Life does not stop and start at your convenience

Greetings, all…

Just a little update. Got a comment recently asking about my whereabouts, so here’s the deal. Last week I was just a bit worn down, so I took a little break from blogging rather than letting my real job suffer. Seemed the thing to do.

Over the weekend I was off, as I will be for most home weekends this year. That also means more travel, more road games, which is a good news/bad news tradeoff.

But mostly I wanted to point out that you’re not going to see my byline covering the team until a week from today. Got some other projects going on, some fun and exciting stuff. Check the main site tomorrow for one story I’m working on, which hopefully will be  a really good read.

Doesn’t mean I’m off the beat, trust me on that one. I’ll be back to normal hours starting Tuesday when the team gets back in town, on that homestand and the following road trip, and pretty much grinding away from there on out.

Some of you may not care, and that’s fine with me. But just wanted to give an update. Hopefully being at home working on this stuff may mean a little more blogging this week.



Hey…obviously you should take your time…blog a lot, blog a little, or stop blogging all together…I know there was a point last year where you didn’t blog for a bit and we found out it was due to tragedy…so we tend to ask where you are partly out of concern.

Secondly, we REALLY don’t want to lose you to another team…you are well liked and we appreciate all the attention you’ve given our concerns, questions, and comments. For me, your willingness to engage the fans like this really enhances my Cardinals/Baseball experience.

Finally…in this technological miracle called the blogosphere, people are still trying to figure things out…roles and interactions on a blog tend to fall somewhere short of friendships but much more than just posters and readers…don’t be surprised if a few of us grow slightly concerned if we haven’t heard from you…it is NOT an attempt to “get more from you” or “take advantage of you”…

You kinda’ grow on us, big guy…

Looking forward to your MLB projects, Matt!

Thanks for the update!

Everything Kev said. He put it in just the right words, Dude. I hope we don’t add any extra stress or workload to you. I know you don’t need that.

One question if you have time, though…Any update on your book? Release date changes or anything???

Be sure to post a link here on your blog to your work for the main MLB site.

No update on the website on Mulder’s start on Monday. I realize it was really bad but I still wanted to know the details. There was a lead headline on the website Monday afternoon previewng his start but no story on the actual result and details of his start.

The P-D has a good story on Mulder’s start Transam.

lol awww! Of course we care! We all get burned out. Rock on

Bring me in as an intern, Dude. I command it.

I can’t imagine EVER seeing two better throws from the outfield than the two we saw last night from Rick Ankiel out there in Center! What an amazing display that was!! PLUS he hits a homer that ends up being the difference in the game. Come on everybody we HAVE TO get Mr. Ankiel in the All Star game for everyone to see! Let’s show off our phenom of phenoms by voting the max 25 times for Rick!

Dude, just read the Mulder story on the site and was wondering what the implications are here. Does this make him eligible for another rehab start later, once they feel the strain is gone? Does it just mean that he won’t make his final rehab start and only has extended spring training? Is this serious? Anyone else know what the further implications for the team is? Thanks!

P.S. Awesome blog, Dude. We always appreciate your comments and understand your wanting a life outside of, even though we don’t and check your blog five times a day for updates and more comments. Sometimes I enjoy the comments of your loyal readers as much as your posts.

Dude, I understand the need for rest. We all need a refresher sometimes, especially as the plate gets more and more full, as it sounds is your case. I feel it just means a better product for us the fans. Keep up the good work! We all appreciate it.


I think the Mulder strain basically means he doesn’t stand a chance of coming back until late June, possibly July…if, honestly, at all…

And based on reports about Clement, I think the guys in our rotation are the guys for the foreseeable future…so, Todd and Joel P are going to breath a lot easier for the next couple months.

I don’t see any pitching help coming until at least the All-Star break…so here’s hoping our current guys can hold the line until then…

Izzy is an idiot. They should get rid of the POS. The big-eared dumba$$ should be released. I could do better than him. We’d have 4 more wins if he hadn’t blown those saves. Perfection, of course, is not going to happen. But what about playing like a professional baseball player.

It really might be time to think about this……..and another thing……wat the hell is tony thinking bringing him in the 8th inning?…..i no our staff is short out there, but really??? the guy can barely get three outs in the the ninth let alone close out an inning… many wins are we going to see wainwright stripped of….thats the real problem, becuase wainwright grinded and halfway dominated for another win, but no we gotta have izzy come in and RUIN THE GAME …..i am so siiiiiiiiiccckkk of it…..please learn tony, please.

Cause that situation was the save right there. Enough runners in the situation to tie and/or take the lead. You put the closer out there in that situation each time. Every manager does that.

Just because the situation was a save…you don’t put in your closer when he’s got his head up his *** and can’t pitch

He had converted his last two save opps and has looked good all year. He leads the league in saves. Who else do you put there? K-Mac and Flores were used up, Franklin had a rough night the previous game, Villone and Parisi were unavailable. That leaves either Russ or Izzy. The situation called for Izzy.

I agree with heymatto…. Izzy needed to be in. He made a good pitch down and away and the guy just went with the pitch and hit it the other way. Ezactly what he was supposed to do in that situation. 9 times out of 10 Izzy makes that same pitch and… whiff fell the breeze. AP misses an foul pop up an you dont call for his head. Granted that was a tough play… i was watching the game too… but thats the end of the inning there. He said it him self, that he should have had that ball. I’m not blaming AP or Izzy. Just tip your cap. Yes I am frustrated too, but 11 saves, leads the league. Cut him a little slack, he deserves it. Take solice in the fact that we still in 1st in the Central when no one out side of local media was giving them a snowball’s chance in… you get the idea.

Lets also not forget that if K-Mac and Flores could have combined for the three outs that were needed, we wouldn’t even be talking about this one.

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