Monday afternoon tidbits: Leadoff Lud

* Ryan Ludwick is your leadoff hitter tonight. TLR’s explanation, essentially, is that with Ludwick in and Schumaker out, he preferred not to move everybody else around. So instead he just moved one guy rather than several guys.

* Izturis is back in the lineup, batting ninth, with Ryan not in the starting nine.

* Jocketty held court with the local media; I’ll have a story on that.

* STL lineup: Ludwick RF, Ankiel CF, Pujols 1B, Duncan LF, Glaus 3B, Molina C, Kennedy 2B, Wellemeyer P, Izturis SS

* CIN lineup: Patterson CF, Keppinger SS, Griffey RF, Phillips 2B, Dunn LF, Encarnacion 3B, Votto 1B, Bako C, Arroyo P



It was awhile back I was talking to my good friend Matt, aka heymatto70 about batting Ludwick leadoff in a game, just to see how he would do. Well, looking at what he did, I’m not that impressed, going 0 for 5 with 4 SO’s.

I think Lud may have been pressing a bit in the leadoff spot, but gotta give credit to Arroyo.

I think Luddy was trying too hard to be a leadoff hitter…he watched some hittable pitches that a Luddy-in-the-five-hole swings at like it’s happy hour…

I really didn’t like the move…in the situation we had last night, I would rather see either AK or (God help us) Izturis – GAH! – hitting leadoff…someone who is used to getting on base via walk/hit/hit-by-pitch/kiss-your-sister/hidden-ball-trick/etc….not someone who is used to lettin’ it fly and swingin’ for Illinois…

Love Luddy…but he’s wasted in the leadoff spot…

I think if you’re taking Skip out and going to use someone off the bench as a leadoff guy, why not Barton?

I agree, but I think TLR was thinking that with Wellemeyer on the mound, he wanted good defense in the game (hence Izturis in for Ryan and Luddy in for Barton), wanted Luddy’s bat in the lineup, and still wanted to give Skip a day off…

I think you’re looking at it backwards —

It wasn’t that he wanted to give Schu a day off. It was that he wanted Ludwick in there, and it happened to be Schu who sat.


I hear you…but putting Luddy in the leadoff spot is the very thing that turned everything on it’s head…it almost “confused” the lineup, I think…

Luddy in for Skip…okay…Luddy in the leadoff spot…bad…

And, Matt…did you just post under your wife’s sign on? Isn’t that a little like showing up to the stadium to interview TLR in a dress because it’s laundry day?


I agree with the thought of putting Ludwick in for his defense over Barton, but I’d put Kennedy or Izturis in the leadoff spot instead of him.

totally agree with that, heymatto

haha, nice Kev. Who is the REAL Mrs. Dude in this relationship, Dude? Inquiring minds need to know.

that’s it…from now on, it’s not Matt…it’s Matilda…

So let it be written…so let it be done.

Now…Dude. That’s a name no one would self apply where I come from.

um…i didn’t apply it to myself…am I confused?

It’s a quote from The Big Lebowski.

And I aint never seen no queen in her damned undies as a fella says…

dang it…you guys and your Big Lebowski quotes…I feel like I should have a copy of the script next to my PC at all times…

hahaha! Yea. We have watched it far too many times and can now quote it almost word for word, at least I can.

why doesn’t TLR play Ludwick more often no matter where he hits in the order? Look at his numbers – .309 / .390 / .647. Strataspheric for a part-time player – he only has 68 at bats! Doesn’t that warrant a chance to play every day????

Ludwick is a guy that a lot of people feel is at high risk of being exposed (I think)…meaning, he has been successful primarily BECAUSE he’s gotten part-time at bats…difficult for other teams to get a book on him.

I like Ludwick a lot…especially becaue he’s not a singles hitter…but I think he is most useful splitting time with a guy like Duncan. We’ll see…TLR may gradually begin to use him more and that will give us all a better read on what he can do as a close to every day player.

As for right now, I think TLR has done a good job picking his spots for Ludwick and using him in situations where he is setup to succeed.

Yeah I like Ludwick as a part time player. If he started playing full time teams could get a read on him and he would consequently start to scuffle.


Feel like weighin’ in on the Bissinger/Leitch video with Costas?

Just curious of the impression among writers you know and yourself…

It seems that MLB or the Cardinals can’t decide if they want this blog easily found or not… have you/we been Bissingered? Doubt it but am trying to figure out what’s up with the placement of the link to here…

Dude! What’s up with ya? You must be quite busy. No blogging even on an off day. I, of course, know how busy journalists are, but I still wanted to give you some grief. Somebody’s gotta do it, since you have that sweet better half. I’m not sure you get your share of grief. HA HA HA!

Woo hoo!!! Way to go Jason Isringhausen, you’re the best.

izzie better buy skip something real nice…

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