, but we’re stuck with Izzy right now. Let’s hope he gets himself lined out soon, or Perez gets a chance to take his job!

Lets just hope that Izzy’s problem was how late the game was and he was just a little tired. If we are going to contend though, we need someone consistent at the back end of the pen.

It worked out in the end, and I understand the rationale of not wasting a bench player… but I’d not have had Wainright bat in the ninth… Joel, where in MI? – me I’m in East Lansing

Hey matt! This is completely unrelated. I watched the last couple AAA games in iowa yesterday and today. Redbirds looked fairly awful, but to be fair it was freeeeaking cold here. Rasmus looks like he’s swinging for the fences. Ball’s always in the air, never on the ground.

So Glaus hit his first HR as a Cardinal, while Scott Rolen did the same for the Blue Jays. Scott’s playing in his, what, 3rd game of the year or something?

Yeah. He’s 4 for 11 so far in 3 games. Nice job LaRussa!

Screw Backe. Yeah, I’m blunt, spiteful, and off-topic.😉

Hey, I say the same thing. What a weenie! It’s like that Wizards kid talking trash about LeBron! Where do you get off?! You haven’t done anything yet!

slforre, what do you mean by your comment, “Good job LaRussa?” If you’re referring to the Cardinals trading Scott Rolen, person you need to talk to is Mozeliak, not LaRussa, if you’re referring to their argument, Scott was in the wrong. And to be honest, I never saw the trade as a bad trade, Scott has been getting injured a lot over the last couple of season and began this season the DL, how are you supposed to win games when your big players are spending more time on the DL than they are helping their team?

Regarding Izzy…

I spouted my fair share of family-waking obscenities with Izzy’s name crammed in the middle, but the reality is that the guy has been one of the game’s best closers for years, now. Problem is, no one notices much when Izzy goes 5, 6, 7, or even 10 saves in a row…but everytime he blows a save, “We need a new closer!” starts popping up on blogs all over…

Izzy’s the guy…but his age means we may have to spell him a bit here and there instead of running him out there every chance we get. Luckily, we have guys like Reyes and McClellan who seem capable of giving Izzy a breather every now and then (something we haven’t had in the two year’s past)…but at the end of the day, those guys complement Izzy, not replace him.

The mental makeup it takes to be a closer like Izzy is unreal…just ask Adam Wainwright about the mental strain of a closer…

That being said…yeah, I get nervous everytime Izzy comes in a game…but considering the mental makeup required for those situations, I can’t think of anyone else I would rather have consistently in those 9th inning situations.

Regarding Backe…
Amen, Zoop!!! Screw Backe. What a freakin’ baby…even Berkman tried to go out and calm him down…personally, I was hopin’ Yadi would get ahold of him, but that’s probably not in the best interest of the team…


Yeah, there was a deep dark part of me that wanted Yadi to rip his head off, but Albert handled it well: every time Backe talks smack, he hurts his team because Pooh destroys a baseball into the stands. What a friggin’ idiot, and a bad teammate. Who are two guys who you wouldn’t want to anger on the team? Probably Pujols and Yadi are up there, especially if you’re dinky like Backe. Yadi could probably eat the doofus. He should go after Miles or Thompson, somebody more his size/doofiness. Even then, I’d take Miles. He wrestled a gunman once, he’s a bad ***.😉

hehe…my favorite part was when I saw the pic of Barton jawing with Backe and it took 2 umps, a Houston coach, and Tejada to protect Backe from Barton…hehe…

Brian is now officially part of the team🙂


here you go…it’s in the GAME PHOTOS on for yesterday’s game:

SLF, I understand that you are a big Rolen fan and that you are mad at TLR for what happened, but you can’t evaluate how good or bad this trade has been for either side after one guy just playing in 3 games. Also Glaus is on pace for 100 RBI and is leading the NL (or close to it) in doubles.


What package do you think it would take for the Cardinals to get Hanley Ramirez from the Marlins (considering he and many others are arbitration eligible after this year, the Marlins are years from a ballpark, and they’ve said they won’t increase payroll until the new park)?

Considering the asking price (I would think it would have to include many of our prospects), do you think the Cardinals would go for him?

It’s hard to get a read on what Mo will do…


First…I am not putting a final evaluation on the Rolen/Glaus trade by making that statement. I’m just pointing out that little bit of info, so it can be referenced later in the season when a real evaluation can be made. Also Glaus has not exactly been healthy throughout his career, so that argument is a wash. The fact is Troy Glaus has outperformed Scott Rolen in only one statistic throughout their careers…and that’s homeruns. I just thought it was ironic that they hit their first homeruns the same day, but Rolen’s was much sooner in his number of games.
Second… I do not believe that any of us here know that Rolen was at fault. And before the season started you all said they were both wrong and you can’t blame just one guy. Now you’re saying different. What I DO know is that TLR has a history of not getting along with his players, so that leads me to believe that TLR was more to blame for the situation. ALSO, facts are Scott Rolen wouldn’t have asked for a trade if the team hadn’t resigned LaRussa. THAT is where Mo comes in and that’s one point you are right on. I DO blame Mo, too, for resigning TLR.
Look I don’t want anyone getting all fired up and upset about something I say regarding this trade. Bottom line to me is, the only thing that would make this trade worth it is if Rolen got hurt and never played again (And that’s OBVIOUSLY not the case) and Glaus suddenly played MUCH better defense. Outside of that scenario, I think it was a dumb trade. My opinion only. I’ve already seen SEVERAL plays at third that Scottie would have gobbled up and turned into an out. Instead Glaus makes a futile dive attempt and the ball rattles around in the corner. Making the pitchers make more pitches, and giving opponents more scoring oppurtunities.
Anyways, that’s my latest Rolen Rant. Sorry everyone. I’m not trying to offend anybody who likes Glaus a lot.

If you are going to point out that TLR has a history of not getting along with players…

Im going to have to point out that Scott Rolan has a history of not getting a long with Managers.

Dude…I am a big Rolen fan…was my favorite Cardinal…and I HATED to see him leave…but it happened…it’s over…

I will say this, though…you say if Tony hadn’t been signed, Scott would have stayed…I say, Tony was willing to be professional about it and “play” with Rolen…Scott was not…and, yes, it’s easier, in some ways, to say that when you’re the boss, but the fact still remains that Scott said “I won’t play” and Tony said “It’s a problem, but I’m still willing to play.”

Bottom line – Scott quit on the team. Yes, he would have played hard if he wasn’t traded…but he quit on the team and the situation and the city…Tony was at least willing to stay and deal with it…

True. ONE manager before TLR, and he was also a hot head known for being rough around the edges. Known for being standoffish. TLR has made enemies of some of the nicest, most outgoing personalities…Steve Kline, Ray King, Scott Rolen. He has even managed to anger our most beloved player, AP at the All Star game. Lucky for us, Albert is the ULTIMATE professional.

I don’t care that Tony was willing to stay and deal with it. There should never have been something there to deal with. And…yes I know it’s done…but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. And this is one of my few outlets to voice my opinion…and as I said MY OPNION.

Zoop–We aren’t going to see Kids in the Hall. Though, now that you mention it, it does sound awesome. Is it sold out?

Joel–Mike Doughty is awesome! I saw him at The Gargoyle a couple of weeks back when he came to the StL.

–Mrs. Dude

Hope not, Mrs. Dude: I don’t have a ticket yet. Need to figure out about that soon but it keeps slipping my mind. Their new material on their MySpace seems funny, so it should be fun. Better look into that tomorrow…

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