Parisi up, Reyes down

Cards just announced that Reyes has been optioned to AAA, and Mike Parisi called up. Parisi was scheduled to pitch for Memphis today. I’m as baffled as y’all likely are. I wondered if perhaps something was up with Wellemeyer, and they were calling up Parisi to start. However, I was just told by a media relations rep that that is not the case. Nate Latsch will be all over this, but I wanted to get something up as soon as possible.



i havent had a look at parisi, but lets be honest…anything is better than reyes at this point. sure we all want him to do well as he’s had two spectacular starts in his career…..thats it………..he had 2 decent outing in relief this year……thats it…………..he acts as if he has no confidence when he pitches, and i for one have absolutely no confidence in him and this doesn’t surprise me one bit.

Yes Dude. I am a completely baffled evilfrog.

Any chance this is part of the preparations for a trade? Rumors are that Atlanta, who are having some pitching issues, are interested in Reyes. I’m not clear on how sending Reyes down would make him more appetizing to Atlanta (quite the opposite, in fact, as it burns an option), but might added visibility for Parisi be a factor as well? They could be setting him up as a throw-in on the deal.

I read elsewhere that Pineiro is having back trouble and that’s why another starter was needed. Any truth to that?

i heard the same about pinerio from cbs fantasy baseball…its really interesting to think about what the cards could get in a reyes trade…him and one of our excess outfielders could net someone BIG from the right team…if he’s going to sit in the bullpen or start at memphis, and some other team wants to start him in the bigs, it would almost be crazy not to try and move him…but from what i’ve heard, we’re asking a top level prospect plus “another piece”…matt might have written that…i forget where i got that from…that’s kinda steep given his production as of late…

i heard the same thing….and thats kind of a stretch given what reyes has given production wise…….but yes…..its best for the cards to move reyes at this point as he obviously needs new scenery…..

You heard that from ESPN’s Jayson Stark. And while I am glad that Mo isn’t settling for just anything for Reyes, after all we don’t HAVE to trade him, but the asking price does seem a little high.

Dude…are you switching teams or something? been a bit incognito lately…

Maybe it would be best for Cards to hold onto Reyes until July trade deadline when a team in real need of pitching will meet the asking price? Ask for a top shortstop prospect.

It was good to see Izzy back to form yesterday, hope that is the end of his slump. In the whowuddabelievedit category, who would have predicted that this deep in the season Kennedy would have higher BA and more RBI than Duncan? I know Barton has a lot to learn on the field and on the base paths but he is still exciting to watch. Hope he gets more starts soon.

Gotta admit, I felt some confidence in Kennedy’s return to form and, sadly, a relative lack of thereof in Duncan’s staying hot… here, here, to the Barton hopes.

I am a bit puzzled too, though if no trade is going to be made then switching Reyes for someone else may be needed. Keeping Anthony in the Bigs would seem to make him more visable but if he struggles then is it hurting his value? That may be the thought, along with wanting more reliability in relief for now. Anyway I have pulled for him even before the ’06 WS start but have to admit a change may be all that will shake him out of it (no not to the minors)
Perhaps July is the target.

May 5, bottom of the 4th, Coors Field. Piniero is pulled. I think Tony pulled the wrong guy, should have been Duncan instead.

May 5…Mulder stinks up the joint at AAA again….Not Good!! Please don’t bring him to the majors just to get rocked! Let him wait until he is ready! (if that ever happens again)

Not a good birthday for Dunc…. but remember he only made 2 errors last year (per Hrabosky). And was it me or does Mike Parisi’s delivery remind anyone else of Matty Mo’s? Good outing for him lastnight. It was good to see Izzy get the save, even tho he didn’t have his best stuff, Yadi still kept calling for the cutter. What a play by Izturis too. I think the ump called AP safe to make up for Yadi’s blown call. Good win. Let’s keep ’em coming!

I disagree Enola. Pinero was getting hammered. Everything was getting hit hard.

Doesn’t look like Looper or Wellemeyer have anything to worry about when it comes to their rotation spots anytime soon.

In my opinion I think that with a little more seasoning Barton has a better upside than Duncan.

Cards have to be concerned with Izzy right now. With tonight’s blown save, it appears his struggles continue. Any chance they will sit Izzy down for a while and give Franklin or McClellan a chance at closing? Their starters are pitching to well to keep losing games in the 9th.

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