Tuesday afternoon tidbits: Johnson to have surgery

Lotta stuff going on. Lotta ins, lotta outs, lotta what-have-yous.

* Tyler Johnson is going to have arthroscopic surgery on his shoulder, likely before the week is out.

* Mark Mulder threw a bullpen today — about 40 pitches, all sinkers.

* The Cardinals haven’t heard anything from the league about Yadier Molina’s outburst yesterday.

And in other stuff…

* Please welcome Lee Hurwitz, the new associate reporter at StLCardinals.com. He’ll be filing some stuff for the site starting immediately, and I’m confident he’ll follow well in the footsteps of Conor Nicholl and Daniel Berk.

* I’ll be doing a chat tomorrow at 12 p.m. CT. I assume it’ll be linked from the main STL site. So come on down.

* In the new music category, loving M83’s album, and digging the new NIN.



What was the reaction from his bullpen session? Positive or negative? Also, best wishes to TJ. My guess is that he won’t be pitching this season for us, and we will miss him.

What’s your take on Yadi’s theatrical performance last night? My initial reaction is that I liked the passion he showed. I also liked the fact that he stood up for his pitching staff, which took a few lumps over the weekend. I think it was misguided angst though (since Wainwright was not in control of his pitches last night and did not deserve borderline calls), but it did make me laugh.
What worries me though is that this will reflect negatively with umpires throughout baseball. I think they are pretty professional as a group, but they are only human. Hopefully, there won’t be any grudges against Yadi.

It’s fairly rare that umpires hold grudges i think. It’s hard not to, but they can’t risk it because there’s already enough conflict between two teams.

Welcome, Lee; you’ll find this an interesting group to report to, as you will find the team an interesting one to report on. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I got a good laugh out of the Molina show, but it would be a lot easier to take if the backup catcher wasn’t batting way below the Mendoza line…

Welcome, Lee! My best impression of your friends and family for the foreseeable future: “Uh…can I have some tickets, dude?”

Hehe…nice little mention at the end of your story on Mulder, Matt:

“Once Mulder is ready to begin pitching in games, he gets a new 30-day clock for a Minor League rehab assignment.”

Nice little bit of roster management by Johnny Mo🙂

I hate to ask this, because it’s a bit of topic….sort of. It has to do with another injured pitcher. What’s up with Matt Clement? I’ve heard absolutely nothing about him in quite some time. Is he okay? Will he be back soon? What’s the deal? I’m starting to worry about him.

If you go to Stltoday.com, John Mo had a live chat with fans yesterday and answered that very question…

i don’t know where else to post this, but what the heck was TLR thinking putting Izzy in in this situation?????? The rain is making it hard enough to pitch…for cryin’ out loud…this is on TLR…

Um…what about the thread on izzy kevin? But, in TLR’s defense, if Izzy is ever going to get right, he has to be in pressure situations, outside of the 9th. You have to show that the manager has confidence in him.

yeah…I would have put it in there, but didn’t know if Matt/anyone was still looking there…sorry about that. Kinda’ talked all over this issue yesterday in the post dispatch forums…so I’ll just say I completely disagreed with putting Izzy in that situation “at this time”…just felt it was the wrong way to go…and I understand all the “he and Franklin were the only ones available” in Tony’s mind, but I still disagree with the move.

Really hope Izzy is okay after this…Matt, if you get the chance…I know asking a reporter to pass on a message is silly, but don’t know another way to show fan support for Izzy…please let him know he has a TON of fans backing him – we respect him for what he has given to this organization and we are rooting for him this year. I’m afraid all he can hear is the boos this year.


Izzy is out for healing now, best of luck to him. Somebody needs to take a look at Flores as well. He usually gives up a walk when he comes in and (excluding today when he was really pounded) and I have to wonder about how many of his inherited runners score. I have a feeling that too many of them are scoring while he is on the mound and then he usually gets pulled before his own runners can score. Would not be unhappy if proven wrong, this is just a feeling I get after watching him this year.

I must say, Lee is doing a very good job with the site. I enjoy reading his work.

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