Won't somebody please think of the children?

A few Minor League lines presented without comment. Just guys I’ve noticed from reading the box scores and game reports. Unfortunately, with no notebooks anymore, there is no more “Baby ‘Birds,” though we do have a daily Minor League report on the site (look on the bottom left of the page for the link).

Quad Cities: Pete Kozma, with a 2-for-4, 2B, RBI, SB game on Sunday, is now at .341/.421/.500 for the year. He has 11 walks against 15 Ks.

Palm Beach: Daryl Jones is at .322/.394/.492 with a couple of triples and three steals in four tries. He’s still only 20.

Springfield: Jaime Garcia does it again, with a 6  2  2  1  4  7 line for the win on Sunday. He has a 2.17 ERA, 36 Ks, 13 walks and NO homers in 29 innings.

Springfield: Jon Jay, the official prospect of Bird Land, had ANOTHER multihit game this afternoon to bring him to 326/394/517 on the year. In his last nine games, he’s 18-for-36 with five XBH and four walks. Yowza.

Springfield: Clayton Mortensen had a rough one, allowing five runs in four innings, but still is having a fine year. In five starts, he has a 3.86 ERA in 25 2/3 innings, 21 Ks, 6 walks, 1 homer allowed and a 2.24 groundout/flyout ratio. Not bad for pitching at Double-A in his first full pro season.

Springfield: Shane Robinson, a personal favorite of mine since he was a star at Florida State, is off to a terrific and surprising start. He’s hitting .423 in 71 at-bats, but what really stands out is that he has 9 XBH for a .183 isolated slugging. Robinson was a terrific on-base guy in college, but if he doesn’t show at least a little power, he’ll never draw any walks.

Memphis: David Freese has to be the most encouraging guy in the early going, hitting .288/.321/.525 so far. The 23 Ks vs 4 BB isn’t too great, but you have to like the 10 XBH in 80 at-bats.



Why are there no more notebooks M? I always looked forward to reading them before the game each day.

Company decision. Hopefully between the blog and the individual stories, everything that would have gone in a notebook still gets on the site.


bryan anderson was promoted to memphis today..excited about him..he and yadi could be a great tandem in the bigs.. you agree matthew?

bryan anderson was promoted to memphis today..i’m excited about him..he and yadi could be a great tandem in the bigs.. you agree matthew?

How long are the Cardinals going to keep Anthony Reyes? He came in again last nite against the Reds and gave up two runs. He just doesn’t have the ability to pitch in the bigs. Why don’t they bring up Garcia from Springfield to take his place? Aren’t they at least thinking about it? Do you know what they are wating for on the Garcia situation? There is no way that Reyes can be counted on in a crital situation, so why keep him on the big club? It is time to say goodby and bring up someone like Garcia to take his place. They have given Reyes three years to prove he can do the job and he has failed every time. Donald Gray

Anderson being promoted does 2 things in my book: (1) if he succeeds, it enhances his trade value in July if the Cards are needing to fill a hole. If he succeeds in AAA, he can be marketed as major-league ready in 2009; (2) it gives Brandon Yarbrough a chance to develop as a possible backup to Molina. Bryan Anderson is going to be a major league starter in 2-3 years, but not in St. Louis. The Cards will still have Molina. Yarbrough was neck and neck with Anderson at Quad Cities and he’s a potential Molina back-up in 2010 or so, but he needs the at-bats.

I agree with mmmayes. Anderson will be a big league starter in a few years, but it won’t be with the Cards. He will be a great catcher, but the Cards already have long term investment in Yadi. I think come July we really should start looking at trade possibilities for Anderson. I think trading Anderson would be both in his and the organizations best interest.

Why does LaRussa have so much confidence in Flores?? He can’t get the left handers out and Tony let him pitch to left and right handers in the recent loss to the Reds. He walked a right hander and a left hander and TLR still left him in to pitch to another right hander and he tripled to score 3. Why in the world didn’t Tony bring in some one else? It was as tho he wanted lose the game and that is inexcusable to me. Also Villone and Worrell should go. The Cards are in a dire situation without Pulhols and Wainright, so to keep giving games away is ludicrous and they will never catch the Cubs or win the wild card if Tony keeps making these kind of dicisions. Does anyone out there agree or does everyone think that LaRussa can do no wrong? 20 runs by the Phillies, I rest my case!!!!!!

Yeah 20 runs, 8 of which were given up by Wellemeyer while our offense only mustered 1 in his 3+ innings.

Also, need I remind you of the rough patch that we had when we won the series in 2006? Without AP or our ace, we got clobbered for a few games, but were able to right the ship.

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